23 Men Are Laying Claim For The Husband Of The Year Award. Who Will You Vote For?

These 23 husbands are on a mission to prove that a successful marriage is one that doesn’t descend into monotony, and that the key to an exciting marriage is a (wacky) sense of humor!

1. A Disney ride? That sounds fun!

Just like the best dubstep tunes, the best rollercoasters the ones in which you don’t expect the drop.

2. There You Go, Baby

This man’s wife asked for a “sexy picture” from work, and he’s an obliging husband.

3. Handbags And Other Shenanigans

Which wife wouldn’t love to own a Gucci hambag?

4. The Lawn You Don’t Deserve

When your husband decides to make boring task worth his time.

5. When Your Husband Can’t Execute Simple Tasks…

…and writes a cutesy note to get away with it.

6. Here’s How To Tell If Your Husband Wants You Honked

This will only result in traffic accidents and/or divorce.

7. When You Ask Your Husband To Pick Up Milk…

Hey, it could be worse. He could’ve gone out for cigarettes and never come back.

8. When The Wife Asks For Jewellery For Christmas

And you make her look like a right mug.

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9. I Got You A Dozen Roses, Baby

Whoever said romance was dead?

10. Taking Creative Liberties When Signing Up Your Wife

Only to have marketers leech that information to send her even more mail under that name.

11. When You Go On A Diet Together

And she wonders how your diet snacks taste.

12. When The Wife Says You Don’t Do Anything Around The House

And you decide to help out with the decor.

13. When The Wife Asks You To Be Prudent With Expenditure

And you decide to make sure whether or not a purchase is worthwhile.

14. When The Wife Asks You To Shop For Groceries

And you insist that you brought all the essentials.

15. Wrap The Christmas Gifts, Honey



“But I can’t find the aluminum foil, sweetheart!”

16. You Know Your Husband Is A Good Father

When he leaves helpful hints around the house for the kids.

17. A Good Husband Doesn’t Mind Being Left Alone With The Baby

After all, life is about work, not mere amusement.

18. You Know Your Marriage Is Strong…

When your husband leaves you random love notes just like when you were dating.

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19. You Know You Married The Right Guy

When he knows not to miss out on a bargain.

20. When Little Ol’ You Has A Burly Hunk To Do All The Handiwork

…But he sometimes forgets to think things through.

21. When You Drag Your Husband To The Store

And tell him you don’t want to hear a word of complaint.

22. You Know Your Husband Is A Keeper

When he still writes poetry for you after all these years.

23. When Your Husband Decides To Gift You Something Personal

Presents are not to be taken at face value, it’s the thought that counts after all.