6 Mehndi Designs For Legs That Are Show-Stopping!

Mehandi art has developed over many centuries into something that is much more than just adornment of the body. The care and imagination that goes into the visualising, drawing and executing mehandi designs today is definitely much more detail-oriented. Mehandi designs can be drawn on any part of the body and it should come as no surprise that mehandi designs for legs are as intricate and beautiful as the designs on any other body part. Here are some amazing designs for legs that you will definitely want to try once you see!

Bridal leg mehndi

Using flower motifs is one of the most basic things in mehandi designing. With the Arabic influence, you can play up the level of flower motifs in the design. It’s all about the attention one is ready to give to the detailing of the design in mind. Using the flower motif to build a corsage pattern with sparing use of leaves to complete the picture of a fresh and simple bouquet is one way of doing it. This can be applied to the feet and gives the look of a corsage-creeper. When you diagonally address the corsage-like patterns with modest adornment in mehandi to encase the toe-nails, you will be able to complete one of the cohesive Arabic mehandi designs for legs.

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Bridal Leg mehndi

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You can even use round mehandi designs to match the drawings on the hands and feet for a mirroring effect. You can add the details to the toes as per your requirement – it can be extensive detailing, or simple repetitive mehandi decorations for the toes. This type of look blends extremely well with traditional attire and heavy jewellery and is also good for a very modern, chic look. Take a look at our collection of amazing latest mehandi designs.

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Bridal Mehndi For Legs

Image: The Cheesecake Project Photography

The box-design or the netted pattern can be used to fill the feet space even up to the level of ankle socks if done extensively. Such designs are best portrayed with clarity if the entirety of the extensive design is segmented with blocked or open gaps for a clean looking design that can be understood and appreciated in one glance. These can also make use of some floral damasks of Persian inspiration, and lacey designs, that would make for astonishing leg mehndi designs.

Bride leg mehndi

Image: Anup J Kattukaran Photography

You can also draw a zari-like mehandi designs for legs. This kind of a design involves using motifs that go together in making fine borders of sarees that will look like a fabric flowing over the ankle and wrapped around one’s feet. This can use central designs, or floral damasks, netted-designs and any others in the right permutation and combination to accentuate the feet with grace and artfulness.

Peacock feet mehndi

In Rajasthani mehandi designs for legs, you will find extreme tendencies towards symmetry to create a design that can be considered wholesome. If you are using peacock motifs in the mehandi design for feet (especially if drawn with full symmetry as the goal) you have yourself a classy yet traditional mehandi design for the legs, that’ll go great with any kind of footwear be it flats or heels, or other adornments like the paayal, anklets, toe-rings, toe-chains etc.

Full feet mehndi

The mehandi designs for legs can cover the feet, toes, ankles, and even up to the entire length of a stocking! Like the mehandi sleeve drawings, this sort of a design for the legs requires extensive care and attention in keeping up with the large area where the layout will be drawn. A good mehandi artist is one who can adapt the design according to any particular theme or based on ideas from bride. He/she should be able to personalize the design for the couple. You also have to be careful that the patterns don’t become redundant. If you can pull it off, then go ahead and get yours!

 DIY Mehndi Designs For Legs

two before the occasion. After the application, it is best recommended to leave it on ten hours at least for a nice dark shade.


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