49 Best Love Status For WhatsApp

If you’ve been looking for the perfect love status for whatsapp to share with your beloved, your crush or even with your friends, then you need not look any further than this list we have compiled for you. Here are 49 of the best love status for whatsapp to cover every scenario, situation and feeling in that all encompassing, most beautiful of emotions:


Love Status For WhatsApp - A True Love Story

Don’t believe us? Check when Romeo and Juliet was penned. This love status for Whatsapp should give you a good enough idea though.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Time Goes By Slowly

Missing your love is one of the worst feelings in the world. You want to be spending every waking moment with them, but instead, here you are far far away and worst of all, missing them dearly.

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Love Status For WhatsApp - Love Can Make You Smile

This love status for Whatsapp is also as much of a truism as any other widely accepted belief about love. When you come back home after a rough day, and see a chirpy message from your beloved, it puts a smile on your face. Not much else can do that.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Unexplainable

It just is, isn’t it? How would you describe that amazing feeling you get upon seeing your beloved after a while away from them? Exactly.



When work is getting to us, when family pressures and divides are rife, when the Indian cricket team is doing poorly and the mercury shows you 44 degrees outside… Think of your beloved, everything is fine again.


Love Status For WhatsApp - It's Not About Looks

This love status for Whatsapp applies to guys as well, but then guys are more likely to judge for the first time based solely on looks. The guy who is truly in love knows it’s not about looks, but about the heart.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Vitamin U

I’m malnourished but I don’t need A, B, C, D or E… I need vitamin U, and I need a large dose.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Crushed

There are crushes where you find yourself looking sideways in class on occasion, and there are crushes where you find yourself questioning your attitude, your wardrobe, your class timings, your seating position, where you drink your chai, all the while imagining how wonderful it would be to be with your crush… this status is for the latter case.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Our Story

And there’s no harm in admitting it. We may be strongly moved by love we have read about, saw in the cinema or seen with our own eyes involving people we may or may not know. But the most beautiful of all love concerns us directly.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Let's Run Away

Newsflash: This isn’t just your dream, to be with your beloved and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, away from nagging people, away from well-meaning nagging people, etc.

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Love Status For WhatsApp - Another Day

Sometimes it’s not possible to get this simplest of requests. The reason may be as varied and diverse as any, but sometimes, we don’t even want that private island… just one more day with them.


Love Status For WhatsApp -12

Shakespeare said it, therefore it must be true.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Mean It When You Say It

It’s not just an act of deceit, but it’s something that will ensnare me and make me hurt somewhere down the line. So just be truthful and say those three special words only when you mean them.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Undefined

Even if we limit ourselves to the purview of romantic love, it’s not exactly the simplest thing to define, is it? Some of the greatest minds to ever live have tried, revised and revisited the subject.. but sometimes the act of a young boy bringing flowers for the girl he likes seems to say so much more.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Break The Rules

Indeed. If you must conform to something, conform to the ideal of love, of caring, of supporting, being there for someone else.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Love

Or the riches, or the caste, or the creed, or anything else that was constructed to divide the populace amongst themselves. Love only sees love, and nothing else.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Love Controls

Everything else may seem to be going great, but if you’re down on your luck when it comes to love, nothing else really seems to cheer you up. The reverse is also, of course, true.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Study Well

Especially if you plan on being an engineer, a doctor, an architect or something of similar ilk. If they’re entering your mind when you’re cramming for a very important exam, then…


Love Status For WhatsApp - The Sun

Yup. No matter how much of a “bad day” you’ve been having, or whatever seems to be going wrong, contact with the one you love seems to sort most things out.


Love Status For WhatsApp - My Heart Is Yours

Sometimes certain things are implied, but it’s good to say them out loud anyway. This love status for Whatsapp is one of those things.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Only You

Enough said!


Love Status For WhatsApp - Love Is Like Air

Isn’t it true? We see many things we may construe as love, but at the end of the day, it is a feeling, an emotion… perhaps the most powerful of them all.


Love Status For WhatsApp - My Smiles Begin With You

It doesn’t even matter if you’re there or not. Just thinking about you makes me smile.


Love Status For WhatsApp - The Reason

Sometimes things can get tough, tempers can flare and a feelings of hopelessness and despair set it. But just at that time, it’s important to remember why you’re there in the first place.


