10 Fabulous Mehndi Designs For Your Fingers

One of the most customary things that you will inevitably witness at any Indian wedding is the ardent display of ornate mehndi patterns on the hands of the women attendees. These mehndi designs decorate hands in entirety, with application on the palm of the hand, the back of the hand and even on the fingers. The designs on the fingers can take a special mention for these can be minimalistic yet attractive. Here are the top 10 mehndi designs for fingers.

1. Bracelet & Trinket Mehndi Design For Fingers

Mehndi Designs For Fingers - Bracelet And Trinket Design

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This design displays a pattern of bracelet on the wrist with a motif of a dangling trinket etched flowing towards the fingers. The pattern appears to cascade from the bracelet towards the finger with seamless patterns right to the finger tip making it quite a catchy idea for mehndi designs for fingers.

2. Circular Pattern Mehndi Design For Fingers

Mehndi Designs For Fingers - Circular Pattern Design

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In this design, the patterns on the fingers are predominantly made to appear circular, bearing a resemblance to rings. Design is applied all around the finger and is maintained uniform throughout. Other design elements like streaks and consecutive dots are added to make the entire drawing enticing.

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3. Full Finger Mehndi Design For Fingers

This has patterns drawn on the entire length of the finger, from the base of the finger to its tip. Since the design covers the entire length of the finger, the patterns are more ornate and elaborate. This design has a certain unisex appeal and therefore looks great both on the hands of men and women. Other mehndi designs for fingers in this variation can be visualized.

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4. Branching Florets Mehndi Design For Fingers

Mehndi Designs For Fingers - Branching Florets Design

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While the florets are drawn on the hand, the branches are made to appear as growing towards the fingers therefore giving a beautiful creeper-like appearance. This pattern can be made on one finger or on all with usually incomplete branches adorning all but one finger. This one is the best design if you are looking for distinct yet pleasantly inviting mehndi designs for fingers.

5. Blooming Roses Mehndi Design For Fingers

Mehndi Designs For Fingers - Blooming Roses Design

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Nothing better signifies the blossoming of love than an image of blooming roses. This design features simple etchings of rose, predominantly on the top of the hand and fingers. The plant is given an appearance of growing randomly while even passing along the fingers. The apex of this design is when a stem is made to terminate at the fingernail giving the nail a beautiful representation of being a flower or a rose in this case.

6. Exclusive Mehndi Design For Your Fingers

Hands can go as far as their beautiful fingers lead them. If the appendages of your hands is all you intend to decorate, then this design will suit you well. Patterns in this design are only drawn on the fingers and are usually intricate and elaborate. The design can be floral or simple abstract illustration. Overall, a fashionable design to add style to your fingers.

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7. Foliage Mehndi Design For Fingers

This makes a great design for the posterior surface of the fingers. It exhibits an alluring drawing of leafage appearing to grow from the fingers towards the palms. What makes this design exceptional is the presence of a dual shade pattern on the fingers, which gracefully and beautifully lays emphasis on the outlines of the leaves. Mehndi designs for fingers like this one can be done in larger floral or abstract themes too.

8. Minimalistic Mehndi Design For Your Fingers

Why go complex when you can be creatively charming? This design displays an absolute absence of any intricate patterns, which makes it exquisite in a totally unique way. Drawings are simple and can be made to represent flowers, creepers or simple shapes. Its appeal also lies in being able to use the finger nails to improvise the design pattern, making your hands totally fabulous.

9. Ornate Mehndi Design For Fingers

This design works well with jewellery to multiply the beauty and grace of the hand. Design elements take cues from the design of the jewellery and portray patterns that enhance its appeal. Once there is harmony between the mehndi and the design of the jewellery, you can surely look forward to receiving tons of attention.

10. Symmetrical And Asymmetric Designs

This one strays a bit away from the conventional mehndi designs for fingers by showcasing asymmetrical design patterns. By asymmetry, it could mean that the mehndi has been applied to all but one finger or there is a unique unrelated design element on each finger. Either way, it will add a unique zing to your fingers making them really nifty and attractive.

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Mehndi Designs For Fingers - Asymmetrical Design

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So these are our favourite mehndi designs for fingers. Have you ever tried any of them or any of their variations? Do share!

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