Sponsored - Millennial Gift Ideas For A Newlywed Couple Who Loves To Travel

Millennial Gift Ideas For A Newlywed Couple Who Loves To Travel

Seeing your son or daughter getting married is a beautiful moment filled with happiness, festivities, and memories. It’s a valuable milestone for your family. However, finding the perfect wedding gift is no easy feat. You’ll want to give something that can be treasured for a long time.

A good wedding gift idea perhaps can be a vacation as traveling after the hustle and bustle of celebrations, and exhausting wedding rituals is something that every couple dreams of!

Here are some wedding gifts that you can give a newlywed couple who loves to travel. From a luggage set for the honeymooning couple to a DSLR camera for capturing memories, these gift ideas are sure to bring a happy smile to anybody’s face.

  1. World Map Wall Art – If the newlyweds are true travel enthusiasts, a world map wall art will perk them up. Considering the pandemic these days, traveling can be a little tricky. However, this wall art can become a way for couples to decide their next travel destination once the pandemic is over.
  1. Luggage sets – Functional and chic, this gift is ideal for a couple who loves to travel. Opt for a stunning and utilitarian luggage set that’ll make their vacation fashionable as well as convenient.
  1. DSLR Camera – You can give the couple a DSLR camera so that they can cherish those happy travel moments for the rest of their lives. You can take it up a notch and present them with a GoPro camera that will enable them to shoot stable and shock-free videos while participating in adventurous activities such as biking, climbing, paragliding, and more!
  1. Club Mahindra GoZest Membership- What’s better than gifting a holiday to a newlywed couple that loves traveling? The Club Mahindra GoZest membership offers thrilling adventures, magical holiday experiences, and luxurious stays at breathtaking properties. With opulent dining options, numerous fun activities, and scenic properties, this membership option is sure to tick all the boxes.

The membership is all about indulging in romantic getaways, creating memories, and fun travel moments for newlywed couples. It features more than 70+ jaw-dropping resorts all over India and other Asian countries! The couple can take their pick from 2000+ experiences & activities both at and outside the resorts. Not to mention, it is a three-year membership in which couples can enjoy a vacation of up to 7-9 days every year.

A perfect gift for the newlywed couple, the Club Mahindra GoZest membership also saves the struggle and time-consuming process of booking tickets, looking for hotels, and making additional reservations.

From gigantic mountains to alluring deserts to gorgeous beaches, you can take your pick as these resorts are present in every popular destination. The spacious and comfortable accommodations, thrilling adventure activities, and stunning dining options are a part of Club Mahindra’s signature hospitality.

The Club Mahindra’s GoZest Membership is the perfect gift for a couple looking to have a fun holiday experience without having to compromise on the quality of accommodation.

Why is Club Mahindra GoZest Membership the Perfect Gift?

  1. Every millennial couple looks to holiday in ritzy-glitzy resorts with lavish hospitality, and this membership ensures that and much more.
  1. It also gives exciting offers on partner hotels and cruises that’ll enhance the ‘wow’ quotient of the trip.
  1. Be it an ultra-adventurous activity or a romantic getaway, this membership offers the perfect travel gift.
  1. The couple can visit Club Mahindra Resorts at any point of the year. This super-flexible point-based program can be topped up anytime, according to their convenience!

Two Unique Packages of Club Mahindra GoZest Membership

Two Unique Packages of Club Mahindra GoZest Membership

  1. GoZest Premium: With this membership, you can stay for up to 9 days at Club Mahindra Resorts that can be availed every year for three years. Wondering what the brownie point is? You can also enjoy a 1-week complimentary international holiday in Asia with RCI and access to 5 international Club Mahindra resorts.
    Another exciting feature is that it offers 675 points that will be credited to the GoZest membership wallet every year. With this, the young couple can book more holidays at exotic destinations in India and abroad.
  1. GoZest Classic: With this membership, you can holiday for a week every year at Club Mahindra resorts for three consecutive years. Also, your GoZest wallet will be credited with 525 points every year on availing of this package.

Loaded with Benefits and Freedom

Since this is a membership and not an immediate booking for a trip, there’s no hurry to use it right away. The couple can use it according to their convenience and make the most out of this travel opportunity. Here, we have listed a few reasons why this package is the perfect gift for newlyweds.

  1. Freedom with flexibility – The annual holiday of up to 7 to 9 days can be divided into two parts. This feature provides the couple the flexibility of vacationing at Club Mahindra resorts in any season. They can also carry forward the unused holidays into the following year.
  1. Amazing discounts and other exclusive offers –With a Complimentary Club M Select Membership, the couple can avail exclusive privileges and benefits on various in-city experiences and activities like scuba diving, yacht sailing, fine dining, spas, and more.
  1. Affordable yet luxurious- One thing that makes this membership the ideal wedding gift is that it offers value for money. The couple will have access to luxury resorts, top-notch services, and exciting adventures, both in the resort as well as in-city.
  1. Friendly help desk –Booking with Club Mahindra GoZest gives you exclusive access to the dedicated helpdesk that will help you with any confusion that arises during your vacation. The helpdesk also helps in actualizing an amazing vacation without any hassles!

Loaded with Benefits and Freedom-1

Amid the hustle and bustle of lives coupled with a raging pandemic, the normalcy of the world took a drastic turn, and that is why Club Mahindra GoZest is the ideal wedding gift for the travel couple as it offers the opportunity to holiday not one but three years! Club Mahindra GoZest is much more than just a wedding gift; it’s an opportunity for unique experiences, magical memories, and a lot more! Now that the pandemic and stay-at-home orders are easing up, this membership will allow the newlywed couple to cherish their love and companionship in the best possible way.