8 Love Quotes By Famous People For Starry Nights!

If we just put just the love quotes by famous people aside for a moment, and stop to wonder: There is so much one can say and think (and, of course, do) in and about love. Love is one of the oldest subjects chosen by ancient philosophers who searched for meaning in the word, the feeling, and the act of love. Love is all around us; it may sound too flowery, but whether you are in a good or bad mood, let me tell you— there is no escaping love. But they also say that it need not really be love that makes the world go round but passion. Love only makes it a safer place for us to be in. The fuel of love is all that runs the machinery called human civilization; the day it is over, we are.

Nothing can really hype love, but careless words can make it tacky. Love is essentially a feeling that one cannot describe— whether it is an experience or a state. In true love, the two categories merge and you will experience the sublime. Your happiness is connected to that of your loved one. You have to love, in order to be. The truest of love comes with the greatest of surrenders— of your very self, your soul and your spirit.

Here are eight amazing love quotes by famous people that capture the essence of love in the most thoughtful and thought-provoking way you have seen— go love, buddy!


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Sometimes we find ourselves in a place where we cannot express how we feel about people. Love can be an overwhelming emotion, much more than hate sometimes. This is because in hate or anger, you know what you want to do— it could be beating someone to pulp, or burning a book, or shredding your bed sheet with a pair of scissors— we’ve all been there. Okay. I have. But in love, all you can do is love.


Love Quotes By Famous People - Shakespeare

This is one of the clichés about love, and we have to believe this man when he says it because it is nothing but the truth. If you are in a relationship that you believe is sound and is your true love, then you will find yourself in many a number of debates and fights. And there may sometimes be external obstacles that may get in the way. But if you truly want it, you will overcome anything for love. One of the best love quotes by famous authors ever, heck, one of the best love quotes by famous people ever!


Love Quotes By Famous People - Mick Jagger

The Stones star got it right, and this quote is too self-explanatory. Love is a fleeting moment of losing oneself to one of the most mysterious feelings known to man. And maybe losing that moment forever. Love quotes by famous people don’t across much more well thought out than this.

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Love Quotes By Famous People - Woody Allen

This is one of the cleverest ways of putting in words the fact that love and sex are two separate entities— one can mediate the other sometimes, but they are two things that can’t be equated. It can be considered as a warning label too: careful what you’re getting into; love is irrational!

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Love Quotes By Famous People - Robert Burns

This beautiful quote is by the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns, the origin of the oft referred “My love is like a red, red rose.” It just speaks of the density and gravity of love, because the sight of the lover itself is an act of love, and to love the lover is to love forever. If you’re looking for amazing love quotes by famous poets, it doesn’t get much better than this.


Love Quotes By Famous People - Friedrich Nietzsche

An eloquently put statement on the belief that love makes the world go round, Nietzsche seems to be talking about life as inspired by love. Also, the irrationality of love is explained in the logic of the madness in love. Love finds inexplicable ways to make sense of itself, a cycle of ludicrousness.


Love Quotes By Famous People - Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss has been right about many things, this is probably the most right he’s been! Love is, at the end of the day, what we call the feeling of being comfortable in one’s weirdness while being accepted for it by the other, and embracing the other’s weirdness as well. If you weird, you get it!


Love Quotes By Famous People - John Lennon

Lennon may have been onto something here. The abstract nature of love is explained in the fact that it is a promise, an unquantifiable entity. And if you have loved once, you will love on and on, holding to it like a souvenir from a moment you wish lasts forever.