Madly In Love: 14 Things You Do When You Are Madly In Love

Madly In Love; At some point in our lives, we all have fallen head over heels in love with someone. Whether it was during the teenage phase, or dating phase, or even after marriage, we all know what being crazy, stupid and mad in love feels like. There are some very peculiar and interesting things that people do when they are in this ‘madly in love’ phase.

Remember how you were and the things you did when you were madly in love?

Madly In Love - 14 Cute Things You Do When You Are Madly In Love

Here, I’m going to point out exactly those which may even give you a chuckle..

1. Constant Bragging

When you’re madly in love, and with your friends, you just can’t stop talking about that special person. You talk about how cool they are, how beautiful their eyes are, how kind and generous they are, the good morning love quote they just sent you. You talk about them so much that your friends actually might even ask you to stop!

Madly In Love - Constant Bragging

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2. Constant Day-Dreaming

When you’re away from that person you’re madly in love with, you can’t help but day-dream about them all the time. Even when you’re at a social gathering, you simply keep thinking about the things they do and ideal scenarios that you would want to be in with them.

3. Constant Texting

No matter how much you talk to them, you can never get bored of it. You’re madly in love, so somehow you always come up with things to talk about and end up talking to them almost 24/7 except the time when you sleep.

Madly In Love - Constant Texting

4. Funny Doodling

You find yourself doodling his/her name on a piece of paper. You make small hearts and write your names in fancy fonts. You make funny cartoons and give them your names. It’s something we’ve all done, madly in love.

5. Movies

You’re madly in love, so you end up imagining yourselves as the main leads of all romantic films and begin drawing parallels between your life and the romantic story you just saw.

Madly In Love - Just Perfect

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6. Just Perfect

When you’re madly in love, your partner is just perfect for you. You see no faults in them and if anyone tries to point them out to you, you get upset at them for being wrong.

7. Constant Gazing

When you’re together with each other, you can’t stop staring into each other’s eyes. Everything about them fascinates and excites you.

Madly In Love - Handsy

8. Handsy

You also find it extremely hard to keep your hands off of someone you’re madly in love with. Wherever you go, you hold each other’s hand and keep feeling each other up at every opportunity you get.

9. Forgiving

No matter what they do, you always end up forgiving someone you’re madly in love with. You believe they can do no wrong and thus ignore everything they do wrong. You want to love without expectations, and be the nicest.

Madly In Love - We

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10. ‘We’

You’re no longer ‘him and I’, you address yourselves as ‘we.’ You take yourselves as a team and make it clear to those around you that you come as a package and cannot be separated.

11. Rebels

When people object to your relationship, you turn into rebels and go all out showing the world that nothing can stop you from being madly in love with each other. You take it upon yourselves to fight for the cause of love.

Madly In Love - Tastes

12. Tastes

Your likes and tastes change as per their interests. You begin to develop mutual interests and start enjoying the same things, be it music, movies, or cuisines.

13. Nicknames

You give each other cute nicknames. And when you’re madly in loveit only gets more lovey-dovey each day. People start addressing you by the nicknames because you two talk so much about each other that they too register the nicknames in their head.

Madly In Love - Kids And All

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14. Kids And All

You dream about the day you both will get married and start a family. You even name your imaginary kids and feel that excitement each day.

Falling in love sure is beautiful. But it is the little things like these that make it even more special. Did the above mentioned points remind you of your ‘madly in love’ phase? If yes, be sure to write back to us and tell us just how romantic it was (or is!).

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