10 Memorable Bridal Shower Invitations Guests Will Love

The earliest stories of the origin of the Bridal shower can be traced to a old-time Dutch legend that narrates the love story of a village miller and a beautiful young maiden of high-standing. The maiden came to be head-over-heels in love with the village miller much to the disappointment of her father, who hoped to set her alliance with a farmer. With the daughter adamant in wanting to marry the miller, the father did not budge from his stand and instead decided he wasn’t going to give his daughter any money to set up the house. Seeing the plight of the love birds, the entire village decided to come together and ‘shower’ the couple with household items and other small commodities that would help them kick-start their married life. We are all warm and fuzzy inside, aren’t you?

Yet another tale talks of a custom that was supposedly practiced in medieval England, talking of the ‘Bride-Ale’ which was essentially beer brewed by the bride that was subsequently sold to patrons for a hefty price in order to pay for the wedding. How interesting is that? Well, the tradition today has certainly evolved from whatever its origins were, and so have the gifts that are received from the couple, but the essence of the custom remains the same.

So, if you are planning to host a little get-together party for the bride-to-be and all the ladies in the gang and are looking for the perfect invite to set the tone – look no further, for here are ten interesting invitations that we’ve selected to make your life just that much easier:

1. The Simple Mason Jar Invitation

Bridal Shower Invitations - The Simple Mason Jar Invitation

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A beautiful and colourful mason jar that is personalised with easy to make chalk board tags. A simple and quick to piece together DIY project that is perfect for a bridal shower.

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2. The Zebra Inspired Invite

Bridal Shower Invitations - The Zebra Inspired Invite

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A black and white card on a pink canvas is what just you need to make your bridal shower invitation look as cool and peppy as you are.

3. The Bride-To-Be’s Brunch Party Invite

Bridal Shower Invitations - The BrideToBe’s Brunch Party Invite

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An elegant brunch party invite that sends the message to your girl gang pretty loud and clear – That this is a bridal shower that cannot be missed and that they are invited to come join and make the party a memorable affair!

4. The Title Says It All! The Flashy Gold On White Invite

Bridal Shower Invitations - The Flashy Gold On White Invite

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Well, start your party with an Ooh La La! The flashy, crazy and fun invite for the girl gang to be there for your bridal shower, after all it is one get-together that cannot be missed!

5. Rainbow Hearts Invite

Bridal Shower Invitations - Rainbow Hearts Invite

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This whimsical and modern invite with its numerous colored hearts makes for a perfect start to the bridal shower.

6. The Rustic Invite

Bridal Shower Invitations - The Rustic Invite

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A set of cards that includes not just a beautiful invite, but also a thank you card, advice for the bride, a “he said/she said” game, a bingo sheet and the purse game. This lovely set will entertain your guests throughout the bridal shower.

7. The Doily Invite

Bridal Shower Invitations - The Doily Invite

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This modern handmade wedding shower invite is a minimalistic card whose artistic design is perfect to invite the girl gang over for time well spent with the princess-in-waiting.

8. The Hearty Balloon Invite

Bridal Shower Invitations - The Hearty Balloon Invite

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This purple heart shaped balloon invite comes in a teal and blush pink or a white and purple theme, adorned with black vintage cycle – a modern take on the old English Paint Cards, and a delightful card to receive.

9. The Wildflower Invite

Bridal Shower Invitations - The Wildflower Invite

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This highly modern, digitally done invite featuring shabbily set wildflowers is a rustic design that is sure to find many takers.

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10. The Blue-Gray Floral Invite

Bridal Shower Invitations - The Blue Gray Floral Invite

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This pleasing floral design comes in a tasteful blue-gray color, and makes for an old-school card designed for an old-school girls’ day out.