50 Mehndi Design Videos To Leave You Mesmerised

Applying mehndi to the hands and arms has been an age-old practice and so has been the fashion of creating exquisite mehndi designs. There is no denying that designing and applying mehndi is no simple task, and requires a fair share of skill and knowledge. For this reason, it is not surprising to note that the process of mehndi application is quite often referred to as mehndi art. Therefore, to capture the finest exemplifications of this mehndi art, we present to you 50 best mehndi design videos that’ll surely leave you mesmerised.

1. Exquisite Arabic Design

Arabic design is perhaps the most ornate of all. There are heavy floral representations in this design and the patterns can be drawn all across the hands and arms. This mehndi design video quite nicely shows the beauty of this pattern and how it is something that demands substantial skill.

2. Full Hand Bridal Design

The beauty of this mehndi design video is its high level of elaboration in terms of design. Almost little to no skin space is left blank and almost every pattern gets a generous amount of henna application within.

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3. Floral Henna Strip

This is a great design for the times when one intends to take a bit of minimalistic approach. Patterns are made in just single straight patch, and although the mehndi design video shows the design on the upper surface of the hand, it can be used to decorate any part of the hand.

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4. Ornate Design For Hand

This mehndi design video showcases patterns limited to the wrist and fingers. Designs are made to give a representation of ornaments making this a distinctly lovely design.

5. Flower On The Hand Design

All that this design features is a single flower on the palm of the hand, which makes it appropriate for beginners to practice. This mehndi design video even features some neat step-by-step instructions making it all quite simple to illustrate.

6. Arabic Henna Strip

The pattern in this design extends from the wrist to the tip of the index finger. There are some basic design etchings made on the rest of the fingers which are in synchrony with the main pattern. Overall, an attractive design with a distinct Arabic appeal.

7. The Quadrangle-shaped Pattern

In this mehndi design video, the design used can work for almost any occasion, thanks to its simple design strokes that add a level of simplicity. It is also one pattern that is surely going to leave a lasting impression on its viewers.

8. Foot Border Design

It is one of the best mehndi designs to make your feet look distinctly alluring. Mehndi is applied only across the lower rim of the foot, giving a border-like appearance. Along with that some mehndi is applied on the upper surface of the toe fingers, leaving most of the foot blank. This helps accentuating the design and brings maximum attention to it.

9. Heart-shaped Design

The pattern in this has a beautifully decorated heart illustration drawn right at the middle of the hand. Along with this, long striated patterns are drawn projecting from the heart towards the fingers and the wrist making the design in this mehndi design video an attractive design for a wedding or any other special occasion.

10. Mid-fingers Design

It has pattern drawn across the middle finger, ring finger and index finger, which becomes a complete illustration only when the fingers are put close together. The same design is also drawn on the wrist to maintain a level of uniformity and style.

11. Blooming Flowers Design

A simple pattern which shows an arrangement of three to four blooming flowers lined along consecutively, to form an attractive string of flowers. There are some additional design elements added to add a fuller appeal to the pattern.

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12. Hand Ornament Design

This one is made to have a bit of resemblance to the bridal ornament called haath phool. The drawing is first started from the wrist with a decorated string of pattern running across the hand towards the middle finger. Complementary patterns are added on the other fingers to make the overall illustration attractive.

13. Multiple Florets Design

Tiny florets are made across the hand in an S-shaped pattern. Each floret is complete with its central disc and petals. The spaces between the flowers are filled with tiny dots giving a sense of intricacy to the otherwise simple yet attractive pattern.

14. Striated Pattern For Foot

If one intends to decorate the anterior surface of the foot, then this should be your design choice. The pattern is given an appearance of a plant creeper that appears to run from one end of the foot to the thumb of the toe, which creates a simple and interesting design.

15. Mango Leaf Design

If a quintessential Indian mehndi design is your choice then you should opt for this design pattern. Inspired by traditional Indian mehndi art, this pattern has a large distinct Mango leaf etched on the palm of the hands. Additional patterns are drawn all around the leaf to lay a better emphasis on the exquisite central design.

16.Isolated Flower Design

It is a design which showcases floral arrangement but in an isolated fashion. Overall, there would be just three to four flowers in this pattern which would be located across various parts of the palm of the hand. The rest of the hand is decorated with various other plant-like ornate patterns.

