Mallika Sherawat Marriage With Karan Singh Gill

What we’re bringing to you is a fact that has been out in the open for quite a while now, but has gone largely unnoticed. One could say it has flown under the radar, while the fraternity have been distracted with all sorts of other goodies coming their way. Let’s revisit some of the stories to see what really happened with the ominous Mallika Sherawat marriage, her first and only one, and why she didn’t want you to know anything about it.

Mallika Sherawat Marriage – Reena Lamba

Mallika Sherwat at party

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Mallika’s past is a bit sketchy, and it’s no accident that it seems to be that way. Sure, most of us heard of her (a bit of an understatement) when she made heads turn and people to stand up and take notice with Murder, back in 2004, but just where was she before that?

And if you didn’t stop to think about that question, that’s not a blight on you considering we’ve since then been bombarded by piece after piece in the media of her grabbing some headline or the other, balancing fame and infamy, juggling criticism and praise.

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She has reinvented herself in a number of roles, at first the sizzling siren that grabbed all the eyeballs, and plenty of press, and then as a Hollywood hanger on, seemingly happy to latch herself on to the coat tails of anyone who could get her in on the Red Carpet. It worked. She made it to Cannes, established her name firmly as a celebrity and has seen time as a coveted reality show diva.

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Not Bad For Reena Lamba, The Erstwhile Air Hostess.

A Vague Past: The Silenced Story of Famed Mallika Sherawat Marriage To Captain Karan Singh Gill

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Mallika’s past, though it would seem otherwise for a Bollywood diva, isn’t fully detailed out. Born Reena Lamba, Mallika (still Reena, then) completed her schooling from Delhi Public School and then went on to study at the University of Delhi, where she graduated from Miranda House with a degree in Philosophy Hons.

A brief stint working as an air-hostess preceded her marriage to a certain Captain Karan Singh Gill, Delhi based pilot. Life was comfortable for Mallika, or so it would seem, because if there’s one thing that characterized her, it’s her desire for fame and her burning ambition. It was during this time that her ambitions of being a Bollywood diva didn’t quite match with her husband’s (or in-laws’) visions, and things began to get a bit shaky, but before we come to that…

The Other Side Of The Story

Mallika Sherwat reena lamba

Did we say ‘the other side?’ It should have been the “made up side.” Mallika’s official position was that she was from a small town where the womenfolk suffered at the hands of age-old patriarchy and unsound treatment, but that story (a sad reality for many women across India) wasn’t exactly the truth. Given her having attended DPS and Delhi University, it is a bit of a stretch to say she had a difficult upbringing, let alone one that involved being stranded in a backward, so to speak, village.

The Marriage Falls Apart

To be clear, Mallika’s marriage to Cpt. Karan Gill didn’t fall apart in the traditionally understood – or portrayed – dramatic sense, instead it was more of a withering away. A source has an interesting take which says that Mallika didn’t have any problems with her marriage per se, she just wanted more out of her life. While we can’t verify whether that’s true or not, it seems to make pretty decent sense to us, conjecture or not.

The Husband’s Mother Interviewed: Mrs. Gill Speaks

Mallika Sherwat play boy shoot

Mrs. Gill opened up to the media about her son’s famed Mallika Sherawat marriage by saying that “We wanted a girl who was modern but at the same time, someone who would understand the needs of the family too. But her dreams were different.” Which about fits in nicely with the story that Mallika just wanted to do more (a Playboy shoot – with no attached judgement as to its nature – would most likely not be received too enthusiastically by in-laws, if not the husband himself), and found the constraints of being a married woman too shackling.

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Mallika Sherawat Marriage: Competing Theories

There are a number of competing theories as to why the Karan Gill Mallika Sherawat marriage didn’t go the distance, or indeed any distance as divorce happened a mere months after they initially tied the knot, and one of the main theories says that she chose to split up as Bollywood prefers the single ladies. While this can probably backed up by data, there is another theory that says marriage was an “escape” for her in that while she had everything she needed from her parents growing up, she wanted even more and being a successful air hostess who was married to a pilot was a good out.

But given how ambitious she was, she soon found that being married put a clamp on her plans, and she filed for divorce while taking up modelling in Delhi.

A Bold Step

Whatever her reasons – she has been silent about those – it must be acknowledged that it was indeed a bold step. When her divorce was finalized, Mallika gave up her Delhi modelling gig and left for the suburbs of Mumbai to make a name for herself. It wasn’t stability that she was after, she soon realized into her marriage, but ambition.

Mallika’s Family

Mallika Sherwat Family

If sources are to be believed, and again, their stories are most compelling, then Mallika had a strained relationship with her father, but was on good terms with her mother and brother. While the father tried to provide for everything that his daughter desired, he soon found his efforts were not good enough for the girl whose dreams were set in the stars. Her mother and brother also knew that there was little they could do to stop their sister (perhaps unwittingly) leaving family life and pursuing her career as an actress, and so they didn’t try. She went against her father’s desires with her decision.

Karan Gill On How To Handle A Divorce

Karan Gill, on the other hand, must be congratulated on how he handled the divorce, at least in the public eye, The pilot would go on to remarry, and even though word eventually got out about Mallika’s secret ex-marriage, he never went on to give out any details, vent or otherwise profit from the situation. A dignified silence was all that awaited the media whenever they approached him about the issue.

The Mentor Speaks

malika and mahesh bhutt

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Mallika went on to actually take a role from seasoned actress Tabu, in Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam. She’s really come a long way, working with the likes of Jackie Chan, all the way to her movie Time Raiders, which has been selected for the coming Cannes. Mahesh Bhatt is the man who gave Mallika her big break with Murder, and he remembers telling Mallika that she should tell the world about her marriage. (As) people are bound to find out anyway.
Mallika may have thought very highly of Bhatt, but she didn’t seem to attach any weight to this particular advice.

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The Aftermath

When news finally broke that Mallika Sherawat has been hiding a past marriage, it spread like wildfire, but Mallika didn’t let that affect her career. She went on to make a splash in Bollywood, and when that fizzled out a bit, she made a beeline for Hollywood, working her way up by milking 2-minute cameos to maximum effect.
Her subsequent films may have been hit or miss, but Mallika knew how to keep the spotlight on her and a guest role in Aap Ka Suroor netted her some big bucks.

A Future Marriage

Nobody would bet against a future marriage being on the cards, but we wouldn’t hold our breaths just yet. This sexy siren is still out there to make an even bigger name for herself, and we’ll just have to see what heights she will yet scale (or depths plummet, depending on your take), or even what methods she’ll use to get there.