50 Love Quotes For Wife That Will Surely Leave Her Smiling

Sometimes couples reach a point in their matrimonial life when things tend to get drab and monotonous. Wife and hubby get so engrossed in their respective routines that they don’t find time even for a moment of romantic chitty-chatty. Every woman yearns for some attention and affection from the Superman of her life. As a husband, if you haven’t realised that by now then you are in trouble my friend. No matter how many years have passed since you tied the knot, it is never too late to do something different to re-ignite the spark in your marital life. Why not start off with our awesome list of love quotes for wifes? Read, choose your favourite(s), share and watch your wife smile and blush.

1. Love Quotes For Wife - Butterflies

If that ‘love quote for wife’ is how she makes you feel after all these years of married life, then sir, you have one lovely wife and one successful marriage.

2. Love Quotes For Wife - Exactly My Type

An adorable ‘love quotes for wife’ which in a very subtle way tells her that you will always love her for whatever she is and whatever she will ever be since you fell in love with her soul.

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3. Love Quotes For Wife - Every Time We Kiss

She is surely going to blush after reading that one, and will break into her one of those charming smiles.

4. Love Quotes For Wife - My Other Half

Accept it. She is the only woman on this planet in front of whom you could be quirky, weird and silly all at the same time without ever worrying about anything else. The day she married you, she accepted you with all your attributes and that is the best of the relationship between a wife and husband.

5. Love Quotes For Wife - Partner

This one works like a great extension of the previous quote, and together they can make a great message to be etched on an anniversary or Valentine’s Day card for your wife.

6. Love Quotes For Wife - Our Love Is True

When you feel that way then you certainly have reached a level of maturity in your relationship, which is actually a great thing. If this is your feeling when spending time with your better half then say it out to her with this wonderful ‘love quote for wife’.

7. Love Quotes For Wife - My Wife

Most husbands seldom communicate the feeling of pride they experience when they refer to their lady as wife. If you feel that it is about time to share that, then here is something to express your heart’s innermost feelings.

8. Love Quotes For Wife - No Matter Where

The heart will always know the path back to its true love. No matter how many ups and downs you face, no matter how great the distance, you will always find your way back to your woman’s arms. Share this with her and see how she breaks into a hearty smile.

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9. Love Quotes For Wife - My Heart Races

Here is something that can surely cheer her up. For maximum effect, write it down on a stylish greeting card and leave it by her pillow.

10. Love Quotes For Wife - Your Kiss

An adorable love quote that has a certain rhythm to it, which is surely catchy.

11. Love Quotes For Wife - Now And Forever

A cute ‘love quote for wife’ that makes a great message to be shared with your lady-love.

12. Love Quotes For Wife - Corny

No matter how clichéd it might sound, but your soul is made complete only by the lovely presence of your darling wife.

13. Love Quotes For Wife - All Rights Reserved

Well, you might not tell it out, but like most doting husbands you are deep down quite possessive about your dearest wife. If you are in the spirit today to make a candid expression about it to her, then here are some nifty words to help you do that.

14. Love Quotes For Wife - Love You My Dearest Wife

There could be those moments spent together, certain charming attributes about her, or something that she commonly says, which whenever you think about, brings a smile on to your face. A nice ‘love quote for wife’ that captures that feeling.

15. Love Quotes For Wife - A Beautiful Dream

It was a dream that you were dreaming for a long time; a dream to find that woman who falls in love with you in totality, and makes life a journey worth taking. If that is what your wife is all about then here is love quote to express your sentiments.

16. Love Quotes For Wife - Pure Bliss

Every time you hold her hands, it becomes a priceless moment that you would treasure all your life. Here is a cute love quote to tell her exactly that in a wonderful manner.

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17. Love Quotes For Wife - Hugs

Yes, and you look forward to such hugs every day. A love quote for wife best said with a hug, followed by a romantic kiss!

18. Love Quotes For Wife - I'm Amazed

If you ever had a major altercation with your wife, and you know you were the reason behind it but your wife managed to resolve it in a timely manner then here are some nice impactful words to shower your appreciation and admiration upon her.

19. Love Quotes For Wife - Something New Everyday

When she has that penchant of surprising you pleasantly with something new and interesting every day, you ought to show your appreciation with this ‘love quote for wife’.

20. Love Quotes For Wife - Your Name

Surely one of those adorably romantic love quotes that you can share anytime, anywhere with your other half.

21. Love Quotes For Wife - I Still Think Of You

This one is a nice way to tell her that no matter how busy you get, you will always have time to think about her, even if she thinks otherwise.

22. Love Quotes For Wife - Take Me

What makes a marriage successful is the feeling of friendship and the spirit of companionship among the pair. If you are one who always keeps that in mind then here is something that would make a great love quote for your wife.

23. Love Quotes For Wife - Like Chocolate

And yes, it is EVERYTIME and you mean it from the bottom of your heart.

24. Love Quotes For Wife - The Only Woman

A great ‘love quote for wife’ to share with the woman who still makes you go weak in the knees.

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25. Love Quotes For Wife - A Journey

And no matter how long the journey, as long as you travel with her, it will be the best journey you have ever made.

26. Love Quotes For Wife - My Most Favourite Person

Great way of cheering up your wife and bring a smile on her lovely face.

27. Love Quotes For Wife - True Love

A really cute ‘love quote for wife’ for wife that actually connotes about accepting each other exactly the way they are.

28. Love Quotes For Wife - You Are My Life

Nice one to share the point that all that your life is now is a reality where your beloved wife is the centre of your existence. No better words to capture this sentiment than these.

29. Love Quotes For Wife - Every Reason

Touch her heart with these lovely words that bring out your innermost feelings in a convenient way.

30. Love Quotes For Wife - Paradise

When you have found the true soul mate, then every moment of life, whether high or low, feels like an eternal bliss. Your dreams may become a mirage but you don’t care since reality has become absolutely pristine.

31. Love Quotes For Wife - Always With You

This a cute ‘love quote for wife’ to express your perpetual love in a simple yet dainty manner.

32. Love Quotes For Wife - Maybe You Just Need One Person

When your wife’s love and companionship becomes the centre of your existence then nothing else matters. The world invariably becomes a vibrant place to live in.

33. Love Quotes For Wife - A Single Soul

Love is a connection that binds two souls in a bond that stays perpetual forever. If that is the feeling you get when hanging around with your wife then here is a lovely love quote to share.

34. Love Quotes For Wife - My Life Is Only Complete With You

With emphasis on ‘YOU’, you have just poured your heart out to her.

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35. Love Quotes For Wife - The Reason For My Smile

This ‘love quote for wife’ might be clichéd and it could be that one quote that must have been tried out by almost every hubby on this planet. But when shared with sincerity and grace, these are probably the most honest words to share with your wife.

36. Love Quotes For Wife - One Red Thread Of Love

It is the thread that has bound your hearts together since the day you married, and will get stronger day by day to keep you bound for a lifetime.

37. Love Quotes For Wife - No Boundaries

This is the best love quote to be shared for the times when you would like to express your gratitude for all that she has been – a strong, caring and supporting person whom you can always count on.

38. Love Quotes For Wife - Since I Fell In Love With You

When you know that you have found the one you always wanted, you spare no moment to start imagining a life that has the blissful company of your love. If that is how your wife makes you feel then tell it to her with this ‘love quote for wife’.

39. Love Quotes For Wife - Your Light Shines

It is that face you fell for and the one that brightens your day with its charming luminance.

40. Love Quotes For Wife - The Little Things

There could be tons of little things that your doting wife would do in a day to keep you happy and joyful. A lovely quote here, which you can share to acknowledge your lady-love’s efforts.

41. Love Quotes For Wife - Lost Without You

Your wife will be that one person who would stand by your side with belief no matter where life takes you. This is a nice love quote to make a sincere expression of gratitude towards the resilience showcased by your life partner.

42. Love Quotes For Wife - Ease My Soul

Another extension of the previous quote’s principle. A combo of both written on an anniversary card would make a swell greeting for your wife.

43. Love Quotes For Wife - Just To See You Smile

Of course, it might sound silly but you would surely do that when you are greatly and madly in love with the most charming person you have ever met.

44. Love Quotes For Wife - No Greater Light

When her love is so brilliant that it becomes an innate source of illumination for the path of your life. Hold her hands, and share this ‘love quote for wife’ with her.

45. Love Quotes For Wife - Heads Or Tails

When you feel an argument is about to brew, candidly remove a coin from your pocket and say that out to her. Done. Oh yes, by the way you can thank us in the comments.

46. Love Quotes For Wife - Love And Kisses

That is what every wife feels happy to know – that her voice has become music to her husband’s ears.

47. Love Quotes For Wife - I Want To Be Lost

In other words, you just love spending time with your babe and look forward to every chance or opportunity to do so again and again. The happiness that would flourish inside her on learning this would be outright colossal.

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48. Love Quotes For Wife - One Perfect Lifetime

A good ‘love quote for wife’ to tell her about the change she brings in your life and how you look forward to spending a lifetime with her.

49. Love Quotes For Wife - A Special Gift

The adorable cadence of the words here is a good one to bring a smile on her face.

50. Love Quotes For Wife - All My Love

Finally, the cherry on the cake to leave her cheeks blushing.

So, what do you think about our collection of love quotes for wife? Already tried any of them out?