Maharashtrian Bridal Makeup:Get The Perfect Look In 10 Easy Steps

Maharashtrian Bridal Maleup For Brides Of Mumbai & Beyond! The Maharashtrian bride is one of the many beautiful brides coming from the subcultures in India. Like any set of practices that follow their own process for a wedding ceremony, the Marathi bride is also a unique creation in terms of pure aesthetics – the nauvari saree, the half-moon motif along with a bindi on the forehead adorned by the mundavalya. The Maharashtrian bride is truly a vision to behold! Let’s look at 5 stunning Maharashtrian bridal profiles to test the waters, before we get to know in detail about what makes a perfect Maharashtrian bridal makeup.


This gorgeous bride plays on soft color tones on her skin, in using the base or highlight. The result is an overall warm Maharashtrian bridal makeup which gets only hotter on a summer bride!


The nath in a Maharashtrian bridal makeup is a stand-out element. This bride, by choosing a subdued waterline make-up, takes up a non-dramatic eye make-up which accentuates the nath as the hero.

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Nothing matches the feeling of when the groom loses himself in the bride’s eyes. All the more, when the eyes are smoking hot with the right eye makeup with kohl and liner, showcasing the natural beauty of her eyes.


When you have a fair skin tone, remember the key point is to not overdo. This elegant bride has elevated her natural skin tone with minimal make-up. She’s beautiful and has nothing to hide under that smile!

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Traditional updos with gajra is common in Maharashtrian bridal makeup. If a bride is to chose a modern updo for the hair, like this angel clad in pink, then choosing makeup for lips and eyes which are not exaggerated, can do the trick.

Now that we have seen what a classy Maharashtrian bridal makeup looks like in general, let us find the details of the making of one.

Step 1:


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Clean skin is an important prerequisite for a good makeup. Removing dirt and opening up the pores on the skin make the goal of the makeup more achievable. Proper hydration is equally necessary to hold the makeup together, so make sure your skin is sufficiently moisturized.

Step 2:

mahrastrian-bridal-pre makeup

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Apply the foundation for the makeup. Use concealer after this only if necessary, else a good alternative would be a tinted moisturizer. Even out the application with a beauty blender until all of the face has equally absorbed the product.

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Step 3:

mahrastrian-bridal-make-up blush

Image : Intocandid Photography

Use a pressed powder or compact after the previous step. Using powders can increase the retention of the Maharashtrian bridal makeup on the bride’s face, through the period of all the rituals of a traditional wedding. It also gives a finish to the makeup applied so far.

Step 4:

Eye-makeup dramatick

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Depending on the attire and accessories you can opt for a different eye makeup. Using a dark primer and applying a shimmery copper or any other metallic finish for an eyeshadow can complement heavy gold jewellery. Or it could be a light colour in the highlight area for a soft colour profile chosen by the bride. In any case, blending the colour beautifully and seamlessly to the rest of the makeup is important for the integrity of the Maharashtrian bridal makeup.

Step 5:

mahrastrian-bridal-make-up eyemakeup

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To highlight and define the eye makeup one must use the eyeliner for the upper lash line and the waterline as well. Again, depending on the look chosen, you could go for different types of liner makeup for the eyes – the nude look (colourless waterline makeup), charcoal (for a messy yet sexy look), coloured waterline (in sync with the bridal colour profile), the winged eyeline (complemented by a subdued makeup for the lips), etc.

Step 6:

Image: iStock

Image: iStock

Show off your lashes: use a lash curler to give them the look and add mascara to give a wholesome look to the eye makeup, by adorning the commissure of your eyes with a beautiful set of lashes!

Step 7:

mahrastrian-bridal-make-up eyemakeup

Image : Intocandid Photography

Check how well the eye make-up blends with the face, and clean any patchy parts on the face with a fluffy brush. Ensure the makeup is even throughout the face, including the eyes.

Step 8:

Unless the makeup is lacking colour tones with respect to the overall tone of the bridal profile, you don’t need a colour pigment in the base highlight. You can add a gold or copper hue to the face if the attire is of a darker shade. This adds well to the Maharashtrian bridal makeup look and also complements the warmer skin tones characteristic of Indians.

Step 9:


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After all this effort, you don’t want to look tired and worn out. To complete the gorgeous bridal look, you can take a fluffy brush and gently apply some blush on the cheeks to highlight the shape of the face, contour the features and also add a natural and healthy look to the applied make-up.

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Step 10:


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Add the jewel to the crown and finish the bridal makeup with a stunning lip colour. Lighter shades are the new trend, so make sure you choose the right lip colour with the attire in mind.

And finally…The Crest – Maharashtrian Bridal Makeup

mahrastrian-bridal-make-up final

Image : Intocandid Photography

The Maharashtrian bridal makeup is incomplete without the half-moon sign, a symbol of prosperity believed to be in worship of the Goddess Parvathi, above a simple and small bindi.

Try out this makeup routine for a gorgeous Maharashtrian bridal look, and make your groom fall in love with you all over again!