Milind Soman's Marriage: A Hunky Ironman... And Still Available?

‘Ironman’ Milind Soman’s marriage is an event every female fan of his hopes might never happen. The man has been aging like fine wine. Milind Soman has always been the undisputed epitome of good looks plus great fitness – a complete package. But he’s got brains to boot; Soman began his career as a professional engineer, only to be enticed by the world of showbiz where he took his first steps as a music video model. Soman eventually ventured into the world of acting. He has unmistakably been one of the most desirable guys in Bollywood, and it is not surprising that has been linked with some gorgeous ladies all through this time. While Soman definitely may seem to have that perfect foil that any girl would be on the lookout for, the reality is that Soman has been married only once and most of his relationships soon lose their fizz. So who have been the lucky ladies of his life, and why hasn’t their connection lasted? Time to take a look, at Milind Soman’s marriage and his love life.

Milind Soman – A Man Of Many Talents

Milind Soman's Marriage - Milind Soman

Milind Soman was born in a Maharashtrian family in Glasgow, Scotland, on 4th November 1965. Soman’s father worked as a nuclear scientist, while his mother is a biochemist. Soman was the only son amongst four children. In 1972, his parents moved to Mumbai, where Soman received the rest of his education. He went on to graduate as an engineer, and is said to have worked in an engineering firm for some time. But this vocation didn’t exactly entice him, and he soon started looking for opportunities in show business, where he got work as a model in 1988.

His first break as a music-video actor was in 1995, with pop-singer Alisha Chinoy’s hit song Made in India. The video brought Soman ample attention and he went on to star in India’s first English TV series A Mouthful of Sky in 1995. He eventually made his debut with the film Takrieb in 2000. Since then he has appeared in over two dozen films and TV series in five languages.

Soman always had the physique and spirit for sports and represented Maharashtra at the national swimming championships when he was 10. He has been an ardent promoter of good health, and has participated in several international events relating to fitness and well-being. In 2015, he completed the Ironman Challenge competition in Zurich, which involves a gruelling triathlon of a 3.8-km swim, 180.2-km cycle ride and 42.2-km run, to be done at a stretch within 17 hours to earn the title. Soman completed the challenge in 15 hours and 19 minutes right in his first attempt earning him the title and subsequently the moniker of ‘Ironman’.

Falling For Madhu Sapre

Milind Soman's Marriage - Milind Soman And Madhu Sapre

In the early 1990s, Soman happened to meet model Madhu Sapre who too hailed from Maharashtra. It is not known when and where the duo first met, but they were said to already be in a relationship when Madhu Sapre was crowned runners up at Miss Universe 1992. Their pair was considered the power couple of Indian modeling world, and were among the first celebrities of that era to candidly admit having a live-in relationship. In 1995, the couple stirred a hornet’s nest when they appeared nude for a brand of shoes. The ad was too explicit for its times, and the love-birds were legally charged for obscenity. They were acquitted of all charges in 2009. Needless to say, the case brought their relationship ample publicity, much of it hostile. But despite all of that, the couple’s relationship was very much based on love.

Soman, in a candid interview, admitted that Sapre was the only woman in his life he madly loved, and wanted dearly. Here was the only woman with whom Milind Soman’s marriage would have happened. The couple is said to have reached the brink of tying the knot but it is said that Soman’s possessive yet flirtatious nature became the seed of discord in their relationship. Madhu Sapre once shared that Soman would often argue with her if he would find her hanging around with some other man but on the same time would not play caution if a woman tried to flirt with him. Soman was also not exactly ready to take a plunge into marriage any time soon, and was happy with the live-in relationship. Since Sapre had been at the peak of her career, and Soman was still scaling the heights, the difference in their career-stages added more fuel to the fire. Fed up with this clash of personalities, and an aimless relationship, the couple broke-up in the year 1998 after being together for almost six years. In 2001, Madhu Sapre tied the knot with an Italian businessman, and later relocated to Italy, ending any possibilities of Milind Soman’s marriage to Madhu. As for Soman, a string of alleged relationships was to follow, and he would eventually deny all of them.

More Links, Denials And… Milind Soman’s Marriage!

