10 Mehndi Design Sketches Of Animals That Are Awe-inspiring

A dainty flower, an ornamental paisley with decorated leaves, fishnet and geometric patterns; we have seen almost all of these mehndi design sketches. But all of us love to see a form of life that comes alive in a mehndi design after we scrape off the dried mehndi from our hands, don’t we? We are talking about pretty birds and animals that add character and a little story to our mehndi designs. Below are ten intricate mehndi design sketches of different birds and animals from the animalia kingdom that you will love to wear on your hands.

1. The Majestic Owl

Majestic Owl

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Goddess Laxmi’s vaahan, a majestic owl is symbolic of spiritual wealth. An ornamental sketch of an owl on hands, combined with vines of leaves and flowers, looks unique and majestic.

2. The Alluring Peacock

Alluring Peacock

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A peacock motif is very popular and very common in mehndi designs. Symbolic to compassion, fortune, patience and kindness, peacocks look very dainty and alluring in mehndi design sketches.

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3. The Beauteous Butterfly

Beauteous Butterfly

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A butterfly is symbolic of beauty and free spirit. A dainty butterfly enhances the mehndi sketch of floral vines and leaves. Fill in the wings with fishnet and complete the butterfly with spiral coils, bringing about a very delicate and feminine look.

4. The Luminous Fish

Luminous Fish

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Like the shimmering scales of the fish, mehndi design sketches of fish symbolize good luck and happiness. Ornamental designs around the fish with spirals and fans looks very gorgeous and pleasing.

5. The Soft-Hearted Sparrow

Soft-Hearted Sparrow

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Symbolic to true love and spiritual wealth, a sparrow is a very rare mehndi design sketch in the Indian culture. But if drawn with intricacy along with dainty flowers and ornamental spirals, sparrow mehndi design sketches can look very alluring.

6. The Graceful Swan

Graceful Swan

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A swan looks very elegant and beautiful. Bold pointy beak, geometric designs filling in the graceful swan’s sketch, and thin boundary around it will cover the whole palm. Combined with floral motifs, bold leaves and spirals, this mehndi design is perfect for a full hand. Symbolic to success and growth, a swan looks more than just an alluring sketch.

7. The Prestigious Elephant

Prestigious Elephant

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The charismatic status and popularity of an elephant is symbolic to God of success and the destroyer of evil, who brings good luck and prosperity. Often drawn to enhance the look of the bangle mehndi design, a prestigious elephant blowing its trunk on the arm just above the bracelet design looks traditional and very royal.

8. The Mirthful Parrot

Mirthful Parrot

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A flying parrot or a sitting parrot, dainty wings and ornamentation. Beautiful floral vines and spirals. This mehndi design sketch looks very artistic and pretty on the palms. And with the parrot being a messenger of love, every woman will love this pretty design sketch.

9. The Dainty Dragonfly

Dainty Dragonfly

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The bold spirals and cursive lines can form into a dainty looking dragonfly. Although it is not drawn on propitious occasions, a dragonfly symbolizes emotional maturity, power and poise. It will look very pretty as a finger mehndi design sketch or as part of a slave bracelet design.

10. The Ornamental Octopus

Ornamental Octopus

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This mehndi design sketch looks more like concentric circles in the middle of the palm with extending spirals around it. Opening like a blooming flower, an ornamental octopus mehndi design sketch symbolizes creativity and flexibility. This design is very popular in the Indian culture, but is overlooked as floral vine and concentric circles.

Which of these designs would you wear or try to sketch? They all look very pretty and artistic if drawn beautifully. They sure are worth trying at least once, or well, maybe more.

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