Love Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend – 15 Real Solid Questions

Now, why would you actually search for something like’ love questions to ask your girlfriend’ online? One reason could be that you really don’t know what to ask. Clearly, you are the one who does less of asking and more of answering. Second reason could be that you do have some idea about what to ask her but are unsure if those are the right questions or not. Thirdly, you just want to… Well, whatever your reasons may be, these are questions you should definitely be asking your girlfriend if you don’t have anything better to ask.Here’s our list of ‘love questions to ask your girlfriend’!


Love Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend - When Exactly?

Start your ‘love questions to ask your girlfriend’ list with the beginning. You may have had that crush on her since a very long time but it is not necessary that she shares the same sentiment. It is always a good thing to ask her. Not because you doubt her true love but to infuse more love into the relationship by recollecting the moment you first fell in love with each other.

2. Love Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend - Romantic Fantasies

It could be anything from going on a horse ride with you on a Greek beach-side or just a simple candle-light dinner. She will be more than delighted if you asked her this question with genuine interest and then show some willingness to fulfill it (at least sometime in the future). Just remember ‘love questions to ask your girlfriend’ of the kinky kind always need follow up with a DT question!

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3. Love Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend - Do I?

A relationship becomes a successful one when there is happiness and satisfaction embedded deep into the hearts of two individuals. If her answer is vague or if she’s unsure about it, you have some serious work to do mister. Pull your socks up and get your act right. Here’s some true love sms texts to start you off with.

4. Love Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend - Expectations

Now this is a tricky choice among ‘love questions to ask your girlfriend’. If you’ve missed out the feelers that she had given out about something then you have your task cut out. She might not be upfront with her answer or she might say it straight to your face. Either way, it is a good thing. You will gain more insight about how to be a better and caring boyfriend to your special woman.

5. Love Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend - The One Flaw

Ask this as sincerely and politely as possible, and you will surprised by her pleasant reaction. It shows that you are open to change. And it also shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to do things that will only make your relationship stronger. Overall, this is one of the ‘love questions to ask your girlfriend’ that will help you both understand each other better. And maybe if she uses a yardstick to compare, then here’s some jealous love quotes.

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6. Love Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend - Peeves

She may have pointed this out to you already but guess you must have forgotten it! Here is a question to touch upon the topic again. This way you will also give her an opportunity to share her complaints about you all at once, and feel light about. It could be anything about you that irritates her like talking loudly on phone or how you just wear the same socks for three days. Whatever it be, let her vent it out.

7. Love Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend - In A Day

This is a good love question to know how often she thinks of you. You might be surprised by her answer.

8. Love Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend - Our Funniest Moments

You may not gain some strong insights by asking this one but you will indirectly tell her that you are very much focused on the ‘we’ and ‘our’ aspect of the relationship. Sometimes you need these kinds of ‘love questions to ask your girlfriend’ as a passive way to show you’re interested. Reminiscing moments spent together is the best way of strengthening a bond, and asking this question is a lovely way to do that.

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9. Love Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend - Long Distance Relationship

As one of the stakeholder in the relationship, you need to know how much she is interested in you beyond the basics, so ‘love questions to ask your girlfriend’ need to include the hard ones. Remember, she is still your girlfriend and not your wife. If she loves you from the bottom of her heart, she will never ever let the love between you fade away. She will strive, work hard and do whatever it takes to maintain that affection no matter the distance.

10. Love Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend - Money Issues

Most successful relationships involve individuals who have a sound mutual understanding when it comes to matters of money. As a guy, you may always insist on paying the bill even if you actually split it. But what if you are unable to pay even your bit of the bill?

11. Love Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend - PDA

PDA Q&A needs to be on your ‘love questions to ask your girlfriend’ list. You may love to show-off your woman to the world the next time you are out on a date but you should learn how comfortable she is. If she is okay about it then she is definitely proud of dating a person like you. But in case she is not that comfortable with it, don’t feel bad about it. It does not indicate that she loves you less, it is just that she does not find it appropriate, that’s all.

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12. Love Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend - Perfect Time

It helps in aligning your thoughts together. Perhaps your idea of a date is picking up the corner seat in a dark movie theatre but she may prefer sitting at home cuddling with you. Try understanding what is on her mind, and she will be very happy that you asked.

13. Love Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend - Consent Is Sexy

This is one of those ‘love questions to ask your girlfriend’ that tell her you’re a gentleman, and a cut above, since most men are quite eager. You may be in a firm relationship but that does not mean that she is interested to take things to the next level. She might ascribe sexual intimacy to something that is apt after marriage. If she thinks that way, it does not mean she does not trust you. It is just that she believes in the concept of ‘all in good time’. This question will also help you learn where to draw the line by curtailing your expectations. The outcome of this will be that you will be more focused on nurturing your love, and will spend good quality time in understanding her as an individual.

14. Love Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend - Soul Mates

It is one of those love questions to ask your girlfriend to gauge the long term potential of your relationship. Soul-mate is a strong word, and if she sees a soul-mate in you then congratulations. In case she just sees a ‘potential soul-mate’ in you or does not see one at all then don’t panic. Read the next question.

15. Love Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend - Forever

Now here is the icing on the cake. This one question says it all while asking her about everything you always wanted to know. It is a question that will be music to her ears, and will also help you be a better boyfriend. It is a classic indicator of your long-term interest in her, and will convey the point that you are not interested in just some fling.

So we end our ‘love questions to ask your girlfriend’ list with that one.

Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Remember, you will have to be absolutely serious about the relationship before you ask these questions.
  • Make sure you ask these questions with genuine sincerity, and not in a way that is too casual.
  • If your girlfriend is unable to answer them in one go don’t press for an answer immediately. Instead offer her ample time.
  • Don’t be interrogative or go overboard about quizzing her. It should not create an impression that you are obsessed about hearing things about yourself from her.
  • Finally, don’t get disheartened and infuriated if she has a negative answer or gives a reply that you were not expecting. Stay normal. After all, you love that girl, right?

Now go quiz her!