100 Love Messages For Her: Say It Right And Say It Well!

You know your girlfriend is perfect since she is the one that you have always dreamt of. No companionship and friendship matches what she gives you, and you love her for whatever she is. While she might know all that, it is always a good idea and practice to get vocal about your love once in a while. If you are a guy who is not into instant messaging and love the good old charm of the 160 character SMS, then we have the best ‘love sms for girlfriend’ collection, 100 texts that will help you express your love to her.

1. Love Messages For Her - Thinking Of You

This is the classic text love message for her that will get you into her good books. There’s nothing quite as endearing as a good old fashioned “you’re on my mind.”

2. Love Messages For Her - Incomplete

If you’ve been going steady, and she’s climbed right up your list of priorities and made her way into future plans, let her know just that with this simple love message for her.

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3. Love Messages For Her - An Angel

Out of the blue it reads a bit, well, out of the blue. After a long conversation or enjoyable time spent together, this message is a very good way to end the night.

4. Love Messages For Her - I Lucked Out

Often, we do feel this wonderful feeling, and we ought to share it with the person who made it all come about.

5. Love Messages For Her - Even More

My love for you is ever growing is a pretty darn nice thing to say to someone, and you can bet they’ll love you all the more for it.

6. Love Messages For Her - No Choice

Starts off arrogant, ends perfectly sweetly, a cute love message for her. A most interesting way to compliment someone, and to make sure you too get a most interesting reply.

7. Love Messages For Her - Every Time I Smile

Like one of those epiphanies that come to you when you’re wandering but not lonely.

8. Love Messages For Her - It Was Not Just A Dream

Your girl will love you talking about her featuring in your dreams. And it’s not like it doesn’t happen too.

9. Love Messages For Her - You Bring Joy

This is perhaps for the more mature couple, but the sentiment is every bit as sweet, if not more so, than most messages here. This isn’t an offhand remark; it’s an attempt to communicate everything she means to you in one text love message for her.

10. Love Messages For Her - You Light Up My Life

Was she over last week bearing gifts and kisses? Was that the best thing to happen to you in the last few months, since her last visit? Let her know what it meant to you!

11. Love Messages For Her - So Much Fun

Golly, if we could in any way fully explain the importance of this love message for her, then it’d be a good turn because this is one of the most crucial parts of any relationship – having fun together!

12. Love Messages For Her - My Favourite Person

Again, don’t text her this after your first date because you know all about her and her political beliefs from Facebook. This is for those who are going steady and going well.

13. Love Messages For Her - My Reason

No, seriously, how often is this just the case? Work is a hassle, family is a chore (a reality in many homes across the world, you know) and everything else seems so stale, but when your phone vibrates or when you meet to get a soup and a sandwich, that’s what makes you leap out of bed the next morning raring to go!

14. Love Messages For Her - The Most Beautiful Heart

This is fairly honest which may or may not be appreciated at least initially, but if you want an attention grabbing, conversation sparking text love message for her, then this is the one to go with.

15. Love Messages For Her - Addiction

“Single life is gr… Oh my, God, who is she?” Remember being convinced about how good a life spent in the company of friends, food, drink, playing cards and cheap mattresses was, until you saw, and then met her, to realise “I’m going to have to live a lot better, for us?” That was probably for the best, now let her know.

16. Love Messages For Her - The Beauty Within

Similar to a previous message in meaning, but with a more tactful and perhaps less passionate tone.

17. Love Messages For Her - The Only Armour

If you feel like your girl gives you superhuman strength and courage, or having her by your side whenever you’re in a spot of bother – or even knowing that you do – makes all the difference to you in your life, then please, do let her know. The above love message for her is a good way to start.

18. Love Messages For Her - Your Touch

That is sheer poetry in a text message, but you really have to feel it to speak it with conviction (yes, I know it’s a text message). If the sight of her still gives you butterflies, and the knowledge of having missed her call causes a pain in your gut, even though it’s been over a year together, then that message perfectly describes your current, wonderful, predicament.

19. Love Messages For Her - Cuddles

When you’re being sugary sweet, might as well go all out. Best sent late at night towards the tail end of a long conversation.

20. Love Messages For Her - I See You Smile

This is sweet as honey, but it’s also a pretty heavy text! Again, not to be sent if you’re not completely feeling it. How do you know if you’re feeling it? Well, if you read that message only to smile to yourself and think “Yup” then by all means send her this love message for her.

21. Love Messages For Her - Your Smile

Again a most sweet message to receive, especially if she already knows just how much you love the rest of her as well.

