Mahima Chaudhary Marriage: The Diva And Her Wrong Choices

Mahima Chaudhary first charmed the public with her soft and simple looks in a campy Cola commercial during the 1990s. While no one knew her name back then, she nevertheless certainly left a mark in the minds of the viewers. That should not exactly be surprising since Mahima had been winning hearts as early as her college days in Darjeeling, where she was pretty popular post her success in a local beauty pageant. Knowing this, it is no wonder that Mahima has caught the fancy of some eminent men during her showbiz career; a dance with destiny that culminated with her long awaited wedding. Here is the Mahima Chaudhary marriage story.

The Making Of Mahima

The Mahima Chaudhary Marriage - Mahima Chaudhary

Mahima was born as Ritu Chaudhary to a Punjabi Jat father and a mother of Nepali origins, from Darjeeling. Her initial days in showbiz involved working for TV commercials and later on as a VJ for popular music channels. It was during this phase that Ritu caught the eye of popular film-maker Subhash Ghai, who decided to cast her as the female lead in his next film Pardes. It is believed that the role, which was to be played alongside superstar Shah Rukh Khan, received an audition request of over a 1000 applicants. But Subhash Ghai was so impressed by her charm and beauty that he decided to cast her for the role instead. He considered ‘M’ a fortunate letter for himself and thus bestowed the screen name Mahima upon Ritu. From that day on, Ritu has been Mahima Chaudhary.

Courting The Tennis Court Champion

The Mahima Chaudhary Marriage - Mahima Chaudhary And Leander Paes

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It was some time in the year 2000 that Mahima held the attention of the ace Tennis star Leander Paes who was at the peak of his career back then. It is believed they happened to get close at social events where they used to bump into each other quite often. Since Mahima was in search for a potential soul-mate and Leander was in search of true love, it did not take much time for both to jump into a relationship. Mahima soon became a permanent companion of Leander and was seen as a permanent fixture of the VIP spectator box in every match Leander played. Things were going absolutely hunky-dory for the couple, and rumours of an imminent Leander Paes Mahima Chaudhary marriage started doing the rounds, till the day Leander made a plunge in the realm of alleged infidelity.

Around early 2003, rumours started doing the rounds that Leander was in a secret affair with the former model and socialite Rhea Pillai, who was then married to Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt. Mahima seemed palpably unaware of this matter but soon got her first whiff of Leander’s disloyalty. It was one day at the national capital airport that an airline employee candidly shared with Mahima about Mr. Paes buying an airline ticket for a certain Rhea Pillai. This incident left Mahima baffled but not perturbed enough to suspect Leander. It is believed that her apprehensions became strong when she was mistaken to be Leander’s ‘partner’ Rhea and was invited to the Wimbledon to accompany him.

She later learnt that Leander and Rhea were, in fact, staying in the same hotel during his tour of Wimbledon. After this, it didn’t take much time for her to catch Leander red-handed talking on phone with Rhea. In an interview to a tabloid, she said she could not take it any more and paid a visit to Leander’s Mumbai apartment and told him, “It’s off!” Mahima’s words marked the end of their 3- year old relationship, and put to and end any possibilities of a Leander Paes Mahima Chaudhary marriage. Leander went on to have a full time relationship and a daughter with Rhea Pillai. That relationship is also on the rocks with the couple currently having a legal tussle over the custody of their daughter.

Becoming Mahima Mukherji

The Mahima Chaudhary Marriage - Mahima Chaudhary And Bobby Mukherji

In the year 2006, Mahima happened to meet Bobby Mukherji, a Kolkata based architect who happened to be a good friend of her brother. It is not known when and where they met but it is quite probable that they happened to meet at a social gathering. Since Bobby happened to be a good friend of Mahima’s brother, they soon became quite close to each other. What could have contributed to their rapport was Mahima’s ability to speak fluent Bengali that could have added some brownie points for her in the mind of Bobby Mukherji.

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Bobby had been divorced lately and had a son from a previous marriage. He was anyway considering a second shot at matrimony, and with Mahima in his sight, he could see love beckoning him again. The Bobby Mukherji Mahima Chaudhary marriage was a registered union, an extremely confidential private ceremony in 19th March 2006 at a hotel in Las Vegas. The marriage was coincided with a conference at the hotel where the couple were attendees. This was done to prevent any build-up of apprehensions about their marriage. Mahima even wore a red sari that day on pretext of the conference. Eventually on 23rd March, the couple had a full-fledged customary Bengali wedding with Mahima dressed up like a Bengali bride in a red bordered sari and red and white bangles.

The Mahima Chaudhary Marriage - Mahima Chaudhary And Bobby Mukherji With Daughter Aryana

Interestingly, even this wedding was kept under wraps from the film industry, media and public. Mahima spilled it out only when she started sporting a baby bump, which lead to rumours of her conceiving outside the wedlock. Thus to alleviate the rumours, she had no choice but to share the news of her matrimonial bond.

Not A Rosy Journey

Mahima gave birth to a baby girl in 2007 and the couple had a good run with their marriage up till 2008. In that year, there were reports of the couple’s relationship becoming sour due to by a legal dispute with Bobby’s ex-wife. At that time, Mahima rubbished it all as hearsay but in reality things were going awry. The cracks in the initially rosy Bobby Mukherji Mahima Chaudhary marriage became wider, day by day, and soon one day in 2011, Mahima moved out of her husband’s house to live with her parents permanently. While the couple stayed silent about it, close associates say it was the stress caused by the legal dispute with Bobby’s ex-wife combined with Bobby’s travelling job that resulted in a rift between the couple.

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This couple had almost ended up in a long distance sort of relationship with Mahima spending most of her time at her parents place. They would also bicker frequently on petty matters, which would add more fuel to the blazing fire. Today, the couple stay separated, while it is believed that they have not divorced yet. Last known news is that Mahima’s brother, who happens to be a close friend of Bobby, is trying his level best to mend their relationship. Since the couple is only separated and not divorced, we hope they reconcile and rendezvous at some point in the future to become a happy family once again.