Men's White Gold Wedding Bands: 8 Uber Cool Options For Him

Most people assume that the options and choices for men’s jewellery, and men’s white gold wedding bands are very limited. But that’s definitely not the case. Men’s white gold wedding bands are definitely more understated but that in no way make them boring or dull. Well, some men like to show off some of the fanciest pieces of jewellery. Don’t agree with me? Think of our very own Bappi Lahiri! I’m not saying that you have to go all Bappi da style. Here we have curated a collection of men’s white gold wedding bands. This collection ranges from simple and plain to bold and bedazzling. So here we go…

Men’s White Gold Wedding Bands To Bring On Tha’ Bling!

1. Classic Square Diamond

Men's White Gold Wedding Bands - Classic Square Diamond

A smart ring with just a hint of sparkle. The classic square cut diamond design is a popular choice amongst men’s white gold wedding bands. The ring is not very loud and can be teamed with both formal and casual attires, so it works perfectly as a wedding ring.

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2. Best Of Both Worlds

Men's White Gold Wedding Bands - Best Of Both Worlds

While a complete yellow gold band may not be your first option, a hint of it can add a lot of style and class. This simple and neat band has very smartly been accentuated with yellow gold, not only making the diamond stand out but also making it a popular pick in men’s white gold wedding bands.

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3. Understated Statement

Men's White Gold Wedding Bands - Understated Statement

If you prefer staying away from jewellery because of all the shine and sparkle, this men’s white gold wedding bands option is for you! The matte look with just thin lines of polished metal looks great. You can wear it all day, every day.

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4. Classy To The Core

Men's White Gold Wedding Bands - Classy To The Core

A classic and subtle ring design. A simple band, with a single diamond and the overlapping white and yellow gold gives it the perfect combination and the best of all elements. It’s a sure eye catcher and a definite style statement in men’s white gold wedding bands. It’s understated elegance makes it a sensible option for an engagement ring too.

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5. The Noble Man

Men's White Gold Wedding Bands - The Noble Man

This one has got a unique appeal. It is simple but gives out a very classy look.

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6. The Cohort Band

Men's White Gold Wedding Bands - The Cohort Band

What could be better than an absolute plain white gold band? Plain Men’s white gold wedding bands are perfect for men who don’t like bling and want to keep it simple and stylish. This option has no frills will complement your overall look and personality. It will go well with every day wear.

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7. The Royal Affair

Men's White Gold Wedding Bands - The Royal Affair

A stunning looking ring that has a royal and powerful touch to it; a great option if the original plan was a gold wedding ring. The square diamonds are small but brilliant and make this ring outstanding and very classy choice in men’s white gold wedding bands!

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8. The Popular Choice

Men's White Gold Wedding Bands - The Popular Choice

A popular men’s white gold wedding band design that is both simple yet stylish. It’s a great design that is perfect for all day wear and sure to add the perfect touch of shine to you and your overall look. Get ready to get noticed.

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So boys and men, if it’s time to go buy your men’s white gold wedding bands, make it grand! Choose a band that you are comfortable with and something that adds to your overall look. There are absolutely no limits to designs and styles, just go grab the one that catches your fancy. Happy shopping! Any questions?