Top 10 Macaw Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love

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Do you have an aviary lover at home? Do you want to teach him about distinct species of macaws found all over the world? If you are looking for some high-quality macaw coloring pages, then you are at the perfect place!

Macaws are colorful and beautiful birds from South and Central America. They belong to the parrot families. Macaws are intelligent and have impressive earning abilities. They can also mimic human sounds easily. The best thing about macaws is that they exist in almost every color. You name it!

Their distinctive look and colorful plumage make macaws a perfect bird for coloring sheets. Check out our ten macaw coloring sheets with different foregrounds and backgrounds.

Top 10 Macaw Coloring Pages For Your Little One:

1. Macaw:

Here is a macaw coloring sheet. Under the image is a fun fact about macaws. A macaw gets about 34 to 36 inches long and has a wingspan of around 45 inches when fully stretched out. They largest species of macaw is the Hyacinth Macaw. A macaw can live up to 70 to 80 years, and even more in some cases.

2. Blue Throated Macaw:

The Blue Throated Macaw is one of the rarest birds in the world. It is quite elegant and graceful in its movements than most of his macaw brothers and sisters. Its coloration is similar to Blue and Gold Macaw but has stunning turquoise blue color along the upper part of its body. The coloring sheet of macaw is quite realistic and detailed. It would be great to use it with colored pencils.

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3. Blue And Gold:

Here is a stunning coloring page of a Blue and Gold Macaw with a short trivia underneath. The Blue and Gold Macaw originally belongs to the rainforest of South America. The outstanding feature of Blue and Gold Macaw is its sharp beaks. It uses its beak to break nuts and seeds. Although kids can color this sheet in any shade they like, we would recommend them to use blue and yellow to give it a realistic look.

4. Hyacinth Macaw:

The Hyacinth Macaw is one of the largest of all the macaws and the second largest parrot in the world. Its elongated body reaches a height of 40 inches and has a wingspan of 37 inches, making it one of the biggest birds in the world. That’s impressive! But an astonishing fact is that the bird is a flightless ground-dweller.

5. Scarlet Macaw:

Here is a simple outline of a scarlet macaw. It is one of the most well-known macaws of South America. Scarlet macaws have a long history as friends and companions of humans. This lovely bird is bright blue, red and yellow in color, but children can use any color they like for decorating this Macaw.

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6. Military Macaw:

The Military Macaw is one of the most intelligent species of macaws. It isn’t brilliant in its mixture of colors, but it is impressive. It has a friendly demeanor and is popular as a pet. Military Macaws, as the name suggests, are green with blue tips.

7. Yellow-Collared Macaw:

The Yellow-Collared Macaws are fabulous mini macaws. Their name comes from the yellow color collar extending from the back part of the neck. The Yellow-Collared Macaws are quite playful and make wonderful pets. They are also adept at learning tricks and saying out a few words or sentences. This coloring page has a leafy setting. So make sure your child colors the leaves behind this lovely macaw.

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8. Green-Winged Macaw:

The Green-Winged Macaw is one of the friendliest and sweetest tempered macaws. It is quieter, gentler and more affectionate than many of its relatives. It has a rich, dark red body, with feathers tipped with sea green. Green-Winged Macaws are very delicate. So you must take proper care of it if you’re thinking of keeping it as pets.

9. Two Macaws:

Here’s a coloring page of a pair of Buffon’s Macaws sitting on a branch. Buffon’s Macaw is another rare species of macaws. It is also renowned as the Grand Military Macaw or the Great Macaw. Its overall color is green but turns blue around the lower back and rump as it ages. It has a scarlet red forehead and red-brown tipped tail.

10. Blu:

Meet Blu, the protagonist of the film “Rio”. Rio is a shy and awkward, but extremely lovable bird. He stays with his owner cum best friend Linda. But his comfortable life comes to a halt when he visits Rio. To know more, you must watch this movie. Watch this movie with your child this weekend. He will surely love it.

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That’s all from us folks! These macaw coloring pages will surely brighten our child’s dull winter vacation. Just instruct him to use the brightest of shades for these gorgeous birds. Tell us which one of these macaw coloring pages did your tyke like the most by commenting below.

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