Romantic Love Quotes For Her To Fall Crazily In Love

The expression of love can take many forms like we saw in the beginning, or you can draw them from your own experiences where you have experienced the sublime nature of love. If your woman truly makes you feel like you are on cocaine, then you gotta tell her that, buddy! Why don’t you use one of these beautiful and romantic love quotes to tell her why she matters so much to you? How would you know if she liked it, you ask. Believe me. You’ll know if she liked it!


Romantic Love Quotes For Her

An object in the state of rest continues to be in the state unless acted upon by an external force. Newton’s Law of Inertia clearly states that. That how you feel you had been until the inertia of love pushed you off of your comfortable position of mundane motionlessness. When you encounter ‘the one’, you are not prepared for anything, you are not prepared to be transformed, you are not prepared to incorporate change in your life, and most importantly (this is the punch-line right here) you are never ever prepared to fall in love. But when it happens, in the flash that it does, you know immediately that this is what you have waited all your life for.


Romantic Love Quotes For Her - Nicholas Sparks

Why don’t you just put a dagger through my heart, and get it over with? This heart-wrenching and honest quote comes from the heart of a man who really understands what the act of loving someone actually means. You may have climbed the Mt. Everest. You may have swum through the Pacific Ocean. You may have given away everything that was yours to people who are in need. But no achievements or greatness can stand without being overshadowed by the need to love and to be loved. A person who is beautiful on the inside, who can love unconditionally, who can submit himself to being vulnerable in front of the other, has already learned the true nature of love.

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Romantic Love Quotes For Her - Oscar Wilde

The most beautiful of all quotable quotes are Wildean. This wonderful quote is a reminder of the basic instincts for the sustenance of love. Your partner is not just another person, whom you like very much; the bond shared by two people, passionately in love, involves two individuals who recognize and acknowledge each other, where one’s happiness is directly proportional to the other. This is a mysterious thing how a person’s happiness becomes important for your own. If you are in a real relationship, you will have found an angel (who may have a dark side, but who doesn’t?), whose smile is your life’s goal. Tell her that. Tell her that with this quote!

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Romantic Love Quotes For Her - The Fault in our Star

The truest love is that which knows itself. The blockbuster from 2014 has many a quote that could go into a lover’s note, but this is by far the most self-accepting statement of love you would possibly find anywhere. If you are a true existentialist, you know that we are all leading pointless lives in this pointless world, the premonition of a dark ending has been impending for long like a looming storm sworn to destroy all. Sorry about the negativity, but confronting your dark side is something we all must do, but in the right amounts and at the right junctures in life. But love is really a feeling that trumps even this dark truth of our existence, one of the reasons for being the biggest mysteries man has ever encountered.


Romantic Love Quotes For Her - Anonymous

This is the most beautiful form of feminism ever. The anonymous gets it. The cliché says that behind every great man’s success stands a woman. But in true love there can be no power play. You need her as much as she needs you; you would do anything for her as she would for you; you would probably disagree that you love her as much as she loves you, because it knows no bounds like infinity. The gist here is that a man who finds true love with a woman acknowledges and values his partner in his success and happiness. Here is the deal — if you walk ahead of her you may not lead her; if you walk behind her you may not follow her; walk beside her and tell her she is your best friend and eternal love. And there is no better way to say it than using this quote!


Romantic Love Quotes For Her - Love and Other Drugs

This is a very sweet line that you want to tell her because you really feel she has hit your life like a tornado and left your life up-side down, and you liked it. We live every day, meet so many people who touch our lives in a certain way, leaving their individual mark, their footprints behind. But then you meet the one who makes you want to make an hourglass from the sand on which she leaves her footprints. True love can transform your life like nothing else can — your love will be changed; forever.


Romantic Love Quotes For Her - Dirty Dancing

This is a classic quote from a classic movie, and speaks volumes for the kind of love that explains itself by throwing light on the fragility of human existence under the spell of love. Sometimes we are in a difficult position to tell the one we really love how we feel about them because we may be facing differences of opinion with them, or if you haven’t professed your love to your sweetheart at all, well then, all the more the lump in the throat! When you have met the one whom you are meant to be with, it is a big risk to not do anything about it: if you walked away and realised tomorrow that you will never be as happy as yesterday, just because you did not tell her how she really makes you feel then good luck trying to forgive yourself. It is better to take the risk of getting hurt than to risk your one chance of being happy for a lifetime.


Romantic Love Quotes For Her - Alfred Lord Tennyson

Tennyson is one of those British poets of yore whose works never stopped beguiling the generations that have come after him. I would not reduce this quote to a cute one. This is the most honest confession of a lover, she is in your thoughts all the friggin’ time! From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, she is all that you can think of, or you are just wondering what it was like to not think of her, whereby, you are still thinking of her! If she gives you the goose bumps for your heart, then she should at least know about the seriousness of the issue. Go and give her this quote! Pronto!

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Romantic Love Quotes For Her - Nicole Krauss

Now this quote makes a lot of sense if you are head over heels for the woman who makes you smile every time you think of her. When you feel incredibly moved by someone, and want to spend the rest of your life with them, you want their happiness above everything else. A smile on her face is your breakfast, and her laughter is a feast! If your Duchess truly makes you feel that way, that your mission on earth is to make her laugh, then don’t hesitate to tell her that because she can only love you more for the strength you took to reconcile to your vulnerability in your love for her.


Romantic Love Quotes For Her - Mae West

Here is a witty one for your love. This blunt quote is like a for sale sign on a condo in Miami! It is true you cannot buy love, but a man can say that he is happy to be spending a fortune on a woman because she makes him happy. If you are really taken by her, you want to pamper her with all that you can, even if it is a flower you plucked from the garden. The point is to admit to the crime of stealing her heart, and get ready to do your time or do it in your time (wink)!