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22. Love Messages For Her - Madly In Love

A wonderfully sweet sentiment plus a dash of popular culture and boom, you have an excellent text message to open, spice up or end a conversation with.

23. Love Messages For Her - Life Doesn't Need To Be Perfect

This is more of a “I’m sorry” or “I’m sorry you didn’t get that college application processed, do it next year” message than a random “Thinking of you, love you!” message, and hence is to be used as such. Let her know that sometimes we can’t have everything that we want, but if we have the things we want and need most, we’re doing pretty well!

24. Love Messages For Her - Since I'm A Guy

This will definitely elicit an “aww” from her, especially if you’ve been putting on a very macho attitude all this while. Ease up and send a silly, cute text love message for her to your girl – she’ll love it.

25. Love Messages For Her - I'm Very Selfish

Wow, didn’t expect that coming… and neither will she. That’s a lovely thing to say and she would love it.

26. Love Messages For Her - Nothing And No One

Simple compliment paid well.

27. Love Messages For Her - Photograph

This love message for her works rather well for long distance couples who have to beg each other for photos all the time because they’re going crazy with the loneliness. “Just send me any damn thing, would you! xoxo” also works most of the time.

28. Love Messages For Her - You're Awesome

That should happen most of the times, but the fact that it is and that you’re being alerted about such a thing is most reassuring and endearing.

29. Love Messages For Her - My Heart Can Feel

This may sound extremely sugary (which is great), but it’s more true that you think.

30. Love Messages For Her - AngelFriend

“I’m going to start calling you my angelfriend” may be sent as a follow-up for comic relief if your attempts at flattery didn’t quite work out. We’re kidding, it’ll work.

31. Love Messages For Her - Happy Meal

A Light and airy love message for her, like a feather floating in the wind.

32. Love Messages For Her - The Only Thing I Need

Bonus points if you look and act like John Rambo and then drop this bomb!

33. Love Messages For Her - Love You Loads

An excellent message to send if you forgot to do something vitally important and time-bound that you had been entrusted with and reminded about for weeks prior. It may not be enough, but it’s a good start.

34. Love Messages For Her - Aphrodite

You refer to her as princess anyway, I’m sure, so why not take it up a notch!

35. Love Messages For Her - I Hate February

This love message for her is so silly and so lovely at the same time. We are sure she will find it cute.

36. Love Messages For Her - A Standstill

I’m special, and I think you’re special. You must’ve been sent from above!

37. Love Messages For Her - It Doesn't Have A Word For It

Make sure to not misspell any of the words or this message could haunt you for a while. Bonus points if you have a girlfriend who buys you a thesaurus after reading this.

38. Love Messages For Her - Not That I Won't Wait

Forever is immeasurably long, and this is quite a reassuring love message for her to receive for someone who’s worried about being away.

39. Love Messages For Her - Every Time We Kiss

Not the greatest conversation opener, unless the two of you are cool like that, in which case, be my guest. What this is, is a great late Thursday night, “shouldn’t be still up texting, but I can’t put the phone down. I love her so much” kinda text and is best used that way.

40. Love Messages For Her - Winters

You have to agree that this is all round an excellent, witty love message for her.

41. Love Messages For Her - The Perfect Girlfriend

If she’s the only girl you’ve ever dated – No. If you know what you’re talking about – Yes.

42. Love Messages For Her - My Investments

This is more beautiful a thought that may seem apparent at first.

43. Love Messages For Her - Water

And just like water, her love is essential for you.

44. Love Messages For Her - I Changed

This love message for her is quite self-centred but quite honest, and she’ll like that.

45. Love Messages For Her - You Make My Heart Happy

That message is sunshine and roses delivered as 1s and 0s.

46. Love Messages For Her - I Ran Out Of Stars

Sometimes, she’ll want to be told (and told good) just how much you love her. Send out this text love message for her.

47. Love Messages For Her - Ready For War

An excellent, endearing, sexy text message to receive.

48. Love Messages For Her - A Perfect Fit

A flurry of kisses as a reply incoming.

49. Love Messages For Her - I Don't Think You Do

Damn! Who have you ever said that to? Think about what it means also. See? Exactly.

50. Love Messages For Her - My Thoughts

And we’re going to end our list with this humdinger of a love message for her. Right at the start, we said that “thinking of you” is one of the greatest text messages you can send, and we’d like to reiterate – we weren’t lying.

