Meenakshi Dutt Bridal Makeup: 10 Expert Makeup Tips + Images

Bridal makeup is a central component of the bridal profile in any wedding today, irrespective of the cultures. The Bridal makeup can make or break the overall look no matter how well the trousseau is put together. Especially for the Indian bride, the number of elements that combine to form the bridal look is one too many. A careful choice of what must go into the bridal makeup can save a disaster because remember – photos cannot lie, and they will be discussed forever and ever! So here are some helpful tips for Indian bridal makeup, from the makeup guru Meenakshi Dutt herself, for an elegant and unforgettable bridal look.

1. Choice Of base

The choice of a base for the makeup is something any expert would give emphasis. Finding the right tone of skin, making the right choice of base accordingly can assure the integrity of the makeup from the start.

2. Application Of Product

The base must be applied evenly over the exposed skin. Please read that carefully. It is not only about fully utilizing the makeup product like a MAC Studio, or Colouressence or any other preferred brand. But when the look is put together you don’t want the face to be of one shade, and the ears and neck to be of another.

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3. Use Of Concealer

After the base or the foundation is applied, put on a concealer over the same which should also be applied evenly.

4. Using Airbrush

If you choose to hide your scars and dark spots or other marks you use a concealer for, you can achieve perfection over the concealer by using the airbrush which assures an evenly spread out layer, that a regular makeup brush may not fully accomplish.

5. Makeup For The Lips

It is important for any bride that the makeup stays for a really long time without the need for a touch-up. For the face, the makeup is held together by the base or foundation. Similarly, the lip colour is kept in its place using the lip-liner. Choose wisely according to the lip colour, and use a lip liner to fill in the lips if you want, to get an idea of the overall look when you put the eye makeup.

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6. Tip For Lasting Lip Colour

To choose the right kind of texture for the lip colour, which looks elegant and also lasts long, Dutt prescribes a blend of crème and matt. Crème ensures the moisturized and glossy look for the lips while the matt finish adds the retention power of the lip colour.

7. Colours For The Eye Makeup

There are two key things to be kept in mind when doing the eye makeup for an Indian bridal look. One, as discussed for the lip colour, the colours in the bride’s attire need to be considered and incorporated in the eye makeup – the eye-liner, eye-shadows, eye-lid glitter, etc. Second is that while the eye makeup is all about accentuating the beauty of the eyes, the traditional look must not be lost because of the modern techniques and elements used.

8. ‘Blush’ The Right Way!

The application of blush or rouge is a tricky finishing element in the facial makeup. Keep in mind to use only colours that blends with the skin tone— choose from peaches, pinks, corals, and the like. Make sure it isn’t too red, and consequently very jarring in the overall makeup and look, making it look unnatural instead of accentuating the bride’s features.

9. Makeup For The Season

Bridal makeup is crucial for the look of the bride and makeup according to season can be a good point to remember. Summers in India can be relentless and choosing sweat-proof and long-lasting make-up products can go a long way.

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10. Beware Of Time

If the bride has to travel to the venue and there is time involved from when the makeup is applied and the ceremony or the reception begins, then a heavy base will help keep the makeup in its place, especially in summers.

These are the tips from the makeup expert Meenakshi Dutt for a beautiful bridal profile. Dutt runs her own salon and makeup studio Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers, which provides a variety of makeup services for a price range starting at Rs. 12, 500 upto Rs. 40,000.  Dutt is based in New Delhi and also offers professional and personal makeup classes.

Check out the video link for a comprehensive bridal makeup tutorial from the expert herself!

Some More Before And After Makeup Pictures Of Brides. And The Magic of Meenakshi Dutt.

11. Colour Blender


12. Delicate Eye Makeup


13. A Melange Of Colours


14. The Magic Of Contouring


15. The Exquisite Eye Makeup


16. The Enticing Eyeshadow


17. The Simple Look


18. Enhancing With Accessories


19. Pretty Bride


20. The Incredible Makeover


21. The Eye And Hair Matchup


22. Dazzling Eye Makeup


23. Smokey Eye Look


24. Uniform Colour Combination


25. The Mixed Colour Palate


Those were some great bridal makeup makeovers from the popular makeup artist Meenakshi Dutt. Have something to say? Do share!

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