Mehndi Ceremony – The Essence Of It In A Nutshell!

In Indian weddings, the mehndi ceremony is an important ritual and tradition that officially marks the wedding extravaganza. As the name suggests, the (mehndi) mehendi ceremony (also known as henna ceremony) is the tradition of adorning the bride-to-be’s hands, arms and feet with beautiful mehndi designs. In some cultures, the mehndi comes from the groom’s house, while others get their own. The bride can choose from numerous popular designs ranging from simple to intricate to highly elaborate.

Mehendi Ceremony

Mehendi Ceremony Fun Facts!

During the mehndi ceremony, other women (friends and family) also adorn their hands with henna designs in various patterns to join in the revelry! A fun fact states that after removing the dried mehndi paste, the darkness of the colour signifies the intensity of love between a couple.

Mehndi ceremonies have become more and more popular. Today, it’s not just a family function but an event that is celebrated with friends and in some cases the groom-to-be also gets to take part in the celebration, with his own manlier groom mehndi designs.

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Mehndi Ceremony - Mehendi With The Bridesmaids

If you are preparing for your mehendi ceremony,  here are some really useful tips:

Choose your own mehndi design and artist. While all mehendi artists are brilliant at what they do, it is important to do a little research before choosing an artist. Also, ensure that no chemicals are being added to the mehendi paste or else you could land up with a severe skin infection.

Day time mehndi ceremonies are convenient and provide an added ease to the bride-to-be. A complete bridal mehndi session can take up to six hours, and that’s just the beginning! It takes a long time to dry and the longer you leave it unwashed, the better the colour and results. So if you don’t want to be struggling with sleep overnight, it’s best to go for a day time affair. You can do a morning run if you plan on really detailed work like shaded mehndi designs that take two applications. Trust me, you need all the sleep you can get.
Choose bright colours for your mehndi ceremony attire. Yellows and oranges and happy greens look beautiful, especially during the day. Keep away from blacks and dark colours. Also, the setting and the décor can be in sync with the bride-to-be’s attire. You could go for the same colour or a complementing colour.

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Ensure you get enough rest a day before and have a good meal and keep yourself hydrated. You will need to sit for a long time. Take care of all your physical and bodily needs before you ascend the bridal mehndi throne!

Get a good photographer who has the capability to highlight and bring out the fun. Ensure you get lots of candid pictures!

Mehendi ceremony is generally a ladies-only affair but the trend seems to have shifted in recent times. If the groom is coming to take part in the henna ceremony, ensure that you both get some cute and adorable pictures in ‘still single’ but ‘can’t wait to be together’ moments!

Flowers are the best décor you can add to your mehndi ceremony. Be it flowers on the bride or to the setting, make sure it’s a flowery event!

Mehendi Ceremony - Foot Mehendi

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Mehndi + Sangeet

Mehndi Ceremony - The Sangeet

Some people combine the mehndi ceremony with the sangeet ceremony to add to the fun and also save on days and time! If you have a lot of guests coming in from different cities or countries, it could be a good idea for you to combine the two, and work in some bridal shower ideas. The mehendi ceremony is all about the bride. The friends and family of the bride must go the extra mile in making her feel like an ethereal and pampered princess just before she becomes someone’s queen.

So all set for your mehendi ceremony? It’s a great function to kick-start the celebrations. Include games and music and dancing to set the right tone for the many events to follow.

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It’s time to paint (literally!) the town red… ummm green? If you have any questions about the mehendi ceremony in general or about the mehndi designs to choose from or the mehndi artists, write to us. We will be glad to answer and give you the best suggestions.

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