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A tattoo is permanent! Therefore, a lot of thought goes into its concept and design – unless you decide to get hammered and walk into a tattoo parlor, only to be left with a tramp stamp. But did you know that along with the design, even where you get inked says a lot about the person that you are? Here’s a breakdown of what your tattoos say about you.

1. Tattoos On The Left:

The heart is on the left, which is why you wear your wedding ring on the left. Referring to a similar concept, an old tattoo proverb says that when it is placed on the left side it must be something very meaningful, or something that is close to your heart. This is because your heart is on the left.

2. Macho Forearm Tattoos:

Macho Forearm Tattoos
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These tattoos are usually anchors, skulls, guns, and faces of fierce animals – anything that depicts strength or toughness. These usually symbolize intensity and machismo.

3. Sweet Forearm Tattoos:

Sweet Forearm Tattoos
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These are girly and sweet designs, but the fact that the tattoos are done on the forearm still defines toughness. So it just goes on to show that you might look tough on the outside, but you are extremely warm hearted. You are a sensitive soul.

4. Taking The Tribal Tattoo Route:

Taking The Tribal Tattoo Route
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If you are extremely happy with your body, you are sure to have a tribal tattoo. You will usually find these on body builders, who almost never know the real meanings of these tattoos. They get them done only because it compliments their physique really well. But if people get tribal tattoos done when they know what it means, then it is either something significant to the culture they belong to, or something very close to their heart.

5. The Chinese Tattoos:

The Chinese Tattoos
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If you are not Chinese, and you get it done, you are probably just very fascinated by the artsy perception of the symbol. This is probably your first and your only tattoo. It was probably an impulsive decision you made, and now you are over that phase. Nonetheless, the tattoo looks sic. You don’t have to feel bad about it.

6. Tattoos On The Front Of The Neck:

Tattoos On The Front Of The Neck
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You don’t give a damn about the world, and these tattoos make that loud and clear. These neck tattoos are the first thing that people notice about you. It defines you, and becomes your identity, unless of course you decide to cover it up with a stole or a turtleneck.

7. Tattoos Behind The Ear:

Tattoos Behind The Ear
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Tattoos behind the ear are usually small, and if not all the time – but most of the time they are hidden by the hair. Yet, having tattoos behind the ear also mean that the world doesn’t matter. You are free spirited, and you are the master of your life. More power to you!

8. Religious tattoos:

Religious tattoos
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These tattoos are a representation of what religion means to you. It is a display of the beauty of your faith to your religion. But in certain cases it could also mean you are over compensating for something. It is best to avoid getting these tattoos done if you do not believe in what the tattoo represents.

9. Tattoos On The Lower Back:

Tattoos On The Lower Back
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A tattoo here means that you are aware of yourself, sensually. You love and accept yourself and are extremely confident. But tattoos in this area are also often considered as a tramp stamp.

10. Text Tattoos:

Text Tattoos
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Someone who loves art, culture or history is sure to get this done. This person is filled with knowledge and passion, and is extremely intense – or then just pompous and thinks very highly of himself or herself.

11. Chest Tattoo – Large:

Chest Tattoo – Large
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Tattoos on the chest, are always close to the heart. But having a big tattoo on the chest could mean that there has been a situation that affected your life greatly. This could be a passing of someone extremely dear or a severe heartbreak.

12. Chest Tattoo – Small:

Chest Tattoo – Small
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Like I mentioned earlier, small tattoos represent something that is extremely close to your heart. Small tattoos could be a dainty quote or a small symbol, but contrary to the large tattoos these could mean that you have been able to let go and get over what was extremely dear to you.

13. Tattoos On The Thigh:

Tattoos On The Thigh
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This one’s really nice. The thighs are like the real estate for tattoos. The area is large; you can get absolutely anything, and yet keep it concealed. Also getting a tattoo done on the thighs is not that painful. Usually, people get something that they are sensitive about on their thighs. This person has a big heart, with lots of love to give, yet reserves this for only someone who truly deserves it.

14. The Tear Drop Tattoo:

The Tear Drop Tattoo
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This is a gangsta tattoo, and usually symbolizes the time served in prison, murder, or the loss of a loved one. This is not a very pleasant tattoo to get done.

15. Face Tattoos – Large:

Face Tattoos – Large
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These tattoos obviously change how you look. It means you want to hide beneath something. This could be because you see your life being extremely messed up, or then something very unfortunate has happened to you. But life must go on…

Some call them art, others say it’s taboo, but if you love them or have them, then you must flaunt them! After all, they speak for who you are.

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