11 Most Beautiful Quotes For A Love That Is Mature

As we grow older, we experience life’s different phases and emotions. Love plays an important part in our lives. As a child, it is love for parents; as a teen, it turns towards the crush; and then finally, towards the partner we see as a soul mate. Thus the growth of love goes hand in hand with the different stages of life. And sure enough, you’ll find prose, poetry for all stages, immature and mature love quotes alike.

However, the most beautiful phase of life includes those years when you’ve realized who your better half is i.e. the one who completes you. But sadly, as the years go by, we often lose touch with our romantic side and forget the beautiful ways of expressing and making each other feel loved. So here we are, to help you get back in touch with the lover in you and light that spark in your relationship, once again. Here are the 11 most beautiful mature love quotes, for a love that’s like fine wine.

1. Most Beautiful Quotes - Erich Fromm

Being in love changes our priorities and ways of needing and loving. But that’s fine, for change, and honest mature love quotes, are a good thing.

2. Most Beautiful Quotes - Jiddu Krishnamurti

It is the power of mature love that changes lives, ideas and views towards life. It shows you the true meaning of your existence. The imaginary wings you longed for have now become that kind of real ‘solid ground’ you need, at the end of the day. Mature love quotes speak of the wisdom of strong love.

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3. Most Beautiful Quotes - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

It is the absence of your loved one that highlights each emotion in your heart and makes you long for things and emotions you never knew existed.

4. Most Beautiful Quotes - Victor Hugo

When you’re young, you are loved for your beauty and wealth, but as you mature and grow older, it is your true nature and heart that attracts people and not the materialistic aspects. The very nature of mature love is such that mature love quotes are like strange code, that can only be understood by those who’s love has withstood the test of time.

5. Most Beautiful Quotes - Honore de Balzac

They say when you’re in love, you can spot him even from a thousand clones because your souls connect and not just your minds.

6. Most Beautiful Quotes - Bruce Lee

Untouchable and unbreakable – this is what time and efforts do to a relationship. They make it stronger than ever and sweeter than the sweetest feeling; yeah, mature love quotes from the legend!

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7. Most Beautiful Quotes - Elizabeth Gilbert

Year after year, you see each other repeating the same old duties with full dedication. That’s what makes you a keeper – to know that you’re one to stick around no matter what.

8. Most Beautiful Quotes - Irvin D. Yalom

Loving and giving it all back without just accepting selfishly and not returning the same emotions; mature love quotes make so much more sense about love.

9. Most Beautiful Quotes - Osho

When you grow old with your love, it no longer remains a separate part of your life. It becomes a main trait of who you are – a state of your being.

10. Most Beautiful Quotes - Thomas Merton

Love is never found alone, it is always when two hearts and souls connect with one another when you realize its true meaning.

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11. Most Beautiful Quotes - Henry Van Dyke

As understood in Baha’i culture, where there is love, there is always time.

Mature love, thus, isn’t just about looks, or wealth that one shares, or the butterflies in the stomach. It is about being with the one who makes you see the world in a way that seems beautiful from every angle.