51. Love SMS For Girlfriend - Special

Let’s kick-off the list with the poetic type ‘love sms for girlfriend’, one that is outright romantic and makes a deep unadulterated expression of love. Surely this one is going to bring a smile on her lovely face.

52. Love SMS For Girlfriend - Sunshine And Sugar

Did she ever ask you, ‘Do I look fat, baby?’ and you struggled to find the right words that left her a bit upset. Send her this cute ‘love sms for girlfriend’, and don’t forget to suffix it with a kiss smiley.

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53. Love SMS For Girlfriend - No Question

If she hasn’t asked you yet then surely you are soon going to hear the quintessential question, ‘Why do you love me?’ Share this message across as an answer and it will surely bring a smile on her lips.

54. Love SMS For Girlfriend - My Love Will Feed

A good one when your babe is away and you miss her badly. It has some simple words that make it a great SMS to share with the love of your life.

55. Love SMS For Girlfriend - You Complete Me My Love

It wraps the feeling of desolation when you are away from your girlfriend all within the 160 character limit so that you can conveniently share it with her.

56. Love SMS For Girlfriend - You Steal My Heart Away

This one makes an awesome’love sms for girlfriend’ to send when you receive a text from your girlfriend. If you are having a text chat with her then this is a great love SMS to sign-off for the day.

57. Love SMS For Girlfriend - I Am Afraid

This one will make her go, ‘Aww…’ for sure. Perhaps she might even pull your cheeks the next time you meet. Nice adorable message to send to your lady love.

58. Love SMS For Girlfriend - You Are My All

When your love for your girlfriend is true, then she becomes a perpetual source of joy, a joy that becomes the power source of your life and without which you can’t live.

59. Love SMS For Girlfriend - I Can't Wait

Missing her badly? Then say it up with these words. It is one of those ‘love sms for girlfriend’ where you can elicit a mushy response too.

60. Love SMS For Girlfriend - You Fill The Emptiness

Like said before, your girlfriend will be that friend who will bring you a sense of satisfaction in life. The way she stands out from the rest in a way that only you can see. Share that sentiment with her and watch her face brighten up with a smile.

61. Love SMS For Girlfriend - The Most Wonderful Girl

Even if you know that you are meant to be soul-mates, it is always great to reinforce that love by sharing words of love and encouragement with each other. That helps making your bond much stronger than it was yesterday.

62. Love SMS For Girlfriend - You Will Be The Only One

Send that to her and you just won her heart permanently. Girls seek a sense of security in a relationship and there is nothing more comforting to them than their guy stating that in some simple lucid words.

63. Love SMS For Girlfriend - Living The Dream

Now that you have got into a stable relationship with the girl you always had a crush on, it is time to spill the true feelings with this wonderfully articulated ‘love sms for girlfriend’.

64. Love SMS For Girlfriend - The Best Gift

If your love is true, she always means the world to you. Say that out to her and leave her smiling with happiness.

65. Love SMS For Girlfriend - Love Is Going To Keep Us Together

Well, it is quite likely that her gorgeous hair or pretty smile is what drew you towards her in the first place. A candid yet romantic love SMS for girlfriend that conveys the point to her.

66. Love SMS For Girlfriend - The Day I Met You

This one makes a great reply if you ever receive a message from your girlfriend asking how much you love her. The neutral yet romantic tone makes it the perfect one to send out to her.

67. Love SMS For Girlfriend - For You

If you are looking for a love SMS for girlfriend that will surely elicit a response then you can count on this one. A good message to share the true feelings in your heart for her.

68. Love SMS For Girlfriend - Madly In Love

If all you feel is the mad rush of love every time you see her face, then you should say that to her even if she knows about it. An adorable SMS to put that feeling in words.

69. Love SMS For Girlfriend - Every Move You Take

You know she has become more than a friend when that happens and why not share what you feel?

70. Love SMS For Girlfriend - No One Will Ever Take Your Place

The rhyming words here create a wonderful sentence that works great to be sent in an SMS to your beloved lady.

71. Love SMS For Girlfriend - Those Cheesy Lines

If straightforward communication is your thing then this one makes a great SMS to be shared.

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72. Love SMS For Girlfriend - I Realised

If that is how you feel then you have surely reached a level of maturity in your relationship, and nothing more will impress her than that. Say it out with this well articulated ‘love sms for girlfriend’.

73. Love SMS For Girlfriend - Beautiful Inside And Outside

That is how it all begins, and if there is truthfulness and sincerity in the relationship, you attain a state of mellowness and see her more like a soul-mate.

