Maharashtrian Bridal Hairstyles - 8 Perfect Marathi Hair Styles

Maharashtrian Bridal Hairstyles: The Maharashtrians generally have simpler weddings which tend to be less bedazzled. However, when it comes to wearing colourful attires and accessorizing themselves, they do not think twice before displaying their vibrant, colourful attires and gold jewelleries.

Dressed in a paithani style saree, a Maharashtrian bride wears the traditional floral headgear called Mundavalya, and adorns herself with jewelleries — a nose ring called the nath, a jeweled hair clip called ambada, and green bangles. She looks like a Maharashtrian royaltly. And this regal look must not be compromised when it comes to donning the perfect hairstyle.

The Bridal Box has picked up nine beautiful updos for the traditional and not-so-traditional look for the Maharashtrian brides.

1. Maharashtrian Bridal Hairstyles – The Blossoming Bun

maharashtrian bridal hairstyles - The Blossoming Bun

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On the wedding day, a Maharashtrian bride blooms with happiness. And her hairstyle should not be anything less than a blossoming bun that looks like a dainty flower. The bun is carefully pinned into a big flower with segments of hair curled into soft petals around the bun. To make it look prettier, a hair accessory can be pinned in the centre of the bun, and a string of flowers can be worn above it.

2. The Messy Curly Side-Bun

maharashtrian bridal hairstyles - The Messy Curly Side Bun

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A Maharashtrian bride does not necessarily have to wear the bun on the back of her head. She can choose to shift it to the side for a more contemporary and stylish look, and adorn the other side of the bun with flowers. This messy curly side-bun looks very elegant, chic, and it ought to make the bride look absolutely gorgeous.

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3. Maharashtrian Bridal Hairstyles – Traditional Bun

maharashtrian bridal hairstyles - The Traditional Bun With Juda Pins

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When it comes to Maharashtrian brides and weddings, a traditional bun is a must-have on the list. A hair filler is needed to get this big, puffy traditional bun. And the dainty, floral hair accessories just enhance the overall look of this traditional bun.

4. Tucked-In Duo Bun

Tucked In Duo Bun

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How beautifully segments of hair are rolled and tucked-in one above the other for a chic and stylish updo. This duo bun requires a little puffed look on the crown area making it the perfect updo for the Maharashtrian bride with a round face. Accessorising it with a chandelier style hair accessory will look just perfect.

5. Elegant Criss-Cross Bun

An Elegant Criss Cross Bun

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This hairdo is sheer perfection. Beautifully a half-up crescent updo is covered with segments of hair for a layered look. The Maharashtrian bride can go for this sophisticated, yet contemporary updo for her wedding day. And can adorn the bun strings of flowers or hair accessories.

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6. Maharashtrian Bridal Hairstyles – Meshwork Bun

The Meshwork Bun

This bun looks like a meshwork, with strands of hair criss-crossing one another over the bun. Little daisy hair accessories have been used to enhance the look of the bun. This bun looks very chic, contemporary, and absolutely beautiful.

7. The Sophisticated Curly Bun

The Sophisticated Curly Bun

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Those brides who do not like a messy look, can always go for the sophisticated curly bun for a more feminine look. The curls look like budding flowers, and the bun can be adorned with hair accessories and jewels for a traditional look.

8. The Elegant Royal Bun

The Elegant Royal Bun

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When we think about Kate Middleton, we think about all things luxe and perfect. And not to forget, her updos too. And on the wedding day, every Maharashtrian bride is under the shimmering limelight. And she must make the most of this day to don this regal updo.

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9. The Braided Crown

The Braided Crown

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A Maharashtrian bride looks nothing less than a pretty princess on her wedding day. And if she does not wear the shimmering tiara, she ought to wear a braided crown. She can embellish the crown with little colourful flowers or pin up a string of flowers on one side for a more traditional look.

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