Milind Soman's Marriage - Milind Soman With Dipannita Sharma And Inset With Gul Panag

Four years after his breakup with Sapre, Soman was linked with model and actress Dipannita Sharma with whom he had worked in the film 16 December (2002). The pair always denied the affiliation, and it is often considered to be a mere publicity stunt for the promotion of the film. So hopes of Milind Soman’s marriage happening to the lovely Dipannita Sharma there.

Later, Soman was rumored to be dating actress Gul Panag after he was spotted making public appearances in her company. But in 2005, Soman squashed the news as rumours, and added that he does not have amorous relationship with Gul Panag. “Gul and I have a professional relationship. That’s all,” he quipped, bringing an end to the hearsay.

Milind Soman's Marriage - Milind Soman And Mylene Jampanoi's Post Wedding Social Pic

It looked like Milind Soman’s marriage was going to never happen, amidst hearsay that he was not over Madhu Sapre. But in July 2006, Milind Soman married the French actress Mylene Jampanoi, his co-star in the 2006 Hindi-Japanese film Valley of Flowers. Soman met Mylene Jampanoi on the sets of the film in 2004, and the two hit it off almost immediately. In an interview, Milind shared that courting Mylene was one of the most beautiful phases of his life. After spending two years in courtship, chiefly on the sets of the film, the pair tied the knot in a private wedding at a plush luxury resort in Goa. The couple shared the good news with a media statement the next day, and said that they wanted a simple wedding with family and friends, and therefore made it to a private resort in Goa. So Mylene Jampanoi and Milind Soman’s marriage was planned just so.

“Nothing has changed as of now but my life may see some changes in the future. We will have kids!”
– Milind Soman in an interview after his marriage with Mylene Jampanoi

The Broken Marriage And Another Broken Relationship


Despite the marital tag, Mylene and Milind Soman’s marriage was no different from a long-distance relationship. Mylene resided in Paris while Soman lived in Mumbai, and the couple would stay apart from one another for months together due to their professional commitments. While it is said that Mylene was keen on settling down in India, that idea was not materialising soon enough; at least not at the pace at which the couple desired.

Distances often pave way for differences, and one soon starts looking for greener pastures. This is exactly what happened in Mylene Jampanoi and Milind Soman’s marriage, and the wide physical distances soon created a greater rift between the pair. The couple finally sought the divorce decree to dissolve the marriage, and in 2009 the couple split to move forward on their individual paths in their respective countries.

Milind Soman's Marriage - Milind Soman And Shahana Goswami

Soon after his split with Mylene, Soman started dating the young actress Shahana Goswami, who was first noticed in Farhan Akhtar’s Rock On!. Shahana was younger to Soman by 21-years but the couple always reiterated the point that their age gap was the last thing that came to their mind when they fell for one another. Milind’s relationship with Shahana was in many ways similar to that with Madhu, since they would always be candid about their expression of love in public, and the fact that they were having a live-in relationship. While things went smooth for the initial three years, the couple reportedly started facing a rough patch in their relationship in early 2013. Some sources close to Shahana at that time revealed that she was looking for a more stable relationship with Soman, which was understandably marriage. But Soman, who was older, and perhaps jilted by his first marriage, didn’t want to commit forever. He felt his loyalty is all that the relationship needed, and he did not have to prove it with marriage, which he feared would meet the same sour end his first and only marriage met.

This was not enough reason for Shahana to continue with their relationship, and the pair called it quits in May 2013. Shahana felt quite dejected for some time after the breakup, but soon managed to bring her life back on track, and is currently an active Bollywood actress.

Milind Soman – Will He Ever Marry Again?

Milind Soman's Marriage - Milind At An Event In 2014

In an interview in February 2016, Soman admitted that he is in relationship again but this time with someone who respects his vagabond-like lifestyle. He shared that he is one of the few celebrities that always has almost nothing in pipeline, and he takes each day as it comes. This makes him quite appealing for women seeking an exciting boyfriend but not so enticing for those seeking the stability of a husband. Now that is quite a solid fact indeed, and one look at his love life, and one realises that he has always been the eternal boyfriend, playing the part of husband just once. We leave you with the following quote of Milind Soman, and here is hoping that Soman finally finds his true soul-mate in the mystery woman he is dating currently.

“I don’t have a job. I don’t have a career. I travel a lot. I like to experience different things… That makes me a great boyfriend because it’s exciting. But I may not make a great husband.”
– Milind Soman about his unstable relationships

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