Manisha Koirala Marriage: In And Out Of Love… Twelve Times!

Manisha Koirala is one actress who can qualify as the most ethereal beauty of Bollywood from the 1990s. This lady had the timid looks to melt your heart while packing a sensual charm that would leave you reeling; she was surely one actress who would linger in your mind for a really long time. Such was the power of the allure that she enticed not one, nor two, but a prodigious twelve beaus in her two and half decades of showbiz existence. Nevertheless, this lady fought cancer, negative publicity and failed relationships all together, leaving us in nothing but awe for her fortitude. Let’s take a closer glimpse of the exuberant love life of this damsel from Nepal.

manisha koyirala

Meeting Mr. Mushran

manisha koyirala and vivek mushran

Although Manisha had started her career with a Nepali film, her first big break came with Subhash Ghai’s Saudagarin the year 1991 where she starred alongside the newcomer actor Vivek Mushran. The two undoubtedly first met during the shooting of the movie and both slowly fell for each other. While it is not known who fell for whom first, their relationship lasted as long as their movie was in theatres. The relationship soon fizzled out and in a blink of an eye both were on their independent ways.

The Australian Paramour

crispin conroy and manisha


During the late 1990s, there was a certain Crispin Conroy who seriously became infatuated with Manisha Koirala. What actually made the situation conducive for his crush was the fact that he was the Australian ambassador to Nepal, the country which Manisha originally hailed from. In fact, Manisha came from a family with active political past and present and most probably this is how he happened to meet and interact with Manisha. Crispin and Manisha dated for nearly four years and apparently Mr. Conroy was madly in love with the Nepali beauty. Eventually, in the year 2000, the couple got engaged with Crispin’s intention to get married soon after. But in 2001, Manisha stated she was not ready for marriage yet due to which the couple broke their engagement. Crispin Conroy continued to serve as an Australian ambassador in Nepal till 2002, after which he left the country.

The Fling With Nana Patekar

manisha koyirala love with nana patekar

This one came as a major surprise to the industry and public, when Manisha was said to be having a tempestuous affair with the evidently married Nana Patekar. The both had their first interaction during the filming of the movie Agni Sakshi in the year 1996. Manisha was aware of the fact that Nana Patekar was a married man but then love blossomed any ways. In fact it was rumoured that Manisha was expecting Nana Patekar to leave his wife for her, but that never happened which is said to have left Manisha in a state of depression.

Delighted By The DJ

manisha koyirala and hussain babai

Manisha had felt so dejected after her episode with Nana Patekar that she was plunging day by day into a state of emotional low point. It was during this phase that DJ Whosane came to her rescue. DJ Whosane, whose real name was Hussain Babai, was an active musician in the field of electronic music for nearly 20 years at that time. The actress most likely met the DJ at a social event or gathering in India where the DJ happened to be delivering a performance. Like a lost ship searches for a safe haven, Manisha was on the lookout for a warm shoulder to comfort her. The DJ’s charm worked on her depression and it was within no time that DJ Whosane and Manisha Koirala were having a live-in relationship. It was about time that Hussain Babai would have become interested in a more stable relationship, but it is believed the day he proposed marriage, Manisha called off the relationship. Despite her unwillingness to marry, Manisha is said to have confessed that Hussain Babai had helped her fight her emotional battles.

The London Guy And The Bollywood Newcomer

cecil-anthony and manisha koyirala

Soon after her fling with DJ Whosane, Manisha fell into the arms of Cecil Anthony, who was a Nigerian businessman based in London. She first met him in 2003 when Manisha had gone to London for a course in film-making. Though Manisha completed her course and returned back to India, she maintained a long distance relationship with Cecil. They would always meet and hang around whenever Manisha made a visit to London. As she became more attached with Cecil, the frequency of her trips also increased. The bond that the pair shared was quite strong and it had brought matters to the point of tying the wedlock. This was until Manisha met the Bollywood newcomer called Aryan Vaid.

Aryan Vaid was a popular face in the modelling arena and had been an actor for some time on stage. Interestingly, Manisha met Aryan at the lowest dip in her career when she signed a low budget ‘C-grade’ movie called Market, which was Aryan’s first film. Manisha had by this time got bored with the long distance fling with Cecil and all the trips she had been making to London. She saw an opportunity to start afresh with a romantic relationship with Aryan. It was soon that Manisha dumped her ex-flame Cecil and was now seen hand-in-hand with Aryan Vaid. She felt so attached to him that she even did another low rated film with Aryan, just to be in his company. While Manisha had kept her new relationship under wraps, Aryan was quite candid about it, especially with the media. The newcomer was looking for publicity anyway and he couldn’t see a better opportunity than leveraging his relationship with Manisha for his advantage. Manisha was quite unhappy and upset with Aryan’s act and spared no time in breaking off with him.

