52 Cute And Funny Love Notes Totally Worth Sharing!

Love notes! Ever passed or received one? If you think that this is something that’s only popular with teen couples then you are mistaken. Writing and passing love notes is totally cute and you don’t have to be young or old for it. You just have to be crazily in love. You could leave them some place in the house where your partner can see them, drop it next to the pillow or just stick them in their wallet or bag. And when they do find the love notes, smiles are guaranteed. It’s always the little things in love and life that matter.

So grab a pen and paper and jot down these wonderful love notes:

1. Love Notes - Mac N Cheese

The cutest love note to tell someone that you really, really dig them. After all, who doesn’t love mac and cheese?

2. Love Notes - The Only Fish For Me

Whether there are plenty of fish in the ocean or not, let your sweetheart know that you’ve found just the one for you.

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3. Love Notes - Camping!

What is one of the best love notes to let anyone know you’re into them? (Or at least, remind them?) Let them know you want to hang out, do stuff and spend time together.

4. Love Notes - My Mind Contains You

Before you sleep, after you wake up, in random parts of the day like when you’re in an important meeting you’re supposed to be paying attention in…

5. Love Notes - Daydreams

This is a really cute way of telling your sweetheart that you really have found the one. No one tells someone else they want to grow old with them, unless they’ve thought about it!

6. Love Notes - The Moment I Met You

This one line love note is a good way of telling your love that the moment you met them changed your life forever, In fact, it’s such a defining moment that it’s the one you’d like to freeze and keep forever.

7. Love Notes - You're The Best

A wonderful love note to slip into a purse or a lunch-box, especially after a little argument, or if you were particularly cranky about something, or if you kept your love waiting for a while, etc.

8. Love Notes - I Dream Of You

Even when I’m asleep and in no control of my thoughts and actions, I see you.

9. Love Notes - Perfect Pairs

This is one of those love notes that will make your sweetheart go “Awww” and you might even get a big kiss when you see them next.

10. Love Notes - All Day Long

You’re just telling the truth to your sweetheart and they will appreciate you all the more for it.

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11. Love Notes - You Are My Favourite

Such a quirky and cute way of letting your love know what you think of them, especially if you scribble it and leave it where they can see it before scurrying off to work.

12. Love Notes - I'm Always Here

Has your love been on the edge lately? Work pressures getting him or her down? Exams in the way? Family troubles to deal with? Spoken reassurance is wonderful, but leave them a love note where they will find it and they’ll know that you are there for them even in the times you aren’t physically present.

13. Love Notes - Forget Me Not

Love may be a two way street but you know exactly what it is you want, and that is you want to always remain with your sweetheart and that’s not changing.

14. Love Notes - You're A Lady

This is a lovely love note to leave for your girlfriend or wife. Let her know that her coming into your life has been an amazing and life changing event for you, and she will love to hear it.

15. Love Notes - Treasure

This is like thanking everyone who let go of your love only for you to then find them and find the missing piece to your puzzle. Some people can’t see what they have in front of them, but you’re not making that mistake.

16. Love Notes - Dreams Come True

This is one of those notes to leave on the kitchen table or in someone’s bag; it will be such a great feeling for them to find it and read it out of the blue.

17. Love Notes - Don't Even Blink

Simply cute.

18. Love Notes - Let's Grow Old Together

Nobody wants to grow older (and never old) unless they meet the man or woman of their dreams at which point it seems like the logical thing to do.

19. Love Notes - I'm Never Giving You Back

You’re mine to keep, and I don’t care where you’re coming from. I’m not letting you go, ever!

20. Love Notes - I'm Staying

Nobody is perfect. Pretending to be so, or striving for it can be a tiresome task, but one thing is important – that you never stop trying. This is the main point of this love note, that as long as they’ll have you, you’re not going anywhere.

21. Love Notes - The Calm

Whenever you’re in a rough mood, does your sweetheart always manage to calm you down and pep up your mood? Let them know just that, and don’t delay!

