35 Love Proposal Quotes For The Perfect Start To A Relationship

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We see it in the movies, we read it in books; we dream about it and look forward to it eagerly – yes, I am talking about the perfect proposal! Now while you may choose a fancy place and wear your best outfit, what matters the most is what you say. It is the words you use that remain etched in the mind and heart for years to come. So, here’s hoping that this collection of love proposal quotes helps you make the perfect start to a lifetime of love and togetherness.


You never know when love comes and finds you, but when it does, you know it instantly!


Make a promise of being your best; after all isn’t that what everybody wants?


Make a promise for a lifetime, to hold your partner’s hand through every phase in life.


The biggest dream is to find true love and unconditional care.


These are the biggest promises that can make any relationship strong and set the foundation for a lifetime of togetherness.


It’s a beautiful way to promise a lifetime of love and togetherness.


Wow! The very words can make someone go weak in the knees.


Poetic words with a deep meaning that is sure to melt anyone’s heart.


Could you ask for better words that promise a devotion; a promise and wishes till the very end of time?


The power of true love is that it makes you a better person and makes your life more beautiful.


A commitment for life; a commitment that stays forever and ever…


When you find true love, nothing and no one seems to make a difference around you.


Your whole personality and identity is enhanced when you are in love, and it’s all because your partner has a positive and beautiful impact on your life.


I can’t imagine anyone not falling for such beautiful words, when spoken by someone with true love and devotion for you.


Now that’s a fact one can’t deny; you become a better person when your life is fuelled with true love.


One can’t really go wrong with a small little poem, can you?


It rhymes and it surely leaves a beautiful imprint… just the perfect amount of words that convey such a heartfelt emotion.


The classic ‘let’s grow old together…’ enhanced with the perfect set of meaningful words.


In life, all we need is someone who promises to hold our hand through life.


The perfect words that show how perfect your partner is to you.


Do you believe in that? If you have found love, you surely will…


Every day spent away from your love makes the urge to be together even more. And I say, why wait?


True lovers are best friends for life and how could life not be perfect if you spend it with your closest, bestest friend?


That’s a smart way of putting it, don’t you think so too?


Now that’s what I call simply adorable! Tell your partner they are the ‘better’ half of everything around you, and of course that’s what you want them to be.


Awww! You give your heart to someone, what more could you give?


Life is better when you have passion and faith to keep you going; and of course love of your partner too.


So soulful! These are the kinds of feelings and emotions one experiences only when one finds true love.


There is no such happiness and joy as the one you find in love.


Giving the hope of a beautiful future is the best thing you can give.


When you give your life to someone, there’s nothing more you can give to anyone else.


Simple but so heartfelt! Sometimes it’s the simplest words that hold and convey the maximum meaning.


So sweet! True love is not just being happy but also giving the same kind of happiness to your partner.


If you have someone to hold your hand forever, you can conquer anything in life.


Now that may sound cheesy, but love and cheesy go hand in hand… everything is fair and everything sounds adorable!

These quotes make me imagine all things bright and beautiful; red roses and all other things that love is associated with. Go plan your perfect proposal, and remember that no matter how well you organize, it is the words that really matter. Share your perfect love proposal ideas and messages.

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