16 Love Proposal SMS Messages To Sway All The Hearts

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The advent of mobile phones has changed how a lot of us communicate, with these devices allowing us to be ever more connected across distances. And it has become increasingly popular to express affection, to send your heartfelt expressions of sincere love and the echoes of your yearning heart through SMSes. These blazingly fast messages will speed through the ether to your love and submit your surely timeless proposal at the door of their heart. Remember, things written on a screen are more permanent these days than even words etched in rock. If you feel like proposing to your loved one through the phone, then we have the best love proposal SMS messages for you to send to your loved one(s). Scroll on!


This is a cute SMS that knows what it’s talking about. The mind is at the forefront of memory, certainly, but what really sticks with you, even when your mind has faded, are the images and feelings etched in your heart.


A clever play on the fact that most people can’t seem to understand where to go to save their lives, let alone send the perfect love proposal SMS. And you have, so it’s perfectly obvious that all of this is in fact a clever ploy to compliment your lover – you sly dog you.


A rather subtle way to go about letting your loved one know that at the end of the day, the only thing you need to keep on going from one day to the next is their mere presence in your life. What better way to take the pressure off someone than by letting them know that their answer could make or break your soul?


A heartfelt message that is almost charming in its naivety and simple and almost dense optimism. You can tell that their happiness is as deep as the brilliant analogy that is used here, simply moving. Indeed, we are electrified by the zing of this incredible SMS.


This sort of SMS will serve a double purpose; first of all it obviously declares your love for them and communicates your desire to be with them for the rest of your life. Secondly, in its opening words, it also lets your intended know what is to be expected of them, if they say yes to this delightful proposal SMS. Check out our article on cute and unforgettable love quotes for him. We are sure you will find it interesting.


Sheer poetry, even Keats would weep! Byron would rage! And Shelly would languish, at the thought of such magnificent lines put down on pap.. well, on screen. Let us all take a minute to be thankful for the glad fact that roses are indeed red and violets are still surprisingly blue, so that this rhyme can work for you two.


This appeals to the caretaker in your partner, calling to that part of them that will take care of anybody. So, why not give a try? Anything is worth at least one shot.


Ah the eternal questions of life, those deep questions that you must never quite stop asking yourself and the people around you. The eternal search for love is what drives most of us on this planet, and hopefully with these sweet words in a well-timed SMS will have ended your search for you. At least, we sincerely hope so. Like what you have read? Need something more to profess your love for your girlfriend or wife? Take a look at our article on soul-stirring love quotes for her that will surely make her go weak at the knees.


Utterly and simply romantic; this sweet and selfless message of pure, divine love will make your partner blush. Indeed, this standard of expression should be adopted by all those who want better returns from their emotional investments. We hear the interest rates are to die for.


This love proposal SMS is perfect for those who are a bit more on the shy side, and who are more prone to little bouts of indecisiveness about the firmness of their cause. A smart ploy for the cautious soul, this is perfect for when you’re not sure of your affections being returned. This kind of puppy-dog-eye technique has always known to be superbly effective. Especially with people who like dogs.


Perhaps the simplest, and among the most romantic of all the other messages here, this one is elegance defined in its ambition and scope. Future happiness is always there, but what is the point in happiness if it cannot be shared? How then do you know that it is happiness, and not just another SMS with a message of love?

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Fans of long, intense silences where the other person’s breathy tones can almost be imagined over the text on the screen, this message is perfect for creating a sense of rising tension that can be resolved with a ‘yes,’ which is almost assured, unless the stars have decided against your favour.


Elementary arithmetic at its finest, this completely believable equation will astound your intended partner with its elegant and more importantly undeniable logic. And also play on their guilt, because after all they have your heart. You should pat yourself on the back for a job well done.


Knowing not to rush in is always important, be it in love, sex or war; this quote knows that well. A connection can always spring up between the unlikeliest of people, and sometimes they can be the best kind of bonds. Love that you don’t encounter, but which you find was always next to you, if only you cared to look is always the best kind, or so we hear. And the ending, which gives them any sort of option in the response, while admittedly a bold move, might actually be good for you. It will at least prompt a reply, even if they are not interested.


Hey, if repeated capitalisation can work for content on the Internet, why shouldn’t it work in what is supposed to be an intimate expression of longing and an articulation of the most beautiful parts of your soul? Those parts that are inspired by the existence of your love and your loved one? Statistically, you have chances of this actually working out!


Combining the elements that both Shakespeare and modern advertising companies use as source material for some of their more catchy lines, this sublime and happy love proposal SMS will brilliantly deliver your message of eternal love in fine fashion.

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