10 Useful Tips To Make Air Travel With Your Kids Easier

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Are you planning to travel with your kids anytime soon? Have you traveled with them earlier and found it tough? Or will you be flying for the first time with your and you are anxious about making the process smooth for both you and your kids?

Whatever your concerns, traveling with your kids by air can be a lot of fun, if you plan ahead. Read on to know how you can turn a scary and difficult situation into a hassle-free travel experience. Here are ten tips for air travel with kids checklist, to make it easier:

1. Keep Your Documents Together:

While you are traveling with kids, you will require documents for both you as well as them.

  • Make a separate clear folder for documents that you can easily carry in your cabin bag. Check your passport, identity proof as well as your kid’s identity proofs. Some airlines require identity proofs even for infants.
  • Make sure you carry printouts of your travel itinerary or your boarding pass and keep it along as well.

2. Pack A Separate Cabin Bag With Essentials:

Instead of carrying a fancy handbag while you are traveling with kids, it will be easier to have a sturdy and roomy backpack or bag where you can store the essentials.

  • You will have to look after your kids on the flight and until you board. So make sure you carry something that gives you the option of keeping your hands free.
  • Do not overload yourself with too much cabin baggage. Carry only what you need. In case your kids are old enough to carry a cabin bag, you can keep their additional items in the same.

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3. Reach The Airport Well In Time:

Often it is difficult to leave on time when you have kids. While reaching the airport, make sure you have plenty of time.

  • Some airlines allow adults with kids to board earlier than others while others have no such policy. Make sure you reach the airport well in advance. For most airlines, you will need to reach the airport at least one to two hours before boarding. If possible, reach a little earlier so that you are one of the first passengers to reach.
  • In case you have not been able to book seats of choice in advance, it will also give you the benefit of doing so directly at the airport.

4. Seat Allotment:

While planning for air travel with children, think about which type of seats will be the most helpful.

  • Would you prefer a seat towards the back of the plane so that you can take them to the washroom easily?
  • Would you prefer a seat with extra legroom and are okay to sit on the emergency exit seat? Do check with the airline staff in advance in case they allow families with children to sit on the emergency exit seats.
  • Would you prefer a seat on the aisle to get some extra elbow space?

5. Diaper Changes:

Make sure you carry enough extra diapers on the flight, and keep some in the check-in baggage that you can easily access after arrival.

  • Help your kid change into a fresh diaper just before boarding.
  • Most airlines have convenient diaper change tables in the washrooms. Some have it in all bathrooms while some have it in a few allotted ones. Check with the crew for the same.

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6. Pre-Request Kids Meals:

At the time of booking your tickets, you have the option of specifically asking for a kid’s meal on board.

  • Airlines carry special menu that caters to kids’ requirements.
  • In case of budget airlines, you may directly have to ask for the same while buying food in the flight. Do ask the crew for a kids’ meal.

7. Check About Strollers:

If you are traveling with kids, carrying a stroller always helps.

  • Before you decide to take the stroller as a cabin baggage, ask the staff at the gate about it.
  • Some airlines let you carry a stroller in the cabin free of charge, while others may charge a fee. Also, check about weight and size restrictions to avoid any last minute changes.

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8. Carry Some In-Flight Entertainment:

Kids tend to get bored soon so make sure you carry enough things to keep them occupied on the flight.

  • Carry easy items on the flight that will keep your kids occupied.
  • Magnetized drawing boards with attached pens, story books and a soft toy can be great for the flight.

9. Keep Some Kids Apps On Your Phone:

Make good use of your phone while in air.

  • Get some kid-friendly apps on your phone that will keep your kids occupied if all else fails.
  • Use it as a last resort.

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10. Dress Smart:

Always wear appropriate clothes on the flight and dress your kids accordingly.

  • Since you will be caring for your kids, it is important you wear no-fuss clothes and shoes.
  • Ensure your kids wear comfortable clothes that will not make them feel hot or chilly in the flight or at the airport. Keep an extra set of clothes for your kids in the check-in baggage at a place where you can easily pull it out on arrival in case of any clothes emergency.

Air travel with kids is all about some smart planning. So don’t get worried about air travel for kids and enjoy your travel. Do share your tips with other moms here.

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