Meera Jasmine Wedding: Love, Controversies And Arranged Match

Meera Jasmine Wedding; Meera Jasmine is one of the most versatile actors in the Tamil and Malayalam film industry. Through her career spanning 15 years, she has won several accolades and awards for her gripping performances in some of the finest films. Despite the much deserved appreciation she has received for her work, Meera Jasmine has always been controversy’s favourite child, thanks to her numerous alleged affairs and link-ups. Even her marriage generated buzz for the wrong reasons and there was a decent amount of controversy attached to it. Let’s take a closer look at the Meera Jasmine wedding, to a Dubai-based engineer and all the hullabaloo.

Meera Jasmine Wedding - Meera Jasmine

The Anil Titus Meera Jasmine Wedding

Meera Jasmine Wedding - Meera Jasmine's Marriage With Anil

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It was in late 2013 that news started doing the rounds that a certain Meera Jasmine wedding is all set for February 2014. Not much was known initially but it was later learnt from sources close to Meera that this was an arranged marriage. The groom was Anil John Titus, a Dubai-based software engineer who is originally from Kerala. It is said that Meera’s parents were looking for a suitable groom for their daughter since a substantial amount of time and spotted Anil’s profile on a matrimonial website. After taking Meera’s consent, the parents gave a nod to the wedding, and the Meera Jasmine wedding happened on 12th February 2014, at Palayam LMS Church in Thiruvananthapuram as per Christian traditions. The couple then had a reception in the evening where only close friends were invited. It is said Meera invited a handful of people from film industry and many big names were simply kept out.

Meera Jasmine Wedding - Meera Jasmine With Anil At The Reception

The Police Presence & Mini Controversy

The Anil Titus Meera Jasmine wedding was not free of a mini-controversy of its own. Media and several guests noticed a palpable presence of numerous police personnel in and around the wedding venue as well at the wedding reception. While everyone is familiar with Meera’s celebrity status, it still did not justify the heavy protection by the police. The answer to this puzzle came two months after the wedding when it was reported by local newspapers that Meera and Anil were having trouble registering their marriage. Apparently, Anil had intentions of marrying another girl from Kerala, and had even committed to do so. It was at the last moment that he received the marriage proposal from Meera’s family and had a change of heart. As a consequence of this, the relatives of the estranged girl threatened to disrupt Anil’s wedding, which caused the couple to request for police protection for the Anil Titus Meera Jasmine wedding.

Due to the alleged aforementioned issue, and because of the couple’s late submission of the form, the couple were denied registration of their wedding. It was said the reason cited was the ‘lack of submission of all the documents.’ This led the tabloids to promptly speculate that the missing document could have been the divorce papers of Anil. It was rumoured that Anil may have actually married the girl and must have filed for separation on receiving an offer from Meera Jasmine’s family. In spite of the theory gaining popularity, it found no supporters or detractors from the bride and bridegroom’s family. The couple did not comment about the matter then, and have not done so till today. But that was quite a controversy stirred up by the Anil Titus Meera Jasmine wedding.

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The Journey So Far

Meera Jasmine Wedding - Meera Jasmine And Anil Share Insta Pics

Soon after the Anil Titus Meera Jasmine wedding, Meera shifted base to Dubai and took a sabbatical from the film industry. In early 2016, she returned back to India and has resumed work in the film industry. In a brief interview given to a channel after returning back, she shared that her family has no problem with her acting career. She even added that being a wife or a mother is not a hurdle for an actress. Anil and Meera have had a successful run with their wedding and we wish the pair a happy married life.

The Making Of Meera Jasmine

Meera Jasmine was born as Jasmine Mary Joseph in the year 1982 in Kerala. Meera did not have much of an interest in acting but still had a filmy connection because her father worked as an assistant cinematographer. While she was doing her graduation, she was spotted by Malayalam film director Blessy, who at the time was working as an assistant director with the late Malayalam film director A. K. Lohithadas. Eventually, Lohithadas launched Jasmine Mary Joseph as Meera Jasmine in his film Soothradharan in 2001. Since then, Meera has worked in numerous Malayalam films and has rendered some great performances in several Tamil and Telugu films as well.