The Affairs In Rapid Succession

By this time it was quite clear that Manisha had poor discretion in terms of making decisions pertaining to love and relationships. She was labelled by media as someone who had been ‘Commitment- Phobic’ in the past and was now desperate to settle down since she felt time was ticking away. The next slew of her swift affairs can be considered befitting examples of her anxious desperation for these were men who were all younger to Manisha.

manisha koyirala and prashanth chowdary

The first in this array of relationships was Manisha’s fling with Prashant Chaudhary, a popular restaurateur in Mumbai. At that time, Manisha is believed to have said that she considered to have found her soul-mate in the much younger Prashant Chaudhary. Prashant was equally head over heels in love with Manisha and both shared some amount of synchrony. Both had almost reached the brink of getting married but apparently Prashant’s family didn’t approve of his relationship with the much older Manisha Koirala. It was soon that the couple had to break-off and move on in their individual paths.

Soon after, Manisha fell for another lad and this time it was Tariq Premji, the son of Indian IT mogul Azim Premji, of Wipro. Tariq was only 25 years old while Manisha was 35, making the age difference a substantial one decade. Not much is known when and where they met but the thing is that this relationship hardly lasted for significant time. It is speculated that, just like in the case of Prashant, it was Tariq’s family who could have raised objections about the relationship and the couple had to split.

Manisha spared no time in getting hanky-panky again with another 25-year old called Akshay who was an Indian residing in Australia and was on a visit to India with intent of becoming an actor in Bollywood. Such was the rapport between these two that Manisha let Akshay stay with her at her suburban apartment in Mumbai and the two had live-in relationship for quite some time. Manisha’s desperation to settle down had reached its pinnacle by this time and she soon proposed to the 25-year Akshay. The struggling actor was quite obviously taken aback by her proposal since he had no plans for marriage and didn’t foresee a wedlock with Manisha. Akshay promptly refused which is said to have made Manisha so angry that she asked him to leave her apartment immediately.

The Last Two Flings To Wedlock

Manisha then had an affiliation with the music composer Sandeep Chowta which hardly lasted for significant time. Sandeep Chowta had a taste for dating actresses and in the past had been in relationships with Shilpa Shetty, Sushmita Sen and Urvashi Dholakia. Sandeep was known to be someone with a tendency to deflect from commitments, the same way Manisha was some 5 years ago. The relationship barely lasted and Manisha was just an addition to Sandeep’s list of flings.

manisha koyirala and sandeep chota

After her tryst with Sandeep, Manisha happened to meet Christopher Dorris an American sports counsellor, author and entrepreneur in the year 2007. As usual with Manisha’s relationship, the details of her first meeting with Christopher Dorris are obscure; though this is one relationship in Manisha’s life which is said to have had a level of stability and tranquillity. Although it is believed that the couple faced some turbulent times, they amicably reached a solution while they were holidaying in Malaysia in 2009. It is here Christopher proposed marriage to Manisha, and she (unsurprisingly!) said ‘yes.’ The actress was so smitten that she even made an announcement on Facebook of her soon to be wedding with Christopher. Nearly a year passed by and there was no news of Manisha’s so called upcoming wedding with Christopher. This was till she surprised everyone with her announcement of getting married to a certain Nepali called Samrat Dahal.

Manisha’s Short-Lived Matrimony

manisha koyirala marriage

By this time, it was a no-brainer that Manisha had definitely split with Christopher Dorris since she had made an announcement getting married to Samrat Dahal. Samrat is a son of Nepali business honcho and the family owned a vast business, spread across the expanse of Nepal. Manisha is rumoured to have met Samrat on Facebook and developed a romantic affinity towards him even while she was being courted by Christopher Dorris. A diva desperate to marry, meets a man younger by seven years, who is in a hurry to have her. It made a perfect recipe for hasty wedlock and eventually in April 2010, the couple tied the knot in a traditional Nepali wedding ceremony. Although there were hardly any guests from the film industry, the marriage still managed to get a healthy media coverage. The couple eventually went on for a honeymoon to the quaint destinations in Finland, Germany and France.

manisha wedding

It was just 7 months into the wedlock that reports started doing the rounds that Manisha was facing some serious problems in her marital bond. It was said that Samrat had at many occasions assaulted Manisha which had left Manisha depressed and heartbroken. She even went to the social media to lament about the pathetic state of her marriage and labelled Samrat as her biggest enemy. The couple tried to seek help through counselling and marriage strengthening courses but nothing seemed to have worked. Although the couple had separated anyway, they filed for a formal divorce in July 2012. Manisha soon shifted her base back to Mumbai from Kathmandu and has ever since has lived a quiet and private life.

Manisha’s love life is no short of being a plot for a topsy-turvy love saga of a woman perilously in search of her true love. It is to be noted though that the actress even battled cancer during her rough marriage which left a deep yet seemingly positive impact on her mind. She even had said in an interview that, “Cancer helped me grow.” Also one can say there is nothing wrong to take your own time in finding your soul-mate and we hope the new wiser and stronger Manisha Koirala eventually finds the partner she really had always wanted.