17. Ornate Disc Design

All that this mehndi design video features is an intricately decorated disc located right at the palm of the hand. The disc features convoluted curls which form the majority of the disc’s perimeter. The absence of any additional pattern makes sure the viewer’s attention is transfixed on the disc alone.

18. Full Hand Intricate Design

If a celebration is the occasion for the mehndi then this would make the best design choice. A highly elaborate design which runs all across the forearm to the palms of the hands with exquisite illustrations. One look and you will be left with no doubt that this one has been made to epitomise festivity.

19. Lower Leg Design

An apt design for decorating the lower leg up till the toes of the feet. Most of the pattern is focused on the lower end of the leg and then moves gracefully to the ankle, eventually culminating at the feet.

20. Dulha Dulhan Design

The classic Marwari mehndi design which portrays an image of dulha, that is the bridegroom, and the dulhan, that is the bride. Being a Marwari design, the patterns are rich, intricate and outright exquisite having a truly unique appeal.

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21. Peacock Mehndi Design

This is quite a popular design, especially during weddings. It shows a representation of the peacock, with a more artistic depiction of its physical characteristics. One can even enhance the charm of this design by adding a dash of glitter over the mehndi, giving it a dazzling look.

22. Floral Mesh Design

A great design that works for any occasion. The design begins by drawing a striated ribbon-like pattern across the hand. This is followed by drawing adjacent lines that run across the hands which are then made to coincide perpendicularly with another set of lines. The point of junction of these lines are then decorated with petals creating a beautiful mesh of flowers all across the hands.

23. Grid Pattern For Fingers

The design is given a pattern of a checkered grid that is uniformly drawn across all the fingers. The rest of the hand is left plain without any decoration which draws utmost attention to the intricate design drawn on the fingers.

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24. Feather Design For Arm

This design features a single feather etched on the lower surface of the forearm. The feather is heavily decorated within with complex patterns that, in spite of the simple illustration, make the design look very much alluring. Another great aspect of this design is that it is unisex in nature and therefore will work great for both men and women.

25. Leaflets Mehndi Design

The highlight of this design is the illustration of a thin leafy branch that would run across the hand, from the wrist, through the palm and finally to the tip of the middle finger. Small branches with leaves are also added to the other fingers to create a uniform pattern. Overall, an interesting and attractive design.

26. Roses And Beads Design

This mehndi design video has the drawing of small roses, flowing in consecutively from the middle of the forearm to the central finger of the hand. These roses have small leaves in between and the entire set is intertwined by a string of small beads, etched graciously along the flowers. This design strikes one immediately by its sense of modern appeal.

27. Hand Ornament Pattern

This mehndi design video shows a basic representation of a hand ornament making it one of the easiest designs to make. There are no convoluted patterns that are usually indicative of celebratory purpose of the mehndi, which makes it an excellent mehndi design to sport in your daily routine.

28. Print Style Design

The design is made closest in representation to a design print on a fabric. What immediately impresses one is the presence of several fine closely drawn circular patterns, which cover the entire top surface of the hand. An offshoot of the design flows from the hand to the index finger creating a great balance in design.

29. Foot Ornament Design

Quite similar to the hand ornament pattern, this mehndi design video depicts a pattern which draws likeliness to the ornaments worn on the feet. There is an illustration of an anklet, which has a decorated string that runs across the foot towards the toes. Each toe finger has allied mehndi patterns completing the design into a single set.

30. Mauritanian Design

Mauritania is a country located in north-west Africa and has an age-old culture of mehndi application. Mauritanian design is known for its simplicity and for the presence of numerous straight lines to form the pattern. Overall, this makes a great design if you are looking for some change from the conventional patterns.

31. Isolated Pattern Design

Patterns are discontinuous in this design. There will independent design elements present on either ends of the hand and then there will be some illustrations etched on the fingers. Overall, an interesting design and a bit unconventional due to its disconnected mehndi patterns.

32. Floral Ribbon Design

It is a pattern which shows ornate ribbons with a flower attached on the top surface of it. This is drawn on the wrist while another set of flowers and a flowy band run across towards the fingertips. A nice design if flowers need to be the central theme of your mehndi.

33. Gulf Style Mehndi Design

What makes a Gulf-style mehndi design stand out is the distinct presence of swerving patterns across the entire design. There is a heavy representation of elements of flora, like flowers, branches and leaves. This pattern is quite popular in the Middle East and is also referred to as Dubai Mehndi or Saudi Mehndi.

34. Flower And Vines Design For Foot

A graciously simple pattern featuring a drawing of a single flower on top of the foot is what you’ll see in this mehndi design video. The flower would form the centre of attraction of this design and therefore is drawn right at the middle of the foot. There are vines and branches shown growing from around the flower reaching the toes. A single small vine is drawn on each toe finger to add to the overall appeal of the foot.

35. Exquisite Hand Jewellery Design

This mehndi design video showcases perhaps the most detailed mehndi design for hands. The design consists of four flowers drawn on the base of each finger. These are symbolic of rings and there is a pattern representing decorated strings running across from these rings to culminate at a decorated illustration of pendant at the wrist of the hand.

36. Multiple Hearts Design

It is a design which showcases multiple hearts drawn in a straight line from the wrist, across the palm of the hand and towards the tip of the middle finger. It has a central heart which is lightly larger and it can have the name of the bride or bridegroom etched in the middle of it.

37. Swirling Vine Design

An attractive design that has a group of swirling vines which are drawn along the wrist and hand. This creates the appearance that as if the vines are gracefully growing on the hand whilst taking its support.

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38. Lace Pattern Design

This design has patterns which are inspired from lace, a fabric that has a web-like pattern. Lace usually has a base fabric on which the design is made and therefore even this design shows a base mesh-like pattern on which the flowers and other design elements appear to have been drawn on. A quite unique, appealing and attractive mehndi design.

39. Fabric Pattern Style Design

It can be often that one is looking for mehndi design which is distinct yet has a familiar charm. This design does exactly that. It takes cues from fabric print and develops into a design which is fresh and nifty.

40. Full Hand Flowers And Lines Design

This is one of the conventional Indian full hand mehndi designs. The thing with this mehndi design video is that the design shown has only a single floral branch with a couple of flowers and the rest of the hand is covered in criss-crossing lines which have small florets drawn at their intersection which gives a totally attractive look.

41. Moroccan Inspired Design

Like many other counties in Africa, even women in Morocco use mehndi to adorn their hands. This design takes elements from conventional Moroccan mehndi designs and uses them to create beautiful illustrations of a disc on the palm, a bracelet on the wrist and intricate patterns on the fingers.

42. Large Floral Bracelet Design

This mehndi design video has a drawing of large bracelet on the wrist with corresponding patterns drawn across the upper surface of the hand and as well on the fingers. The main attraction of this design is the large flower which is drawn at the top of the wrist. This helps in creating a rich appearance of the mehndi making the entire pattern look truly dashing.

43. Bangle Design

In this, the mehndi is applied in isolated bands that run from the upper portion of the forearm to the fingers. This eventually creates a bangle-like appearance due to the break between consecutive bands. Each band is intricately decorated with beautiful convoluted patterns.

44. Swirling Design For Toes

The peculiar thing about this design is that it covers only the toes and leaves most of the foot blank. This makes a great design while wearing footwear which has the provision of only exposing the toes or a long ethnic dress which leaves just the toes visible.

45. Band Style Design

An attractive design for the foot. In this there is an illustration of a band, which runs across the upper surface of the foot from left to the right side. There are not many other design elements in this with only a drawing of vine appearing to move from the band to one of the toe fingers.

46. Marwari Mehndi Design

Marwari mehndi designs are one of the most intricate and this one reflects this attribute through its complex design patterns that spread across the entire surface of the palm. Most design lines are finely made and fill up most of the empty spaces making this one of the extensive designs.

47. Simple Chain Style Design

This could be one of the easiest and fastest mehndi designs to make. It is a great pattern for those looking for a design which is quick to make yet has a special look. It consists of small loops which are drawn in a way to overlap each other which creates an overall illustration that looks similar to a chain. The drawing is made from the wrist and usually runs to the tip of the middle finger.

48. Basic Mehndi Strip Design

If all you want is a couple of swanky bands of mehndi design on the hand then this makes a good choice. Bands are drawn across the palm of the hand and on the wrist. Fingertips are decorated with complementary mehndi designs which are basic yet add to the design’s appeal.

49. Decorated Bracelet Design

The main focus here, in this mehndi design video, lies on the pattern of bracelet which gives off a flower and leaf at its lower end and has a semi-circular disc on the upper side. In this design, fingers are given a minimal touch of design thus making the bracelet the prominent attraction.

50. Half Flower Design

This mehndi design video has the drawing of a large fraction of the flower that covers one end of the top surface of the hand. The decorated half flower creates a lush look, which is complemented by the design patterns etched on the fingers.