5 Mesmerizing Marriage Garden Decoration Ideas For Your Wedding

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In pleasant weather conditions, we all love an outdoor wedding, and that means sifting through all the marriage garden decoration tips and tricks you can find! There are no boundaries restricting or limiting the way we choose to decorate the venue. Have it all candle lit or have a gorgeous fountain set up. In so many ways we can choose to recreate our dreams and celebrate one of the most important days in our lives. There is something spectacular and mystical about outdoor weddings — unparallel beauty of a celestial Milky Way, familiarity of our own backyard, and the intricacies of the little details that just make the whole wedding feel like a dream come true. To replicate these feelings in concrete decor, in a garden, that will be etched on the memories of the guests, we have shortlisted five mesmerizing marriage garden decoration ideas for your garden that you can try out for your wedding.

1. Burberry By Shaadi Planner

Image Courtesy: Shaadi Planner

Simple and elegant garden wedding decorations like the above are always a hit! Golden rod iron chair with tables covered in white cloth. And a simple, and beautiful flower arrangement in the centre of the tables. But what steals the show is the Burberry replica on the roof of the tents — red, cream and blue fabrics laid out to recreate the sophisticated look of the Burberry’s signature style. This detailing adds an oomph factor to the simplicity of this outdoor decoration in the garden.

2. Pretty Pink By The Wedding Soul

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Soul

Rectangular and round tables, covered in white, are put together with chairs covered in hot pink covers. To add a sizzling touch, silver tulle has been used to cover the top of the chair, and tied into a dainty bow at the back. White and pink flower bouquets adorn the centre of the tables. This pretty decoration in pink looks celestial after the sun goes down, and the lights are turned on, making for a beautiful garden wedding.

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3. Regal Enclosures By Bougainvilla Design

Image Courtesy: Bouginvilla Design

How beautifully a regal enclosure, opened from three sides, can enhance the overall look of the garden wedding decor. It imparts a very chic and sophisticated feel. Guests feel more like being at a swanky restaurant or a bar than attending a wedding. Comfortable sofa, centre table flower arrangement, and the rustic chandelier hanging in one corner. And the trees are lighted up from a low angle inducing a very dramatic feel to the whole surrounding.

4. Simplicity At Its Best By Bougainvilla Design

Image Courtesy: Bougainvilla Design

White, gold and red roses – a marriage garden decoration classic. Nothing can ever go wrong with this simple combination. This outdoor decor is very simple, traditional and very pleasant to the eyes. The white boards and zig-zag pattern frames and pillars create a visual boundary of the venue. This decor does not dig a hole in the pocket, and looks beautiful for a simple summer wedding.

5. White Ensemble By Bougainvilla Design

Image Courtesy: Bougainvilla Design

We all want our wedding decor to look beautiful and create that perfect ambience, and mood for the occasion. It looks appealing, guests find it enthralling, and let’s not forget about the pictures. Pictures look more than just beautiful in the album. Hence, we all wish a perfect setting for the wedding. But some decorations cannot be affordable. And not all affordable ones suits ones taste. This White Ensemble by Bougainvilla Design is simple and gorgeous. The decor breaks the monotony of a colourful facade that one sees at all weddings. White tables, white chair covers, and white flowers. A single colour can be used to create a picture perfect outdoor wedding decor.

If you are planning your own wedding or are seeking professional help from one of these wedding planners, remember to tell the planner what kind of dream wedding you have in mind. They will surprise you with their incredible ideas.

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