41 Mesmerising Mehndi Designs For Wedding With A DIY Video

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Every bride wants to be unique, be it the saree she wears or the hairstyle she sports, it is her big day and she wants it to be rmebered for ever. Well, with all the memories she is going to make, one that will stand-out is the mesmerising wedding mehndi design that she had on the day. Mehndi holds an emotional, cultural and social significance for a bride. Fancy and innovative wedding mehndi designs are a rage these days, with different colours, textures and even materials used to make the bride look magical. So here are 41 mesmerising mehndi designs for wedding that she can choose from and as a bonus we’ve thrown in an interesting and easy DIY video along with FAQs at the end of the article for your convenience.

1. The Orange Flower With Beautiful Blue Accents

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This is an intricate and compact latest wedding mehndi design. A sure-shot choice if you love colours and flowers.

2. Starry All Over

Image : Shutterstock

A delicate pattern and style, it is one that follows a flowing theme for the hands and legs. The style is simple and is not heavy like many traditional designs, yet it covers most of the area on the palms, fingers and also the feet.

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3. The Dotted Floral

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An artistic floral design with a dotted style philosophy. This is another mehndi style that is easy on the eyes and on the hands – appealing and modern.

4. The Elbow Length Floral Indian

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This is a typical Indian mehndi design with a full arm length of henna application. It isn’t cluttered and has enough space for the bangles to be highlighted on your big day.

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5. An Exquisite Oriental Pattern Mehndi Designs For Wedding

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The standout though is not just the design but also the clever use of silver and deep blue colours, with a shiny feel that sure adds lustre to the whole theme.

6. Oriental Pattern Mehndi Designs For Backless Adornments 

Image : Shutterstock

7. The Palm And Wrist Band Style

Image : Shutterstock

One where the beautiful circular design is applied only on the palm and on the wrist; it looks like it is a beautiful oriental band around the wrists. Simple, stylish and yet another one from the latest mehndi designs for wedding.

8. The Big O! Connecting Hands Mehndi Design For Brides

Image : Shutterstock

Well, it looks like a big circle after all! A beautiful circular design pattern that is deeply traditional. It is very innovative in the way that a single hand design has been blown out to be spread on to both the palms. A popular choice in the “Indian mehndi designs for wedding photos” poll.

9. Two Halves Of A Whole, Dulha Dulhan Complementary Connecting Hands Mehndi

Image Courtesy : Alankritaa

10. The Extremely Intricate Mehndi Designs

Image : Shutterstock

This is something that will wow the guests and everyone else at the wedding. It is a stunner that is truly Indian in essence and elaborate like no other.

11. A Beautiful Red Wedding Mehndi Design

Image : Shutterstock

This one is minimalistic, yet covers all the empty spaces – from the insides of your palms and fingers to the wrist – with its flowing and simplistic floral design.

12. A Stunning Tribal Mehndi Design

Image : Shutterstock

This one covers the palms and the arms halfway through. An elegant design that is beautiful and simple.

13. A Flowery Twist

Image : Shutterstock

A modern and minimalistic design with a large flower in the middle of the flowing design, this one has a unique look and appeal.

14. The Fusion

Image : Shutterstock

A stunning design formula with a traditional Indian lotus flower on the wrist and a flowing design branching out all the way till the fingernails.

15. An Intricate North Indian Mehndi Design

Image : Shutterstock

With carefully drawn patterns, lines and various small accents, this design is very elaborate and spectacular to look at. A popular mehndi design for hands

16. A Symmetrical Wonder

Image : Shutterstock

An elegant mehndi design that is symmetrical with numerous squares, triangles and pentagons interlinked with each other to form a unique mesh-like design on both the palms, fingers and till the inner sides of your wrists.

17. Red Nature-Inspired Latest Mehndi Design For Weddings

Image : Shutterstock

This one would go really well with the matching red theme of the wedding decor and the dress you plan to wear for the wedding. If red is what you’ve had in mind then this is the one for you!

18. All Out Bridal Mehndi Design

Image : Shutterstock

This is a wedding mehndi design that’s most popular at traditional South Indian weddings and the design is all over your hands – almost elbow high. This one is beautiful and truly traditional.

19. The Orange Love Birds!

Image : Shutterstock

This is a beautiful one that is a blend of traditional art forms and latest mehndi designs for wedding. Complete with a beautifully highlighted pair of love birds painted in orange, with everything else designed to look like the branches they are sitting on, this is a design that will standout and make people take notice.

20. The Index Design Theme

Image : Shutterstock

A design where the mehndi is applied in a single flowing line – from the index finger till a bit past the wrist on the outer side of your arm. An elegant and pleasing look that will have many takers.

