9 Ornate Marathi Mehndi Design Schemes You'll Fall For

Mehndi, commonly known as henna, is a big part of many cultures across the globe. Women in many parts of the world, apply it on their hands and feet to mark a celebratory moment. It is not just something which is followed as a part of traditions, but is something that women particularly love. Similarly, in India, be it a festival or a wedding, women apply mehndi to celebrate the occasion and mark the auspicious event. Now, India has 29 states and every state has its own speciality when it comes to designs. Here, we will be talking about the various designs that define the Marathi art of henna.

Lo and behold, here are the most detailed Marathi mehndi design schemes brought to life by skilled hands of noting less than genius:

1. Raja Rani Mehndi Design

Marathi Mehndi Design - Raja Rani Mehndi Design

Even though this is not limited only to Maharashtrian brides, it is something that symbolically represents the Maharashtrian ‘Raja’ and ‘Rani.’ Brides in different parts of India prefer this design for their wedding mehndi due to its representation of the coming together of the King and Queen. As a part of the Marathi mehndi design schematic, artists give the Raja and Rani design a typical Marathi touch with the clothes and jewellery of the state.

2. Marathi Zari Work Mehndi Design

Marathi Mehndi Design - Marathi Zari Work Mehndi Design

This is one of the most traditional and authentic Marathi designs. Like the name suggests, it includes a lot of ‘zari-like work’ which is commonly known as embroidery. It also includes a lot of dots and squares giving it the look of small windows on your arm.

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3. Dark Black Henna Design

Marathi Mehndi Design - Dark Black Henna Design

This is done with dark black henna instead of the regular green one. The black colour is achieved by mixing chemicals and dye to the regular one so that it gives a darker and quicker result. Its dark colour makes it even more pleasing to the eyes when the Marathi mehndi design includes small Marathi windows and profiles of the Raja and Rani.

4. Squares And Dots For The Feet

Marathi Mehndi Design - Squares And Dots For The Feet

Just like the design for arms, the Marathi style of mehndi includes squares and dots on the feet as well. If you are planning to get one for your wedding, then the design gets more detailed and may cover your legs up till the knees. The design in this particular look is called the ‘jaali work’ which is basically the look of a net with a criss-cross pattern.

Marathi Mehndi Design - The Colour Of Love

5. Traditional Full Arm Design

Marathi Mehndi Design - Traditional Full Arm Design

A Marathi bride’s attire on the wedding, unlike other cultures, does not include heavy dresses or jewellery. They wear simple silk sarees and green bangles accompanied with gold ‘kadas’. Therefore, it is the mehndi design that brings the maximum beauty to her wedding look. So a traditional full-arm design is something that most brides prefer to opt for. It starts right from the tip of the fingers till the elbows or a few inches above the elbows.

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6. Double Raja Rani Design

Marathi Mehndi Design - Double Raja Rani Design

This is quite similar to the traditional Raja-Rani art. The only difference is that the artist gives two different profiles of the King and Queen – one on the palms and the other on the forearms. The design shown in the image has an added ‘Ganesha’ touch.

7. Bridal Design For The Feet

Marathi Mehndi Design - Bridal Design For The Feet

This is another design for a Marathi bride. It is made from dark black henna and has the traditional ‘palace windows’ above the ankle. This Marathi mehndi design is mostly preferred by brides due to its detailing and intricate work.

8. Peacock Art

Marathi Mehndi Design - Peacock Art

Image Courtesy: Devang Sin Photography

Here is another design which is called ‘peacock art’. It is extremely creative and most artists have their own take on it but the only thing which remains constant is the peacock on the top.

9. Open And Free Flow

Those of you who do not like a fully covered hand can definitely go for something like this. It gives you a great touch of your favourite art while leaving enough space on your hand to not make it look too ‘stuffed.’
No wedding ritual in India is complete without a ‘mehndi ceremony’. It is when the parents of the bride/groom invite their family and friends over to start the wedding celebrations by applying henna, dancing and blessing their child for the upcoming phase of their lives. So go ahead and add sparkle to your mehndi ceremony with these awesome Marathi mehndi designs.

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock