Maha Yoga – How To Do And What Are Its Benefits?

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Maha Yoga or, in other words, great yoga is an intriguing spiritual practice. It addresses the concept of Maya and questions the manner in which we look at ourselves and the world around us.

It is an ancient concept that is deep and multi-layered. To even begin to understand Maha Yoga is an achievement, and that is what we would like you to do here.

We broke down this mysterious practice in detail for you to comprehend it, and all that you got to do is read carefully and understand its intricacies. Ready?

What Is Maha Yoga?

Maha Yoga comes from Tibetan Buddhism. It is a healing practice and emphasizes on meditation or dhyana.

It is also called the Siddha Maha Yoga. Its practitioners indulge in deep meditation, which removes the curtains that obscure their mind and helps them gain perception over the images and conceptions of reality.

Maha Yoga belongs to the inner tantras that are a part of the ninefold division of practice of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism.

The practice is masculine in its approach and mainly eliminates aggression or anger in a person. It also prepares the practitioner to view matters in a pure and sacred manner, irrespective of the ways of the world.

The Sanskrit word ‘Maha’ means great. It is mentioned as great because it is superior to the other Tantra yogas.

It is a method of visualizing oneself clearly and precisely as close to divinity, and everyday aspects like appearances don’t matter at all.

Let’s learn how to practice it to understand its depth and effect.

How To Practice Maha Yoga 

  1. Prepare For The Practice
  2. Choose An Ideal Place
  3. Sit In The Right Manner
  4. Think And Breathe
  5. Feel The Effect

1. Prepare For The Practice

A life-changing practice needs adequate preparation. You need to believe in it and set your mind to it completely. Allot a time for training and make sure you follow it regularly to turn it into a habit eventually.

Mornings work best as your mind is fresh and will be able to concentrate better. Also, the world is comparatively silent and this makes for a nice setup to practice without any distractions.

Physically too, you must keep fit to sit down for practice without any unease. Your body shouldn’t be a reason for you to get distracted.

Yoga asanas are the best to prepare your body for Maha Yoga meditation. The asanas stretch and strengthen your muscles, making them supple and flexible, leading to a fit body. This elevates your experience of Maha Yoga.

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2. Choose An Ideal Place

2. Choose An Ideal Place
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Places and spaces matter a lot. The energy and vibe that they give off can enhance your experience and make it thoroughly enjoyable.

I am sure you have a quiet corner at home where you like to relax and unwind. That’s a space that provides you solace, and that is exactly the kind of place where you must sit and practice Maha Yoga meditation.

Also, a quiet place without any screechy noises would be good. Keeping gadgets away is a good idea, and a slight cool breeze works great. Pleasant nature sounds can add to the experience.

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3. Sit In The Right Manner

3. Sit In The Right Manner
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Sitting right aligns your body to receive and perceive well. In yoga traditions, certain asanas are known to be excellent for meditation and are aptly called meditative poses.

You can either sit in the Padmasana (Lotus Position), the Ardha Padmasana (Half-Lotus Position), or the Vajrasana (Diamond Pose).

If your body doesn’t comply with any of the asanas mentioned above, you can try Sukhasana or the Easy Pose. If none of the above work, take a chair and sit straight on it.

After you choose the position, sit in it, adjust your body to it, and fall well and feel comfortable in the position.

Place your hands on the knees in Dhyana Mudra. Dhyana Mudra increases your concentration levels, which come in handy during the practice. Close your eyes and get ready to meditate.

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4. Think And Breathe

4. Think And Breathe
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The first rule is to breathe well, i.e., practice pranayama. In and out. Count till 10 while you inhale and do the same while you exhale to get used to the process. Count till you can breathe deeply without making a conscious effort.

As you breathe, thoughts will engulf you, but do not let them affect you. Bringing back your focus to breathing always helps to stop you from reacting to your thoughts.

Once your mind reaches a particular state of zen, begin to feel a powerful and divine energy filling your body from head to toe. Feel it brightening your being and illuminating you.

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5. Feel The Effect

5. Feel The Effect
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Focus on the feeling of energy flow in your body. Concentrate on each body part and feel its energy. Let the divine energy engulf you. Soak in the feeling of the energy filling your body and enhancing your state of mind and consciousness.

Think you are one with the divine and flush out all the negativity from your system. Understand that the world as you see it is a mere imagination and comprehend the illusionary nature of existence.

Regular practice of Maha Yoga meditation betters the experience and makes you a better soul. Begin with 15-30 minutes and slowly increase the time as per your convenience.

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Reading the benefits of the practice will surely motivate you to begin Maha Yoga meditation. Let’s check them out then, shall we?

Benefits Of Maha Yoga

  • Maha Yoga improves your endurance levels and concentration.
  • It enhances your thought process and thinking capacity.
  • The practice improves your mind, body, and soul for the better.
  • It helps you take charge of your body and mind and become balanced.
  • Maha Yoga improves your sleep and tolerance levels.
  • It broadens your mind, helps develop inner peace, and keeps you energized.

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

Is Maha Yoga religious?

No, although Maha Yoga is part of Tibetan Buddhism, it is purely a spiritual practice in essence.

How is Maha Yoga related to Ramana Maharshi?

Ramana Maharshi, who is known for his self-inquiry concept, propagated Maha Yoga, a tool that questions and understands the self.

In a clustered and clouded world, clarity is becoming rare and precious. Lack of transparency leads to unnecessary conflicts. Wipe out the fog that is stopping you from perceiving life as it is without the added frills. That alone will help you get rid of the unnecessary bondages. Go ahead and free yourself with Maha Yoga. We are waiting to hear your experiences.

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