Love Relationship Advice – No Rocket Science Here!

Relationships are tricky (not in a bad way). In a relationship, there will surely be times when things may seem unsure and shaken up leaving you confused about the road ahead, and love relationship advice is  in order. Two people, together, bring in a lot of dynamic energy to a relationship. It is important for both partners to work around the differences and strengthen the similarities in order to make a relationship successful. So if you’re looking for some love relationship advice then I do have some points to share. But you need to remember on thing – nothing works unless both partners put in equal effort.

Love Relationship Advice

With that, here’s some real love relationship advice.

These points will help you manage a relationship nicely, even if you two are not that similar.

1. Be Friends

Love Relationship Advice 101, It is important for a couple to be friends. Just like you have friends, first be friends with your partner. Love always grows when watered with a good dose of friendship.

2. Communicate

Be open, express yourself and also allow your partner to do the same. Communication is the key to a strong and healthy love relationship. And it’s the most common tip in love relationship advice.

3. Honesty

Yes, it’s a necessity! And the seond most common love relationship advice tip, that no one follows, but everyone needs to. Honest couples always go a long way. You need to be honest about the good, the bad and the ugly. Keeping things or hiding things will only push you guys to the edge.

4. No Blame Game

It’s easy to blame others but it takes a real heart to take the blame on oneself. Don’t criticize your partner and blame them for the downs all the time; sit back and analyse and just work on finding a solution.

5. Individual Space

Allow your partner a healthy space to live and breathe in. You may want to be with them all the time in every thing and for every little thing but that’s not always the best thing. In fact, you need your own space too! Spend time apart with your own set of friends or family. It’s another basic of love relationship advice.

6. Hola! Holiday

Plan a nice holiday together. It’s always advisable to break away from the regular and mundane schedule and visit some place new. Also, take off on a solo vacation once in a while. Distance does make the heart grow fonder!

7. Trust

You may think that this is obvious and overrated advice but no love relationship advice piece is complete without talking about trust. Always being wary and doubting your partner is the worst thing you can do to yourself and your relationship.

8. Have Fun!

Whether you have been together for a month, a year, or a decade, never allow boredom to set in. Find things that interest you both and keep on finding such things. It’s important to do things differently every single day.

9. Mutual Respect

Love is meaningless unless complemented with respect. Respect your partner, their family, choices and opinions. Also, ensure you receive equal amount of respect. Respect is earned and integrity will keep it intact. It’s what remains after passion fades, and the honeymoon period wanes, so it’s a must in love relationship advice.

10. Setting Priorities

Many people complain about being ‘taken for granted.’ Well, this happens because of a discrepancy in priorities. Set your priorities together, taking needs and expectations of the both of you into account.

11. A Relationship Of Equals

Bring in a sense of equality. It’s true there are times one person may have to bend but it’s not right if it’s always the same person. Every person has equal rights at throwing tantrums and being pampered.

12. Appreciation

Another much ignored love relationship advice point that can make or break a relationship. Appreciate your partner for who they are, appreciate how they look and how they make you feel. Basically, shower them with appreciation every chance you get.

13. Friends Of Friends

When socializing with friends or acquaintances, never put down your partner. Cracking a joke at their expense is okay but derogatory remarks, bitching, or humiliating them in front of others is an absolute no. Actually cracking a joke at their expense more than once is also a love relationship advice no-no.

14. Intimacy

Intimacy between a couple adds countless moments of joy and happiness. It is important to give yourself completely and also satisfy your partner’s needs. Get naughty! And girls, make the first move… it’ll make your guy go crazy!

15. The P’s and Q’s

The P’s and Q’s of a love relationship are saying ‘sorry’ when you know you have done something wrong, saying ‘thank you’ for everything they do for you and saying ‘I love you’ whenever and how many ever times you want to.

That’s simple, isn’t it? It does not take too much to maintain a healthy and strong relationship but it needs constant effort. Love relationship advice is no rocket science or pre-mixed formula, it’s a set of musts that we all know but sometimes overlook. So go work on your relationship and live your own fairytale life of love and romance. Have any advice for the crazy-in-love souls?

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