The Ultimate Handbook For A Spectacular Maldives Honeymoon

It is said that the islands of Japan were formed when the God Izanagi and the Goddess Izanami dipped a heavenly spear into the swirling mass of primordial matter, and 5 drops fell off the blade in to the oceans. If that analogy were to be extended to the Maldives, then surely these pearly drops would have dripped off a palm frond that was wrapped in luscious flowers, which were soaked in some divine ambrosia.


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A Maldives honeymoon will involve the spectacular natural bounties that are on offer – amidst some of the most beautiful tropical scenery in the solar system, and will leave you feeling warm all over, metaphorically speaking. Comprised of hundreds of islands, this double chain of 26 sublimely beautiful atolls are pearl drops of heaven. Bordering the joining of the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, these fabulous islands are a fantastic destination for your tropical island honeymoon getaway paradise. The brilliance of the shimmering white sands, the sparkle of the deep aquamarine of the lagoons, the resplendent vibrancy of the vivid coral reefs; all will require you to suspend disbelief, you might have trouble placing yourself on some tangible reality in this picturesque and vivacious setting. The warm waters abound with all the rich variety of that sea life has to offer, making this a lovely spot for those who are into enjoying all the diverse opportunities that are offered for fun and excitement by the water. Fishing, diving and water sports galore, The Maldives has everything that you could want from an island experience. Enjoy yourselves and relax in this sublimely romantic island, and, pardon the exclusivity of the analogy, make it your own little Eden. Though of course, since you are going to be in a primarily Muslim country which is nonetheless a broadly open-minded culture and a society that is more than mere tourist-friendly, we would advise you to be judicious about how you choose to go about doing so. Fig leaves are not acceptable wear at any point, and are also, unless specifically imported, totally unavailable. A very friendly and opening country in general, a honeymoon in Maldives will be a breeze as the Maldives has some of the most open immigration and tourist policies on the planet. All visitors will be given free 30 day visas which can be easily extended.

Maldives Honeymoon: Where To Stay


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The sheer profusion of fabulous resorts, grand city hotels and numerous cosy guest houses will ensure that you will never be lacking for good places to stay. Some little island resorts will only house 20-30 people while others are more massive, as much as the ones on the main islands. The Kaafu Atoll and the Male Atoll seem to have some of the best locations. They are available for everybody operating at several different levels of budgets. From the most luxurious experience, to the most budget accommodating one possible, you will find something that will suit your tastes and wallet on your Maldives honeymoon.

What To Do on Your Maldives Honeymoon


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Catering to all sorts of people and every budget imaginable, the Maldives are a brilliant place to visit and your spirits will be bolstered by the sheer profusion of things you can do and experience. It is a supremely popular destination for all sorts of honey-mooners and vacationers, who come to enjoy the pristine beaches and the beauty of the lush tropical paradise that is the Maldives. After you’re done with the sand and sea, you can turn to the vibrant nightlife of the islands, especially in the capital city of Male. Abundantly peppered with all sorts of adventure sports opportunities, the area is renown for the wealth of diving and surfing spots that it has to offer.

Scuba Diving And Snorkelling


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A maritime treasure trove of spectacular marine flora and fauna, the Maldives are a Mecca for divers and snorkelling enthusiasts the world over. The superlatively rich ecosystem is home to over 2000 species of fish and myriad formations of coral fields. The formation of the underwater world of the Maldives is comprised of channels that range from large to medium. This fact along with all the numerous lagoons and inner reefs and the atoll’s outer walls make for a range of varied depths, which makes the Maldives perfect for both beginner and advanced divers. Scuba diving opportunities can be availed the year long. With June being the only exception, due to low visibility, the other times of the year are perfect for diving. The sublimely warm waters of the area, which is near the equator, remain at a constant temperature that is between 26-29 C. Other than the beautiful corals, other famous species that are popular amongst divers include turtles, numerous species of Wrasse, Reef Manta Rays, Spotted Eagle Manta Rays, Moray Eels, Grey Reef Sharks, Blacktip Reef sharks, White-tip Reef Sharks, Scalloped hammerhead Sharks and even the colossal Whale Shark. With several hundred dive sites to choose from, you have access to all the underwater caves, shipwrecks, and caverns you would want. Even offering night time dives and macro diving, they additionally present you with some of the best underwater photography opportunities in the world. Capture this stunning underwater paradise, and as you break the surface of the clear Maldivian waters, you will know that you will have taken away some unforgettable memories. You can choose to take off on your underwater adventure from either a resort based diving platform or from a Liveaboard trip.



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A Maldives honeymoon will see you encountering some of the more premier waves and groovy swells in the world, given the tides and currents of the Indian Ocean are favourites amongst the international surfing community. The constant waves will keep you in your tube happy all day long, and the crystal clear waters of the area will glisten under your fingers and trail upwards in that glorious slow crawl. The varied surfing conditions and spots allow all sorts of surfers from initiates to veterans to get their cowabunga on. The best period of the year for good waves is between March and October, with July and August heralding the rise of legendary waves that tower over 80 feet. A popular destination for many international surfing competitions, the Maldives is rife with surfing companies that will take care of you completely, catering to your needs dependant of your skill level and familiarity with the board. Popular word has it that the areas around the north atolls of Male and even the southern atolls have some of the best waves.

Water Sports


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With a land area of 1%, it is almost expected that the Maldives is a premier water sports center. The bejewelled beauty of these islands and their crystal clear water makes for the perfect setting for world-class facilities and services. With activities of varied difficulty and with even more levels of ability in each activity, you can learn and excel in the water sport of your choice. You can partake in many activities on your honeymoon including water skiing, canoeing, kayaking, catamaran sailing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, jet skiing, parasailing, windsurfing and banana boat towing. Zoom along the surface on a high performance jet ski and then feel very much like Bond as you slip under the waves and come bursting out on the back of an underwater scooter.

Cruise Ship Holidays


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A popular destination on many cruise ship layovers, you can also experience a quick hop on board one of the many lovely vessels that sail in and out the ports all day long. A hub of trade and commerce for millennia, the Maldives are now one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Sojourn over the vast oceans and explore little islands that look like they haven’t seen a human footstep in a hundred years. A cruise vacation is a spectacular way to enjoy and immerse yourselves into the rich culture of these islands. Liveaboard cruises are some of the best ways to explore and experience the diverse dive sites that are on offer. They are more akin to floating resorts than anything else and are packed with all the luxuries that you would want. Cruise into the sunset, look into each other’s eyes and try and decide if the rising blush is because of the falling light or the rising emotions of the moment.

Wellness And Spas


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Also famous as a spa destination, the Maldives are popular for its many and varied spa and wellness canters. The serene and tranquil settings will allow you to sublimely escape the rigours and pressures of the more real world outside. Restore yourselves, spiritually, mentally and physically as soon as you step down from the plane. It seems that almost every corner of the islands, from the resorts and otherwise, is covered with lavish spas that will amaze you with their professionalism and sophistication. Past masters of the art of relaxation, the staff and masseurs will pamper you silly. The state-of-the-art facilities and immersive service are geared towards your satisfaction, there are even several packages that are purely aimed at couples, so that they can go and experience this romantic heavenly experience together. With a deep and abiding utilisation of their own traditional healing methods, there is a huge concentration of therapies that involve the use of oil that has been derived from the coconut palms and even the use of the endemic white sand. Their weight-loss, ayurvedic, detox and fitness therapies are holistic in nature, and will leave you feeling like a new person. You can also supplement your wellness and spa experience by indulging in some meditation and/or yoga. Additionally, the Maldives are also a hub for medical spa services. Offering alternative medicine that is coupled with physical and spiritual therapies that will rejuvenate yourself, the Maldives will give you a longer and fresher lease on life.

Big Game Fishing


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One of the primary sources of commerce and survival for the Maldivians for generations, the oceans are part of the lives and livelihoods of these islands since time immemorial. Fishing, big game and otherwise, is a popular pastime for all, and hence the islands are known for being a fishing enthusiast’s dream destination. A short ride out into the water is enough to bring you close to the teeming stores of life that will amaze and astound you. The specifically built ships are crewed by veterans who know what they are doing and how exactly to help you in the least intrusive manner possible. Commonly caught amongst big game fishers are Barracuda, Mahi-mahi, Sailfish, wahoo, Tuna, Sanppers, Groupers and even Marlin. All the boats are comfortable in the extreme and will provide you with food and beverages to keep you going as sonar technology pinpoints the best possible site for you to drop your line. You can choose to employ rods and tackles that are provided, but you can also of course use your own equipment as well. Since the Maldives has a focus on the conservation of their marine stock, it is a requirement of the law to release and big bill fish after they are caught. Fish such as Tuna are exempt from this, though most resorts choose to release most of their catch, only keeping enough to keep their kitchens well and freshly stocked.

Submarine Dives


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One of the most unique ways to experience the regal and stunning beauty of the underwater world, a submarine dive will have you experiencing all the beauty of the deeps without having to get wet. Not for the claustrophobic, these trips will take you down in the most modern vessels in the market. As you descend you will see the layers of the water as the light travels down, rippling as it goes. The treasures and sights of the ocean floor will be open to your comfortable viewing. A fully air-conditioned ride, the submarines will take you down to a depth of 45 metres as you enjoy the richness and diversity of the sea life and the myriad wonders of the coral reefs. Other than feeding frenzies of sharks and other fish, you will also be treated to many views of some stunning shipwrecks as well.

Whale Watching


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The title here is misleading because you can see a lot more than just whales. You can also see a huge number of manta rays and whale sharks. The sight of a gracefully looping school of manta rays will almost make you feel like they are in the air and not in their watery abode at all. And the spectacle of seeing a massive whale shark is an experience unto itself. You can even go cruising with dolphins and go for whale watching tours for some of the visiting species.

Packing For Your Trip

Packing for Your Trip

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With an abundant summer climate for the major part of the year, the preferred choice for clothing is lightweight fabrics. Since the majority of the country practises Islam, it is advisable to pack a little more conservatively than you otherwise might have. Especially on the more inhabited islands such as Male, it would be a bad move to dress in revealing clothes. Of course, in the resorts themselves, you are free to wear as much or as little as you want.