Love SMS For Wife: 50 SMS Texts To Express And Impress!

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When was the last time you sent a cute ‘love SMS for wife’ to your wife? Don’t you like it when you receive a cute SMS from your wife when you are least expecting it? You don’t have to always do something big or grand to profess your love. At times, even a simple ‘love SMS for wife’ is enough to make her blush. Looking for some inspiration?

Take A Look At Our Collection Of 50 ‘Love SMS For Wife’.

Time to express and impress.


No matter how many differences you face, your wife will always be that one person who will stand by your side cheering and supporting you on your way to success. Send her this ‘love SMS for wife’ and thank her for all the support and love.


A cute and playful ‘love SMS for wife’. The next time you plan a romantic getaway with your lady-love, remember to send this one a few days before. And don’t forget the heart emoticon!


Try something new. Give the same old compliments a miss. Tell her that you love her for what she is.


Faced some troubled times together and emerged stronger? Feel that life would be empty and worthless without her by your side? Send this ‘love SMS for wife’ right away.


If that is how you feel whenever you are with her then you are one lucky man. Tell her exactly how you feel by sharing this ‘love SMS for wife’ and watch her break into a smile. And then maybe, say you want to watch the best love movies of all time to keep that smile all weekend.


Here is something you can send any time from anywhere just to that single special person in your life. Take some roses on your way back home.


A message of affection and admiration to thank her for being a supportive pillar. You will also get a hug after she reads this.


Been away from each other for a while now? Thinking of her all the time? Longing to meet her soon? Send this ‘love SMS for wife’ and reassure her that you will be home soon.


Something that will touch her heart right away. It has a certain poetic touch to it, which makes it even more enticing.

10.Here is another ‘love SMS for wife’ that will work great to thank the woman who has made every aspect of life worth exploring and enjoying.

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She is surely going to be impressed and touched with the cute words in this romantic ‘love SMS for wife’.


Why just invite her using plain simple words when you can actually do it in style?! Try this ‘love SMS for wife’ and see.


Surprise her by sending this ‘love SMS for wife’ the first thing in the morning. Not only will you make her happy for the moment but also make her entire day delightful.


And don’t forget to kiss her, or perhaps she will give you a resounding one herself!


Some reassuring words for her in the form of a ‘love SMS for wife’. Two of the biggest cornerstones for a successful marriage are trust and security. Here are some words to convey that conveniently.


Simple and straightforward. This ‘love SMS for wife’ gets the point across nicely. In fact, this should be your preferred one to send when you intend to bring a random smile on her face


A simple two-liner ‘love SMS for wife’ that is so adorable that she will be having a wide grin while reading this one.


Those are some really strong words to describe and appreciate the beauty of the love your wife showers on you everyday.


There are always stages in matrimonial life where everything gets monotonous. Marital bliss gets replaced by boredom, and you feel that you are just dragging your feet around. If you feel the same, break the monotony. Start off by sending her this ‘love SMS for wife’ first and set things rolling.


If she has accepted you for what you are and loves you like crazy then you are truly lucky. Wonder how to thank her? Why not start by sending her this SMS first?

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That is what being in a marital bond is all about. You don’t give up on each other, and always stay by each other’s side no matter what the situation. Here is a ‘love SMS for wife’ that will help convey that to your lady-love in a romantic manner.


A simple and sweet SMS that you can actually send late at night so that it is the first thing that she will see in the morning. Adorable isn’t it?


Here is something that you can quickly type out and send before you leave for home from work. Or just forward this picture via WhatsApp. A charming ‘love SMS for wife’ to bring a smile on her face.


The best way to keep things afresh in a relationship is to rekindle the feelings that you once had in the early years of your marriage. It is also a good way to smile and laugh together by remembering them.


Okay, this one looks like a mini love poem but so what? It makes a pleasant love SMS to send to your doting wife. Surely this one will cheer her up.


If you ever have to define the feeling of being in relationship with a lovely lady like your wife then here are some adorable words to do so. You never need an occasion to share such romantic words, so send one right away!


Add some cute emoticons and there you have it – the sweetest ‘love SMS for wife’ for your life partner!


An impactful love SMS for your darling wife. If those words define your relationship then congratulations, you have attained a level of maturity. Here is something to celebrate that.


Now this is a contemporary one, a one that she will be able to relate to quite easily. You can also read this out directly to her when you both are together and then trigger the conversation.


Send this right when you both are eating out some place and she is busy with the food (preferably a burger). Watch her face light up.


Did she send you a selfie sometime back wearing that sexy outfit? Or has it been really long since she has worn that dress? Tease her with this SMS.


Reads more like a poem but works well as an SMS too. The way the words rhyme here is surely going to bring a smile on her lovely face.


This one is a perfect thank you love SMS for wife with words that are genuine and full of true love.


She is surely going to go ‘Aww…’ reading that. A nice one to share that also works great as a conversation starter.

35.A bit long, but the best one to share when you are searching for some truly honest words to appreciate all that your wife has done to make your marriage a success.


It captures the crux of most marriages. Married life is bound to get repetitious, and anything that gets repetitive tends to feel boring. When life reaches that stage, it is always wise to take the first step in infusing some excitement to bring things back on track. Sending an SMS like this is one good way to start.


A simple sweet text message for the times when you want to just be straightforward in conveying your love and gratitude.


She is surely going to break into a cute smile after reading this one.

Tip: Send this one early in the morning so that it is the first thing she reads when she wakes up.


Did she ever complain that you don’t enough spend time with her? Before you make amends, send this SMS and set the stage; then get ready to use these love tips to actually make amends.


This is a nice way of sharing with your spouse that every moment you spend with her counts, and each of it goes down in your memory as one of the best experiences of life.

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If you are newly married and intend to share some words with your wife, then here is an adorable love SMS.


Yes, Wonder Woman. That is what she is after all. Share these words via an SMS, and you will surely leave her blushing for a good amount of time.


Another one with rhyming words. This is a good one to share when you would like to cheer her up.


This an another way of telling her that you can’t think of starting your day without taking a look at her pretty face. She is surely going to be impressed after reading this one.


Try sending this one to her whenever you want her to call you. She will surely be surprised to read this one, and you will surely have something extra to talk about in the call.


A simple straightforward ‘love SMS for wife’ for the times when you would like to get straight to the point with beating around the bush.


Why forget love? After all that is what is the essence of any relationship, right?


A charming love message that tells her about the importance she holds in your life.


It has that tone of encouragement and the perfect timing to send it would be when you sense that she is feeling a bit low.


An adorably pleasant message to bring a sure-shot smile on her face.


Hope you liked our collection of love SMSes for wife and found the right one to share too. Ready to send one right away?

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