Meera’s Alleged Relationships

It was right after her first film with the popular Malayalam film director Lohithadas that rumours starting doing the rounds that two were having an affair. Since Meera was a newcomer at that time, it was a rumour less heeded by the tabloids. In 2005, when Lohithadas was quizzed about his alleged relationship with Meera, he promptly rubbished it. He even stated that when he learnt about it, he was immensely disturbed by it, which in turn impacted his creativity. Meera, on the other hand, always stated that Lohithadas was her mentor, and the alleged relationship was nothing but a baseless lie. The matter eventually fizzled out.

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The Link-Up To A Certain Aryadan

In 2002, Meera signed her ninth film, which was Paadam Onnu: Oru Vilapam. The movie dealt with matters of social issues, and won critical acclaim on release. Critics and audience appreciated Meera’s captivating performance in the film, and she was touted as the next big thing. Meera won a National Award for the film, and a slew of other awards from the state government. It was later learnt that the movie was produced by Aryadan Shoukath, who is the son of a Kerala based politician. Tabloids went into rumour fabrication mode and declared that Meera Jasmine was in a relationship with Aryadan Shoukath, and it was at his behest and influence that she had won the numerous awards for the film. Neither Meera nor Aryadan commented about the hearsay, and the gossip soon lost steam by 2004.

The gossip grapevine did not spare any time though. In 2005, Meera was linked up with the Malayalam and Tamil film actor Prithviraj Sukumaran. It was said that the struggling Prithviraj was trying to get some help from the much popular and influential Meera to bag some meaty roles. Both Prithviraj and Meera declined to comment about it when they were once asked about it in separate interviews.

Meera’s Perceptible Relationship Which Didn’t Work Out

Meera Jasmine Wedding - Meera Jasmine And Uppalapu Rajesh

It is said that somewhere around 2006, Meera became good friends with Uppalapu Rajesh, who is the younger brother of the famous Indian mandolin player Uppalapu Srinivas. It is not known how and where they both met but it is said that they got into a relationship pretty soon. In 2007, tabloids started reporting that Rajesh and Meera were having a live-in relationship. Not much was known about their supposed live-in relationship, but the pair was quite candid about speaking about their relationship.

It reached its apex when in a 2008 interview with The Times of India, Meera firmly acknowledged her relationship with Rajesh, and even went to the extent of stating that a Rajesh Meera Jasmine wedding was an option. She added that she will be tying the knot with him after at least two to three years though. The couple did seem to be very much in love and Meera was a common fixture among the audiences at Rajesh’s concerts. By the looks of it, their relationship was definitely going strong day by day.

The Breakup

In mid-2009, Meera was busy with the promotions of her certain Kannada film, and was attending an event to do so. During an interactive session with the media, a journalist inquired her about the status of her relationship with Rajesh. To everyone’s surprise, Meera declined to comment about it. When the journalist repeated the question again, Meera walked out of the event, leaving everyone perplexed and astonished. This was one of the first indicator of the fact that things had gone sour between Rajesh and Meera. Since Meera was no way going to talk about it, tabloids started looking for an answer from Rajesh, and it was in late July, 2009 that everyone got a definitive answer. Rajesh shared that his relationship with Meera was over, and the two have separated. He added that he had a ‘dream’ but it went bust, and left with him painful memories.

Not much is known about the reason for their breakup since they were a picture-perfect couple. The reason which is commonly cited to be the most probable cause of their breakup was Meera’s lack of interest in tying the knot. Since Meera was at the prime of her career, she wanted to give it decent amount of focus, whereas Rajesh would have been keen to getting into a wedlock as soon as possible. This point of contention would have become the root cause of the discord, which eventually might have led to the split.

Anyway, we are glad that both of them have moved on with their lives and Meera has found her Mr. Right!