15 Candid Love Rejection Quotes That Will Make You Cry

If you are human, hell, if you are living, chances are you’ve loved. Because love is not a conscious act. No, love just happens and you can’t control it. You can neither choose how hard you fall in love nor who you fall in love with. You also have absolutely no say in whether they fall for you or not. And because of this very helpless inability to control love, heartbreaks are a thing; and worse still, the dialogues and love rejection quotes people pull, when they’re done..

Life is no fairy tale. And happily-ever-afters are rare. What is prominent and profound and much more real, is rejection. Here’s a list of 15 candid love rejection quotes that might bring tears to your eyes.

1. Love Rejection Quotes - So Cold

When you are hurting, all you want is for the ones you love to tell you that everything is going to be alright. But what do you do when the one who spewed love rejection quotes at you to hurt you is the one who you love the most?

2. Love Rejection Quotes - It Only Got Worse

You can’t get yourself to love someone. Nor can you get yourself to not love them any more. And so it’s just terrible when you fall in love with those who you aren’t meant to love. And worse yet, they don’t love you. Love rejection quotes take on a life of their own after that.

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3. Love Rejection Quotes - I Thought You'd Be There

Sometimes rejection doesn’t come from romantic partners, it may also come from your best friend or family. Either ways, no matter the source, it still leaves a deep scar, one that love rejection quotes and sad sad poetry alone can express.

4. Love Rejection Quotes - You Have No Idea

Often times when we pick up our guts and tell them how we feel, we only prepare to either be accepted or rejected. But we don’t prepare our hearts to handle the rejection part.

5. Love Rejection Quotes - You Didn't Even Care

People aren’t always what you perceive them to be. You’ll often meet people who seem the worse but aren’t so bad and also people who seem absolutely perfect but aren’t really so; and the way they comes off is just so cruel, that anonymous love rejection quotes are the only way to tell your story.

6. Love Rejection Quotes - I Tried

Love changes people. And people change in love. When you love someone, you want to be whatever they want you to be. Unfortunately, even when this change warrants your love for them, it does not guarantee their love for you.

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7. Love Rejection Quotes - The Angst Pangs

Just as beautiful is the feeling of love, rejection of this love strips you off of it. Everything that seemed beautiful in love now breaks your heart, every love quote now a bitter preclude to new raw love rejection quotes. Rejection often breaks a person.

8. Love Rejection Quotes - It Hurts

When you look back in the past, you will see that the things that hurt you did so only because you cared about them. This only goes to show that the more you care about something or someone, the more you are exposed to being hurt. Short, concise, crisp, to the point, like a knife..the best on of all our love rejection quotes.

9. Love Rejection Quotes - Just Be Friends

Even though it hurts to be “just friends”, you’d rather be that than not be anything at all. Because the idea of not calling them your something is just scary.

10. Love Rejection Quotes - Bad Blood

This masterstroke of love rejection quotes, by reigning queen of heartbreak high, Taylor Swift, says it all. People hurt you and then think that a measly ‘sorry’ would do to get you back. They don’t even try! If only they realised that you don’t need a fake sorry, but a sincere ‘I love you.’

11. Love Rejection Quotes - Keep Moving

It’s not the end. It does definitely feel like it. But believe me, it’s not. You will go through it and come out stronger and better and kinder. If nothing else, you’ve at least become a better person.

12. Love Rejection Quotes - Don't Punish Yourself

When they rejected you, you lost someone who didn’t love you. But they have lost someone who loved them. You are not at fault for being you. They are making the mistake of letting you go.

13. Love Rejection Quotes - You Are Worth It

Just because they reject you, it doesn’t mean you are at fault. And no matter who you are, you are human. And each and every human is worthy of love and care. Sometimes you need to hear these love rejection quotes to know that, but know that this is true.

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14. Love Rejection Quotes - Get Back Up

Don’t ever let rejection get to you. Because rejection is just them not being able to handle you. Rejection reflects upon the relationship and the person but never on you.

15. Love Rejection Quotes - Don't Reject Yourself

Nobody is worthy of self hate. If you too hate yourself, then how do you expect others to love you? No one knows you like you do. So no one can hurt you more than yourself. Never do that to yourself.
Rejection is imminent as is acceptance. And one cannot exist without the other. You cannot appreciate acceptance if you do not know the pain of rejection. I am not saying that because it is common, that it hurts less. No, it hurts just the same the thirtieth time as it did the first time. What I am trying to say is that because it is inevitable, why not brace ourselves for it?