Love Poems For Wife: 24 Poems To Express Your Heart Out

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If you’ve been married, you’d know how the hugs and kisses dwindle down and the “I love you’s” become just an obligatory habit. And somewhere in between the bills and kids, the romance of life is lost and you don’t know how to get it back. Women still talk their heart out, but men? It is said that men don’t emote easily. Not because they don’t have emotions, but because they don’t know how to express those emotions in words. Here are 24 short ‘love poems for wife’, specifically for your wife that’ll help you woo her all over again.


This cheeky sweet little love poem for wifey-poo will send a smile across her face and wake the butterflies in her heart. Romancing a woman isn’t easy, agreed. But the tip is to be genuine and cute. No woman can resist an honest man. So drop the alpha coat for a while and see what magic that creates!


It’s short, it’s simple, and it will make her day. Letting her know that you know and appreciate her struggle is all it will take for her to fall in love with you.

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You know this is true. That you feel at home when you’re with your wife. She’s your everything. Caretaker, secret keeper, best friend, companion for life. And life would suck without her! So send her this ‘love poem for wife’ and tell her how much you love her.


She takes you for what you are and only makes you better. Your wife is your life support, without whom you’d still be a dysfunctional child. She brings out the immaculate man that you are from the boy that you were. And this poem will tell her just that.


This abstract, out of context, analogically wacky, seven odd lined poem is a good attempt to make her laugh. But it also gets the point across. A marriage is a two people job. Like you can’t clap with just one hand, you cannot live life without needing her in every step of your life.


A short sweet poem to tell her that you love her and care about her. Many a times we fail to say the obvious things. But these small little things make a huge difference in your relationship. So use your words and say it out! After all, she deserves to know.


Your wife has probably seen you through your best and worst. She’s the best thing that’s happened to you, and you know it. Then why not go ahead and tell her? Send her this ‘love poem for wife and let her know how much she means to you.


Your wife is probably really amazing. Give her the credit she’s due. You’ve grown better and stronger in her company. She makes you want to be good and better till you’re the best. And she’ll see you through the rest. Isn’t she the best?


You don’t have to be perfect and neither does she. You just have to be compatible and accepting of each other’s imperfections. Because how do you know you love her till you’ve seen her sprawl all over the bed or eat the whole box of frozen mozzarella sticks in one go and find it cute, right?


Love is everlasting, but the expression of love dies in most marriages You get so caught up in your jobs and kids that you forget that the two of you are more than just the parents of your kids or breadwinners of the family. So with this ‘love poem for wife’, promise your wife to never let the romance die.

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Many times you’d be stuck in situations where little things remind you of your wife. But how many of those times have you mentioned it to your wife. If you miss her or when you miss her, let her know. This will help the love grow. Try it.


She’s your wife, not just the mother of your kids or the cook of your house. Treat her like the queen she is. Let her know how much she means to you. Send her this poem and express just how much you care about her.


A cheeky little poem to bring back the memories of the good old days. When romance was all you could think about. Freshen up the memories and fall in love once again.


Men, by definition, are not as delicate and sensitive as women. So it is often ignored that the little things that you don’t give a second thought to, probably matter a lot to her. Thank her for putting up with you with this little love poem for wifey.


A cute little couplet to tell her how much you value her and how much she means to you. A poem that will bring a crinkle in her eye.


A short number poem that spells cute and love to tell her how she anchors your life and how grateful you are for her presence. Send her this poem to let her know that you want her to be your wife forever.


Women are multi-taskers. They handle both things inside the house as well as outside. They never complain and we never get to know how difficult it is to be in their place. Send her this cute ‘love poem for wife’ to tell her that you respect her for her work.


Love is an amazing feeling and being married to someone you can’t stop loving is beautiful. Love isn’t just big dates and showey “I love you’s” but the little things that happen everyday. It resides in the nuances of life.


They seem to make everything easier to handle. Problems seem faint and issues don’t bother you. Having them in your life seems to make everything better. And you can’t help but wonder, where was she all your life?


For the times that you wanna do something for her, to tell you love her and that you wanna have her in your life, cook her a special dinner and leave her this ‘love poem for wife’.

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You’ve been waiting all this while and now she’s finally going to be your wife and you want to tell her about for how long you’ve anticipated this – her arrival – in your life. Send this cute romantic poem and you know she’d smile.


A cute little couplet to tell her that you put her above everyone else. Send her this cute little poem to express your love and admiration.


Life is a series of events. One leads to another and then you find love. When you love someone, you can’t imagine a life without them. It would be cold and lacking all kinds of warmth. It seems dull without them. Tell her how much she means to you and send her this poem to tell her you appreciate her.


Marriage stays forever, but sometimes love disappears for a bit. In times like these, it’s important you show them that you still love them; that you love them for what they make you and you are glad that they are present in your life. Send her this message and revive the flutter of her heart.

Love should never be taken for granted, for the loss of it is beyond grief. Send these poems to your wife today and revive the romance.

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