Love Status For WhatsApp - No Finish Line

Instead of worrying about the future or the many ‘what ifs’ that we encounter everyday, it is best to just focus on today and live the moment.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Thinking About You Everyday

It is the simplest of things, and the most obvious fact to you, but to whoever needs to be reading this, it is one of the most beautiful statements you ever could have made.


Love Status For WhatsApp - You Can't Lose What You Never Had

Sometimes we’re so drawn to someone who isn’t even with us, that we know we must have them. And we’re deathly afraid of them going away from our lives, which is weird considering they were never ours to lose in the first place.

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Love Status For WhatsApp - No More Begging

Sometimes we can be sincere with our intentions, honest with our statements and upfront with our questions, but the other party has to be the same. And one sided love is no love at all. It’s just pain.


Love Status For WhatsApp - True Love

Ties in well with “If you love them, set them free” doesn’t it? If you’ve done everything in your power to hold on but things keep drifting apart… well, if it was true love, it’ll be back.


Love Status For WhatsApp - I'll Never Forget

Seriously, this may not seem like a big deal, but that moment changed your life forever, didn’t it?


Love Status For WhatsApp - Do Everything With Love

It can be tempting to act out of anger, jealousy, rage and all of the other similar emotions, but if you’re a lover then let everything you do be done in love as well.


Love Status For WhatsApp - All I Need

Not much to explain here. This is where needs and desires coincide, that’s all.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Love Is A Four Letter Word

We’ve seen the movies, read some of the poetry and all of that stuff… but when there’s a face to match that 4 letter word, well that’s when things begin to make a lot more sense.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Missing You

Whoever reads this will be so pleased, for it is one of the nicest things to say to another.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Love Conquers

This is true even if it may not seem that way. If your love is true, then even the most seemingly insurmountable obstacles can be overcome.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Mirrors

That’s true. If you’re a jealous, insecure, nervous wreck… well, then you can be sure that’s the kind of person you will attract too.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Even When I Hate You

You try and you try to hate, but it just doesn’t seem to happen. They’ve done something wrong, withheld their apology and even goaded you on your reaction, but you just can’t bring yourself to hate them. It sucks, but it’s very true.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Find A Reason To Smile

Even if that reason means being away from ‘you’?


Love Status For WhatsApp - Let's Make It Work

This is often the simplest approach to a tough situation in love. If your love is true, you will overcome, without question and without exception.


Love Status For WhatsApp - You Are In My Heart

They say that you shouldn’t use love to plug a hole in your heart, but sometimes you don’t even know that such gap exists until you find somewhat who nestles into it and makes it their home, never to leave.


Love Status For WhatsApp - No Limits

No ocean too wide, no river too long, no distance too far, no time too drawn out, no threat however severe, no bribe no matter how much. Love can overcome them all and then some; just keep your head down and keep moving.


Love Status For WhatsApp - That Feeling

Saying ‘only you can give me that feeling’ is all well and good, but when it comes to describing that feeling, only you can understand it even when I didn’t know how to explain it.


Love Status For WhatsApp - My Heart's A Stereo

It may sound like a cheap ploy to get someone not to leave you, but seriously, that’s how love feels sometimes. That your heart really beats only for that other person, otherwise it just seems to be still.


Love Status For WhatsApp - There For You Always

Which may seem like a lame way to describe the mother of all emotions, but all we can say is that you’ll know it when you feel it. When every little thing seems to be against you, when you’re down and out, knowing that there is someone out there who cares for you and your well being, is your supporter and fan… it’s pretty much the best feeling in the world and the only motivation you need.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Three Words For You

Short and sweet, gets the job done.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Pride

This love status for Whatsapp is perhaps the most important one in the entire list. Why? Because too many of us waste our time with people who never make us feel desired or wanted. Instead of being the reason we are smiling, they suck the life out of us a little bit every day. There is no need to punish ourselves this way, so only be with someone who isn’t afraid to shout from the rooftops that they love you and vice versa.


Love Status For WhatsApp - When Angels Ask

A very sweet sentiment to share, even if you have to assure a few friends that everything is indeed okay with you.


Love Status For WhatsApp - Never Trust Your Heart

This love status for Whatsapp is clever and also a little bit true. Sometimes the heart can be blinded by what it wants, and not consider the full situation. Being a nice person doesn’t mean ignoring the flaws and most importantly, actions of the other person. It may just be saving us from a world of hurt somewhere down the line.

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Love Status For WhatsApp - Love Isn't Complicated

Like the saying about guns in the USA, only this one makes much more sense.

So there you go. Pick your favorite and start sharing right away.