Love You Forever Quotes – 34 Reasons To Believe In Eternity

Love is a feeling that is cherished till one’s last breath. We grow as lovers and learn to love life more with the positivity it brings in us. Love is a forever feeling. It never fades away, an so it is said in love you forever quotes. People come into the world with nothing but leave with their hearts filled with love. Sometimes it is hard to express the feelings in words by yourself, and then these love you forever quotes help. Here are 34 amazing love you forever quotes that will make your task easier.

1. Love You Forever Quotes - Love Is Forever

Unconditional love is not a random emotion that comes and goes. It stays forever, like these love you forever quotes, in a corner of our heart but never leaves.

2. Love You Forever Quotes - Always

This is one of the cutest love you forever quotes to say to someone because it guarantees your commitment towards them.

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3. Love You Forever Quotes - When Harry Met Sally

You can’t wait to get with them, to start a new life that will be yours to share together.

4. Love You Forever Quotes - No Pretending

Love you forever quotes exist because love is forever. There is no end. In fact, it grows when the distance increases between the couple.

5. Love You Forever Quotes - Euripides

To love is to know the kind of love that love you forever quotes talk about, the kind that stays on forever. The feeling that comes and goes cannot be regarded as love.

6. Love You Forever Quotes - A Brief Moment

It is the meeting of the eyes and the words exchanged that you hold in your hearts forever. Don’t forget to exchange a or two.

7. Love You Forever Quotes - Two Hearts

Friendship is always the basis of a romantic relationship. When you lose friendship, even the feeling of love starts decreasing.

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8. Love You Forever Quotes - Eternity

All of us dream of having a lifetime of happiness with the ones we love, living these love you forever quotes, but many of us don’t get to live that dream.

9. Love You Forever Quotes - Doug Horton

You start valuing what you’ve lost much more once you’ve had a taste of the reality.

10. Love You Forever Quotes - The Sea

Beautiful words that express how we wish for more and more for and from our loved ones.

11. Love You Forever Quotes - A Room With A View

You can take the lover out of love but you can never take love out of the lover. The feelings always live deep inside the heart. Love you forever quotes are poetry.

12. Love You Forever Quotes - If It Doesn't Last

People may part but love stays forever. It stays deep inside the heart until eternity.

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13. Love You Forever Quotes - Kenny Rogers

Beautiful love you forever quotes express the power of love. We all believe that we can love till the impossible starts happening.

14. Love You Forever Quotes - Jasinda Wilder

We only wanted the longest of the longest times to be spent with the ones we love. No amount of time can be enough when it comes to love.

15. Love You Forever Quotes - Time

No matter how much time passes, the feeling of love in these love you forever quotes always stays. It doesn’t depreciate with time.

16. Love You Forever Quotes - Leann

Love means a promise of eternity. No matter how far you may go, love never ends, love you forever quotes or not.

17. Love You Forever Quotes - Everlasting

Love is forever. It is the emotions that sail through the journey but love stays still all throughout.

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18. Love You Forever Quotes - If Only

When you’re in love, you become two individuals with one soul. You work together as one and you think like each other in the same direction.

19. Love You Forever Quotes - Second Rate Chances

No matter where you go, you always think of the one you love. You wish you could live all these love you forever quotes, to be with them in every phase of life doing things that bring them peace.

20. Love You Forever Quotes - Ram Mohan

Deep love is the truest form of love, pure and incorruptible like immortal love you forever quotes. It finds its place in the corner of the heart where no negativity can reach.

21. Love You Forever Quotes - Madame de Stael

Love gives you the strength to believe that life will be good and everything will get better. It helps you overcome the fears you have of an ending of time.

22. Love You Forever Quotes - The Crow

The rule of life is the cycle that stays in action. We are born and then we die. But even after death, it is love that keeps us alive in the hearts of all, to be remembered with sweet love you forever quotes.

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23. Love You Forever Quotes - Megan Fleming

Being in the company of your love gives you the most soothing feeling you could ever get from anything.

24. Love You Forever Quotes - Bruce Lee

No one could have said it better than Bruce Lee. Love grows and gets stronger with each passing day until one point where nothing in the world can break it and it begins to embody these love you forever quotes.

25. Love You Forever Quotes - Micheal Bassey Johnson

Once you decide that you have THE ONE you were always looking for is the time when you stop looking around and start counting your blessings.

26. Love You Forever Quotes - Affairytale

Falling in love isn’t just a thing about the heart; it’s not all love you forever quotes and magic, but it’s real. Your entire body starts sending you signals with happy hormones telling you that you indeed are in love.

27. Love You Forever Quotes - Thief

The funny thing about love is that sometimes we can fall in love with people whom we once thought we couldn’t even get along with.

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28. Love You Forever Quotes - Home Sweet Home

It is the sense of security that you have with the feeling of being together.

29. Love You Forever Quotes - Jerry A O'Neal

Infinity is the one with no end. How beautifully does it define love you forever quotes?

30. Love You Forever Quotes - Bluenscottish

Love is always lurking in the corners, waiting to be found and cherished and made an integral part of our lives.

31. Love You Forever Quotes - J R Ward

Love doesn’t necessarily mean being in a two-sided love affair. It is even when you love someone so deeply that them not loving you back is no reason for you to stop loving them, depressed love quotes and broken heart love sms texts aside..

32. Love You Forever Quotes - Merminia

Lovers are never lost. The world may forget their story but to each other they always remain the most cherished part of their lives. When these love you forever quotes will be passed on, those feelings are too.

33. Love You Forever Quotes - Ken Poirot

Nobody remembers the gifts you present to them. If they do remember anything, it is the depth with which you love them.

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34. Love You Forever Quotes - Nehali Lalwani

It is your own belief that makes you want to be in love always. If you believe it’s a forever feeling then nothing can take that feeling away from you.

So these were our favourite ‘love you forever quotes’ that speak of the beautiful feeling that love is. They tell you that love is here to stay forever. Which ones are your favourites?