10 Love Triangle Quotes That Prove Polyamory Is No Joke

Our hearts can be faithful and fickle at the same time. We might be in love with a person, knowing all the while that the person does loves someone else. Or we denote someone as our life partner but then seek a soul-mate in an another individual. It is these complexities and intricacies in love and relationships that lead to the formation of love’s famous child – the love triangle. You can get out of a love triangle triumphant or, like they say, end up making it a ‘wrecktangle.’ Either ways, here are 10 love triangle quotes that best depict the complexities involved.

1. Love Triangle Quotes - Don't Stay

A good heart hitting quote, which makes a great one to share with a beloved whom you suspect or know to be involved with someone else. The quote clearly communicates the point that true love can hit you once. If you think you fell in true love, and then soon fell in love with someone else again, then one has to surely reconsider their choices, and mooning over love triangle quotes.

2. Love Triangle Quotes - Math Ain't Love

One of those actually interesting love triangle quotes with some great philosophical connotation. It is also a quote that tries to convey the point that often when you find yourself sailing in two boats, it is most probably lust rather than love. You end up loving two people, therefore you would never ever be able to have the element of loyalty and commitment in the relationship.

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3. Love Triangle Quotes - Paradise Lost

This quote works great to capture the sentiment in those love triangles when one individual is always trying to woo the other one, and all the while what this person does is just avoid him/her. This person then ends up loving the wrong person only to face a heartbreak and realise the value of the person who actually loved him/her truly.

4. Love Triangle Quotes - Confusion Is A Synonym For Ignorance

Perhaps one of the best quotes to capture the crux of a love triangle. It is when disoriented decisions become the foundation of a relationship that one tends to go astray soon. One then later realizes that had they put in more efforts in introspection, then they could have made more sound decisions, than gone easy with them sentimental love triangle quotes, eh?

5. Love Triangle Quotes - When You Can't Get Over The 'Rents

It is about having baggage with you all the time, which you can’t get rid off. There are often times when people stumble across an ex-flame, which rekindles amorous feelings despite the two individuals being in their own relationships. It is something that can lead to a truly complex love triangle, and possibly the penning of some even deeper love triangle quotes.

6. Love Triangle Quotes - Oh The Fireworks!

Another quote which conveys the point that having a love triangle is all about the chaotic insecurities that lie within. Insecurities can often lead you to find people who can help you combat it, and each insecurity can lead you to a new individual causing more confusions and a relationship mess.

7. Love Triangle Quotes - Lol Sports Day

It is an amusing take on a love triangle and does so with some nice analogy. Whether it is the person in the middle or at the apex of the triangle, there will always be that one reluctant cog who will slow down the entire love machinery leaving everyone befuddled, and reading up love triangle quotes to find the truth in the meaning of it all.

8. Love Triangle Quotes - Acceptance Of Truth Hurts

This shares the message of loving someone so truly that you will do anything for their happiness, even letting them leave and go with a person who they love. Obsession is one element commonly found in love triangles, which can lead to some disastrous consequences, and a lot of heartache, if love triangle quotes are anything to go by. Understanding the importance of love and sacrifice is a great way of steering clear of mess.

9. Love Triangle Quotes - That Tea Is Not Tea

And the patience is not just outward patience but also inward patience in understanding your own thoughts. At the same time, one has to develop a feeling of mutual tolerance to appreciate what will be the best for the three.

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10. Love Triangle Quotes - Narcissism Talks It's Toll

This one can actually be said to be true in most love triangles, especially the ones where all three individuals are aware of each other’s real feelings. It is often then there is one person who will try to steal some attention by becoming the third element in the relationship in an uninvited and unwanted way.

So there you go. These are some love triangle love quotes that best capture the confusion, pain or helplessness of being in one. Ever found yourself in a love triangle? How did you get yourself out of it?