21. One Of The Most Elegant Back Mehndi Designs For Wedding

Image : Shutterstock

A beautiful mehndi design option for the bride who really wants to make a statement! Inquisitive head turns at the wedding are guaranteed, especially if you are planning to have a dress or a blouse with a low cut or open back.

22. Another Floral Oriental Design For Back Mehendi

Image : Shutterstock

A beautiful design that is very popular in the west, but not many Indians are traditionally known to have mehndi done on their backs. If you are cool with experimenting then you can actually put it to good use and enhance your looks on the biggest day of your life.

23. A Simple Motif Design For Back Mehendi

Image : Shutterstock

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24. Bracelet And Floral Combo

Image : Shutterstock

The stylish of them all! A stunning design that is unique and different for both hands – one has a beautiful bracelet theme and the other has a spectacular floral theme – both ending at the fingertips. They are different and so is this style, giving you a standout design that will make your guests take notice and of course, admire the artistically done mehndi work.

25. The Extra Large Kalamkari Inspired Leaf Pattern

Image : Shutterstock

A clutter-free mehndi design that is beautiful and simplistic but still magical in its own way. A design option that you could definitely consider if a heavy traditional mehndi designs for wedding aren’t something you really want to try.

26. A Large Floral Motif Pattern

Image : Shutterstock

27. A Symmetrically Aesthetic Geometric Design For Hands

28. Peacock Inspired Leaf Mehndi Design For Hands

Image : Shutterstock

With a flowing branch theme, this is a very elegant and natural mehndi design with a peacock feather in the centre. This Indian mehndi design for weddings is appealing, interesting and pleasing to the eye.

29. The Traditional Floral Mehendi Design, With Negative Spacing

Image : Shutterstock

30. Here is a DIY peacock mehndi design for hands video.

31. The Popular Choice In South Indian Mehndi Designs For Weddings

Image : Shutterstock

A very common design that is preferred by South Indian women from Andhra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, the design is intricate and the style is almost iconic with little or no gaps in the intricate details and encompassing the complete hand, up till the wrists. If going traditional is your style funda then there is no better option than this one.

32. The Mix And Match Full Hands Mehendi Option; A Mix Of a Variety of Styles

Image : Shutterstock

33. The Floral Pink Theme

Image : Shutterstock

A simple and elegant design with pink colour accents teamed with pink nails is the latest mehndi design for weddings. If you are planning to wear a pink lehenga or a saree, then this design will surely work wonders for you on your big day.

34. An Alternate Floral Pink, With Studded Stones Worked In For Added Bling

35. A Flowing Middle Eastern Themed Mehndi Style

Image : Shutterstock

With its iconic black colour and wave patterns, this is a design that will make you stand out no matter whatever you team it up with.

36. A Large-Sized Fusion

Image : Shutterstock

It is beautiful and truly Indian, one that will go well with any bride – North, South, Bengali or Punjabi.

37. The Floating Island

Image : Shutterstock

A stylish modern design with floral accents and flowing lines branching out from the middle of the palm with individual design accents on each finger giving the whole theme a floating island kind of style.

38. Magical Medley – Mehndi Designs For Wedding

Image : Shutterstock

This is a typical North Indian theme, one that is very popular in Varanasi and Central Indian regions. It is elaborate, exquisite and has a lot of design influences from various other styles of mehndi art – like the florals from the typically south Indian style, the rounded edges of the Arabic style and a lot more fusion, giving it a distinct appeal.

39. The Subtle Stunner

Image : Shutterstock

A very modern and elegant design, this has a perfect blend of styles from the East and the Middle East. It is light and creative. This is one design that will surely be noticed, but it wouldn’t forcibly standout like many mehndi designs these days. If you want to have a beautiful design that is not heavy and jarring, then this is the theme that has been tailor-made just for you – the modern Indian bride.

40. The Stunning Hindu Mehndi Art With An Embossed Om Symbol

Image: Shutterstock

This is one of the most popular mehndi designs for wedding in the west. It has got something to do with the Om maybe, because a lot of people from the west are fascinated by the land of the mystics and the Om is almost an iconic symbol of everything that is Indian, so to speak. So if you are looking for a traditional mehndi design that is partly religious and yet modern in the ways it feels, then this is one design that would surely appeal to your sense of style.

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Well, that’s all there is folks. These are the most fascinating Indian mehndi designs for wedding that we have hand-picked. For any Indian bride, these would surely work wonders on the biggest and most important day. Now here is a bonus DIY video for you!

41. DIY Video – Mehndi Designs For Wedding

We hope you liked our collection and you could write in to us by shooting a mail or by commenting on this post. We would love to hear from you and hey, you can ever share your own bridal mehndi pictures with us for everyone hooked on to The Bridal Box community to savour. Take care!



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