13 Mehndi Tattoo Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

Ever thought mehndi is only for wedding or festive occasions or something that the older generation likes? Well, think again. Because mehndi is back, and has captured hearts across the globe. Not just the ex-generation but the next-generation is also getting their hands (pun intended) into some cool mehndi or henna tattooing. Fortunately, we have a curated collection of the top 13 latest mehndi tattoo designs, right here, only for you.


Mehndi Tattoo Designs - Em'brace' Me

Even though this mehndi tattoo designs list is filled with some heart-flutteringly beautiful mehndi tattoo ideas, this one steals my heart. A delicate piece of handiwork brilliantly mimicking a bracelet.


Mehndi Tattoo Designs - 'Bloom'ing Brilliant!

Since it is a single motif, this flower design can be placed anywhere. Be it your ankle, shoulder or like the picture suggests, your forearm. And the best part of floral mehndi tattoo designs apart from the size and cuteness is that this one is so perfectly made that it puts my OCD to rest.

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Mehndi Tattoo Designs - Ringa Ringa Roses

This particular mehndi tattoo design takes a leaf from its more traditional counterparts in that that it’s fuller and closely made. It could make a really cute kadaa (bracelet) design. Probably ideal for all those week-long wedding celebrations in the summer, as you can easily skip out on wearing heavy hand accessories.


Mehndi Tattoo Designs - Your Inner Chi

For all of you who believe in the Chinese philosophy of life, death, peace and power this is one amazing must try design. Build your inner chi and chill out with yin and yang mehndi tattoo designs.


Mehndi Tattoo Designs - Bold And Beautiful

The title says it all. This is probably as far as mehndi gets before being unrecognisable as mehndi. What’s more, this bold filled mehndi tattoo design is a great DIY too!


Mehndi Tattoo Designs - Back To The Roots

I know this looks like just another back-hand mehndi, but hear (read) me out. Picture mehndi tattoo designs with motifs on your shoulder, crawling down your arm. See? Amazing, right! I bet it is. Now go ahead and try it out. (Psst….Hey, if you do try it out, don’t forget to send us a picture)

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Mehndi Tattoo Designs - Folk Songs And Peacocks

It is getting a little traditional, I agree. But look at it! How can you say no to beautiful peacock mehndi tattoo designs? Especially that one, so delicate and surrounded by flowers? It reminds me of the shy dulhas and the giggling dulhans at family marriages from ages ago. Aah… the simple times.
*Spends the next infinity in reminiscence*


Mehndi Tattoo Designs - In Your Spheres

I’m a huge fan of everything circular, so no guesses to how much round mehndi tattoo designs appeal to me. It’s circles all the way! And it helps that this design looks really cool on almost any hand!


Mehndi Tattoo Designs - Morpeech!

Okay. more peacock mehndi tattoo designs aren’t that cliche. But isn’t this downright awesome? Another intricate design that’s well suited to any other body part, this is probably the most delicate design on the list.


Mehndi Tattoo Designs - Black Is Back!

The first thing that comes to my mind when I see this mehndi tattoo design is those beautiful rain forests with gazillions of creeper vines. Probably because of the way it crawls across the palm and onto the back of the hand. Pair this with an Indo-western outfit and a big bindi and your bold look is complete.


Mehndi Tattoo Designs - Delicate Darlings

To compensate for bombarding the list with traditional selections, here are four amazingly delicate and highly intricate mehndi tattoo designs that work well in all settings.

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Mehndi Tattoo Designs - Backalicious

Now this is a pure beauty. This simple yet elegant motif is an infinite one, in that it can go on and on forever. And when it peaks out of your off-shoulder dress, it is destined to break hearts.


Mehndi Tattoo Designs - Bringing The Sexy Back

This majestic design demands a mention. One of the finest mehndi tattoo designs on the list, this massive piece will garner definite attention. If you are into huge body tattoos but aren’t willing to commit then here’s your perfect solution. And it does look sexy!

So that was my top 13 list of the absolute best mehndi tattoo designs that you can get. I bet it made you want to get a henna tattoo for yourself. Go ahead! Give it a try! And if you think your design can beat the ones on my list, send us the pictures. Happy mehndi-ing!

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock