How To Make The Most Of Your Honeymoon In 2021

No matter what stage of wedding planning you are at, the opportunity to switch gears for a moment and plan your honeymoon trip can always serve as an exciting pause. There are so many things to discuss! Where in the world might the two of you go? How long do you want the trip to be, and when would be the best time to take your honeymoon? Moreover, after months of planning for your wedding, a romantic getaway with your partner is much-needed for you to relax and spend quality time together.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought a cloud of uncertainty into the lives of couples planning their honeymoon. If you are planning to say your ‘I do’ amidst the pandemic, you might be wondering if it’s safe and ethical to travel for your honeymoon trip. And given the fluctuating guidelines and conditions, your uncertainty makes perfect sense. However, travel has been resumed in many countries, including India. The most exotic honeymoon destinations in India have begun taking reservations with strict protocols in place. So, if you are about to tie the knot anytime soon, here’s a list of useful tips that you should keep handy while planning your honeymoon.

1. Start Your Planning Early

Start Your Planning Early

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With your wedding prep in full swing, you will likely sideline planning for your honeymoon trip. Besides, booking your tickets and stay is simply not enough for a perfect honeymoon. To keep stress at bay, be sure to invest time and plan ahead all the little functional details. While you are planning, don’t forget to consider your safety. Read up on which honeymoon destinations are safe to travel to and what safety protocols have been implemented to ensure every traveler’s safety. The key to an enjoyable getaway is not to have any last-minute or spontaneous planning. An added benefit of planning in advance? You will have ample time to research and reap better packages.

2. Plan Together

Plan Together

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While dividing and conquering can work perfectly in terms of planning your wedding, it’s not always the ideal approach while planning for your honeymoon. Your partner might put the responsibility of planning on you, but make sure to include them in the process. Discuss and narrow down a list of preferred locations, hotels/resorts, sightseeing, cuisine and more. If you want to have a beach and a hill station experience, then an exotic destination like Kerala might be a good choice.

3. Be Specific About What You Want

Be Specific About What You Want

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When you think about an exotic honeymoon destination, what comes to mind? A stay at a luxury resort nestled in an alluring hill station? Or a stay at a traditional cottage by the beach, renowned for its natural beauty? Well, there are a lot of things that you and your partner have to figure out. Again, the plan here is to research in advance and tailor your trip according to your desires. Also, consider safety as your top priority and book deals at a hotel that takes proper measures to keep its premises safe.

4. Go Local

Go Local

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Given the current circumstances, planning your dream honeymoon abroad might not seem like a safe option. But that doesn’t mean you must cancel your honeymoon plans. The most-loved honeymoon destinations in India have lifted travel restrictions and are welcoming honeymooners with strict safety and hygiene practices. For instance, Kerala—  commonly termed a couple’s paradise— has reopened tourist places and is following guidelines to ensure the safety of travelers. Soak in the captivating views of the lush forests, exotic beaches, and serene backwaters of this southern state, and make lovely memories with your partner.

5. Set A Budget For Your Honeymoon

Set A Budget For Your Honeymoon

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While deciding on your honeymoon destination, one of the important factors that you must consider is the budget. Before you decide on a place, discuss with your partner and arrive at a mutually acceptable budget. There are many scenic honeymoon destinations in India that suit a wide range of budgets. Your budget should cover everything from tickets, travel, hotel stay, and meals. Once these factors are in place and paid for, you can relax and look forward to your dream honeymoon. Destinations like Kerala offer many budget-friendly offers for honeymooners to choose from.

6. Schedule Surprises

Schedule Surprises

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While it’s great to work together with your partner to plan your honeymoon, try to sneak in some romantic surprises in there, too! Collaborate with your hotel personnel and create a few special moments to enjoy with your spouse. You may need to put a little bit of planning and thought into it, but your efforts will go a long way in creating delightful memories.

A honeymoon is the best way to bond with your spouse and make memories to cherish throughout your life. Take a step towards knowing each other better, and plan your dream holiday to the exotic honeymoon destinations in India.

We hope that these tips make the most indulgent holiday of your life memorable. Did you find this article helpful? Share your thoughts in the comments below!