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22. Love Notes - Wherever You Are

Simple, short, sweet and to the point. I want to be with you, even if that means being on a remote island in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

23. Love Notes - Next To You

This is a cute and wonderful love note that lets your sweetheart know that you’re very serious about your relationship, and you just love cuddling and being with them all the time!

24. Love Notes - I Fell In Love

The way you play with your hair, the way you bite you lip when you’re nervous, the way you flick your pen from side to side when working on a problem, the way you… you know what it is, now tell them why you love them so much!

25. Love Notes - Just Sometimes

We’ve all had this happen to us, and while your SO might enjoy that look of ecstasy on your face, it would be nice to let them know how they make you feel from time to time, with love notes, of course!

26. Love Notes - All Is Well

Problems! Even the Queen of England has them; sure they’re different to the ones you and me have, but to her they’re pretty important still. What matters here is that if you ever find someone who makes you feel (even if it’s just for a while) that there’s nothing wrong in the world and everything’s going to be okay, then it’s important to let them know. And they’ll love you even more for it.

27. Love Notes - Netflix And Cuddles

Three of the greatest words known to man, especially for those in a relationship!

28. Love Notes - My Number One

Stick this love note in your beloved’s bag and be happy knowing that at some point in the day, while they’re rummaging around for some knick-knack, they’re going to find a piece of paper that’ll make them smile and think of you.

29. Love Notes - I'm Yours

Very cute, self deprecation done right.

30. Love Notes - My Heart

You’ve already given your heart away at this point; just remind them of the fact and let them know you’d like it to remain in one piece!

31. Love Notes - More Than Coffee

If you’re serious about your coffee, and your sweetheart is aware of this fact, then this is not a love note to be taken lightly.

32. Love Notes - I'm Home

Your SO has a day off while you have to get to office? Leave this on your pillow or the dining table and let them know that you’ll be back soon to be with them and you’d rather have it no other way.

33. Love Notes - You Make Me Smile

It’s annoying, but dammit you can’t help it!

34. Love Notes - Pizza

Wow! If there ever was a declaration of true love then this love note must be it. I mean sharing your favourite pizza? You must really love whoever you’re giving that note to.

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35. Love Notes - Let's Run Away

For best results, pass or stash this note on the eve of something official or important and watch your partner’s face turn from confusion into delight.

36. Love Notes - The Cutest

It takes guts to pass this note to someone you may not be already in a relationship with but it will leave no doubts about your feelings for them, and if you’re straight up like that, do it!

37. Love Notes - Butterflies!

An amazing thing to read for anyone who’s in a relationship; the spark is well and truly still alive.

38. Love Notes - Peanut Butter And Jelly

A cute statement not to be taken lightly! PB&J is awesome!

39. Love Notes - To See You

Best thing to pass to someone in the middle of class, especially if it’s an important one.

40. Love Notes - My Happy Place

A most wonderful love note to sneak your beloved, especially considering it’s a fact.

41. Love Notes - With Timon And Pumba

Two wonderful states to be in, especially if you’re with the person you love!

42. Love Notes - That Much

No matter how old you are, or how long you’ve been with someone, letting them know how much you love them with your outstretched arms or with a lot of I’s is never ever a bad idea.

43. Love Notes - I'm Keeping You

Simple and straight to the point.

44. Love Notes - Snowflakes

And if kisses were raindrops, you’d drown them (not literally of course). You get the point of this cute love note.

45. Love Notes - My Alarm Clock

Man that’s a happy feeling. Happier than that? That’s pure ecstasy!

46. Love Notes - Always You

Profound, especially if they’ve been thinking otherwise.

47. Love Notes - History

An audible “awww” will be let out.

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48. Love Notes - Every Day

Never take your love for granted; leave them love notes instead.


Love Notes - We're Proof



Love Notes - Always Trying

And that’s what matters.

51. Love Notes - Will Miss You

A beautiful and touching love note to slip into someone’s luggage when they’re

off for a while (even to work) and you’re going to be sitting at home there waiting for them to come back.

52. Love Notes - Of All The Places

What are all the places where you could be at? It doesn’t even matter because you’re not even thinking about them. What you’re thinking about is you love and how to be with them always, and that’s what you need to let them know.