Christian Bridal Sarees: 11 Best Of The Best In 2016

Christian bridal sarees are a result of Syrian Christian wedding traditions having evolved over time, having blended in with the local customs, and taking inspiration from certain local rituals that were already prevalent. The Syrian Christian brides with strong local influences preferred wearing a bridal saree in white instead of the traditionally western wedding gown. This practice gained popularity among other Christian denominations such as the Latin Catholics and Anglicans who also followed suit, mostly due to the convenience associated with a wearing a saree – its easy availability versus a white gown. Imagine searching for a gown maker in India centuries ago or even wearing a long velvet gown in a South Indian summer and you’ll easily understand how the saree became a popular option for brides-to-be.

Christian Bridal Sarees –  Amala Paul Wedding Dressed Like A Dream

Here is a video of  Southern actress Amala Paul with Actor/Director Vijay. The lucky bride has had a Hindu and a Christian wedding ceremony and she was truly dressed like a dream. Check out the video before you get on with our exclusive list of Christian bridal sarees.

India is a melting pot of many religions, cultures, traditions and ethnicities. In India, every religion over the ages has evolved to become a fine blend of prescribed customs and practices that are inspired by local beliefs. Syrian Christians, for example, introduced Christianity to India as far back as 52 AD, and Christianity was well entrenched as a respected, accepted and widely followed religion with Christians becoming an integral part of India long before Vasco Da Gama’s arrival.

If you’ve been looking for Christian bridal sarees, check out our list of intricate, modern sarees, and we’re sure you will find something for your wedding day that is just perfect for you in our Christian bridal saree collection.

1. Pretty In White! Designer Christian Bridal Saree

Pretty In White - Christian Bridal Sarees

This dazzlingly sheer off-white saree, with a lovely maang tika design in gold gives the beautiful Indian Christian bride an air of sophistication on her wedding day.

2. Christian Wedding Sarees – The Crystal Leaf

The Crystal Leaf - Christian Bridal Sarees

This stunningly beautiful silver leaf motif embroidery with real crystals on a milk white saree, and matching sequined blouse cuts a perfect picture. So precious and intricate, it can become a treasured heirloom for generations to come, a worthy addition to any serious Christian bridal sarees list.

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3. Traditionally Textured Kerala Christian Bridal Saree

Traditionally Textured - Christian Bridal Sarees

This traditional off-white and gold bordered designer bridal saree comes with an ultra-fine twist. The textured diamonds on the borders add a subtle touch of sophistication to a very traditional christian bridal sarees design.

4. Christian Wedding Sarees – Cream Fern

Cream Fern - Christian Bridal Sarees

A very simple cream white bridal saree with finely embroidered fern leaf motifs on the body, this saree makes for an excellent choice for the suave, yet simply-styled Christian bride.

5. The Christian Chikan

Christian Bridal Sarees - The Christian Chikan

This all-white Lucknowi Chikan work is a confluence of cultures and makes for a very pretty bride on wedding day. An Islamic style-template that was specifically made for 14th century Mughal royalty is the design philosophy behind this absolutely jaw-dropping 21st century piece.

6. The Hidden Veil

Christian Bridal Sarees - The Hidden Veil

This heavily embroidered off-white saree is accompanied by an intricately designed veil that follows the overall theme of the christian bridal saree and the blouse. A simple addition of the veil at the back gives it a very distinct look that may be just the look for you on your wedding, especially if you’re looking for something a little different that the standard bridal silk saree.

7. Full-Veiled Prettiness Christian White Wedding Sarees

Full Veiled Prettiness - Christian Bridal Sarees

Image Courtesy: MichelT.Regan Photography

This gorgeous creation is an exquisitely embroidered milk white saree with flower motifs in silver, and a full veil (not so common these days) that adds to the overall charm of the wedding look.

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8. The Sequin Cut Elegant Christian Bridal Saree

Christian Bridal Sarees - The Sequin Cut

Via: Source

A pure white bridal saree with delicate hand embroidery and sequined cuts on the border makes for a very stylish statement.

9. The Christian Bridal Designer Saree

Christian Bridal Sarees - The Bridal Designer Saree

A beautiful netted white saree with extra large floral and heart motifs with intricate embroidery work looks fabulous. This saree which is worn by the Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is designed by the famous celeb designer Neeta Lulla.

10. The Traditional Gold Bordered Saree

The Traditional Gold Bordered Saree - Christian Bridal Sarees

A very traditional Kerala Christian bridal sarees with a spotless design, and fine gold border that gathers beautifully at the top. You can get a matching gold brooch to further add to its overall appeal.

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11. The Modern Designer Christian Bridal Saree

Black And Maroon Embroidered Anarkali


If you want to goo all out chic on your big day. Here is a designer Christian bridal saree that you can surely try. Its exquisite, elegant and definitely something different.