Mandira Bedi's Marriage Mantra: Love Like Friends

Mandira Bedi became a household name with the television sitcom Shanti (1994), which was one of India’s first television drama series. The titular role was Mandira’s debut in the world of acting, and she was soon seen sharing screen space with Shahrukh Khan and Kajol in the film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge in the year 1995. The predominant focus of Mandira’s career has been television, and she has worked in numerous TV serials as well as played a judge in many reality-TV shows.

In the year 1999, Mandira tied the knot with the Bollywood producer and director Raj Kaushal after seven years of courtship. So where did it all begin? We take a closer look at the Mandira Bedi marriage with Raj Kaushal.

Mandira Bedi – The Journey That Began With Shanti


Mandira Bedi was born on 15th April 1972 in Kolkata. She had most of her education there and it was while growing up that she grew a keen interest towards advertising. She eventually came to Mumbai to work in an advertisement agency, and was one day spotted by a casting director who offered her the lead in the serial Shanti. The show was a success, and soon she was noticed by the noted filmmaker Yash Chopra, who was looking for a fresh face for a role of supporting actress. Mandira bagged a role in the immensely successful film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge in the year 1995. Although she did few more films after that, her focus has always been the small screen, and she has worked in various television shows of almost every genre.

Raj Kaushal – The Love For Life


Raj and Mandira first met in 1996 – just after Mandira’s film debut. At that time Raj was working as the assistant for a film and TV producer, and was conducting the auditions for the host of a countdown-based music show. Mandira had also decided to appear in the auditions, and it was the first time Raj saw her. He was smitten the moment he saw her. Later he shared in an interview that he had seen her on-screen in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge but never paid much attention to her character till the first real-life meeting. Thereafter, the two met many times more primarily for work-related purposes, and it was at one such meeting that Raj expressed his amorous feelings to her. She obliged since by that time even she had developed a soft corner for him.

“He is a basic person, very honest. With Raj, its – what you see is what you get.”
– Mandira about her husband Raj Kaushal

By late 1996, the two were in a firm relationship. While Raj always had marriage on his mind, it was only after three years that Mandira gave a nod to it. They eventually decided to get espoused by the year 1999.

Taking The Vows To Be Forever Together


Raj and Mandira broke the news of their relationship at home, and it was welcomed positively – though not at both ends. In fact Raj’s parents were elated to hear that their son has finally decided to settle down in life. But things were quite opposite at Mandira’s place where her parents expressed their reservations of her getting married to a film director since it is widely perceived as an unstable profession.

“Meeting her parents was a little awkward at first… Her father is a complete corporate person. But they warmed up to me soon. I guess they had no choice!”
– Raj Kaushal about meeting Mandira’s parents before the wedding


Finally even Mandira’s parents softened and nodded to the relationship and subsequent marriage. Raj’s parents wanted a traditional Hindu wedding whereas Mandira’s parents preferred a Sikh wedding. Thus to keep both sides happy, the two tied the knot twice – once as per Hindu traditions followed by a Sikh wedding on 14th February 1999.

And Happily Together


Mandira and Raj were elated to be blessed with a son in 2011 – 12 years after their wedding. They named the little one Vir Kaushal. Later they decided to adopt a baby girl thus making their family picture-perfect.

Despite being the source of motivation for one another, the couple has seen their fair share of ups and downs in marriage. They have faced it all though with grace, and did so time after time. In fact during the 2003 cricket world cup, when Mandira was linked with the cricketer Yuvraj Singh, Raj came to his wife’s rescue and vocally stated to the media that Yuvraj is nothing but a family friend.

“Trust is the most important virtue in my marriage. Mandira and I are in a field where we are working with attractive people, thus there is greater need for trust.”
– Raj Kaushal about his marriage

Raj and Mandira have always taken these incidents in a positive stride, and even believe that such events play a key role in strengthening the marriage. The couple stays busy for most part of the month yet the distances do little to damage their bond. “I entered marriage with open eyes. I always knew that we both would be busy”, said Raj about how professional commitments do keep them away but still they make a point to spend quality time with one another.

“I travel a lot, so we value all the time we get and make the most of it…. still crazy about each other. We love being together.”
– Mandira Bedi about her marriage

Married for over a decade, Raj and Mandira had each other’s back no matter how sticky the situation was. Visiting their marriage story is about learning a tale of two besties who will never give up on one another, come what may. A great lesson there for all of us, and on that note, signing-off with the following marriage advice by none other than Raj Kaushal himself.

“Marriage is a two-way process, which requires an effort. If you want her to understand your problems you must reciprocate as well. Equally vital is giving your partner space for her career-growth.”
– Raj Kaushal about marriage

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