74. Love SMS For Girlfriend - Cuddles

Having a live-in? Then this one works great; better than ‘I miss you.’

75. Love SMS For Girlfriend - My World

A girlfriend can take on multiple roles in your life – she can be your friend, confidante and even your counsellor. Never let go of such a girl and always tell her what you feel with a wonderful ‘love sms for girlfriend’.

76. Love SMS For Girlfriend - I'll Love You No Matter What You Tell Me

It has a nice cuteness factor tagged to it and is bound to leave her smiling no matter what time of the day you send it to her.

77. Love SMS For Girlfriend - Forever

Great way to tell her that no matter how the journey of life takes shape, you will always be by her side as her life companion forever.

78. Love SMS For Girlfriend - I'd Wait For Eternity

A combo of this and the previous one is surely going to make her blush. Guaranteed hug and perhaps a kiss the next time you meet!

79. Love SMS For Girlfriend - I Want You To Know

A simple ‘love sms for girlfriend’ to cheer up your girlfriend, any time, any moment of the day.

80. Love SMS For Girlfriend - No Meaning Without You

She comes in your world as a ray of sunshine and brightens up every day of it with her radiance. If that is what you feel about your girlfriend then these are the words to use when sending a love SMS to her.

81. Love SMS For Girlfriend - My Best Friend

It is said that that love starts with friendship…

82. Love SMS For Girlfriend - Your Warmth

Those little details that matter…

83. Love SMS For Girlfriend - I Know That's Love

Does your girlfriend believe more in non-verbal communication? Acknowledge whatever she has expressed till now with this wonderful ‘love sms for girlfriend’. It is also a great way of letting her know that you take notice of her every romantic move towards you.

84. Love SMS For Girlfriend - No Matter What Situation We Are In

All that a girl expects is her guy to stand by her side, no matter what the situation. If that guy makes a solemn promise to do so, then that would just make her day.

85. Love SMS For Girlfriend - I Think About You All The Time

Nice way of telling your beloved that she has brought countless positive changes in your life to the extent that now you attribute almost every cherished moment of your life to her.

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86. Love SMS For Girlfriend - Everything Is Beautiful

If that is how you feel then say it out with these adorable words.

87. Love SMS For Girlfriend - I Choose You

So once you are sure that she is the one, you should say it. Nervous to do so? Pick up your phone, type this ‘love sms for girlfriend’ out and just send it to her; and be prepared for a really tight hug on your next date.

88. Love SMS For Girlfriend - Living The Dream Life

This one can work as a great wedding proposal message. You might have spent years dating her but she would have never asked about tying the knot, perhaps because she is not sure what is on your mind. Take the first step towards expressing your desire for a wedlock with this wonderful love SMS for your girlfriend that will surely leave her blushing.

89. Love SMS For Girlfriend - Warm, Safe, Happy And Special

When she becomes more precious than the most precious things in your life then it is time you share it with her. A nice SMS to convey those thoughts.

90. Love SMS For Girlfriend - I Fall In Love All Over Again Every Day

Every moment spent with her brings a fresh feeling of love, and if that is how you feel then here is the ‘love sms for girlfriend’ that will work great for you.

91. Love SMS For Girlfriend - Loving You

When she means everything to the extent that life feels barren without her love and company, send this message.

92. Love SMS For Girlfriend - You're The Woman I Want To Spend My Life With

If she brings a sense of fullness in your life then it is time to hold her hand tight and never let go ever.

93. Love SMS For Girlfriend - Physical Separation Cannot Dwindle Our Love

There could be some moments of separation, which could feel like eternity. But stay calm and send this romantic ‘love sms for girlfriend’ to keep the spark alive.

94. Love SMS For Girlfriend - The Beat Of My Heart

If expressing love through some cool analogies is your kind of thing then here is the SMS that will fit your bill quite well.

95. Love SMS For Girlfriend - Our First Eyegasm

Reminiscing your first moments of love is the best way to rekindle the spark in your love. It is a great and subtle way of telling her that you are still the same guy who fell madly in love with her right at the first sight.

96. Love SMS For Girlfriend - The Missing Piece

This is surely another way of saying that the girl of your life is the one who completes you and your life.

97. Love SMS For Girlfriend - Your Eyes And My Eyes

For the times when that glow in her eyes is all you need to forget your worries and look forward to another day with some enthusiastic optimism.

98. Love SMS For Girlfriend - Just You

Spells C-R-A-Z-Y like nothing else.

99. Love SMS For Girlfriend - Like Cake

Another adorable ‘love sms for girlfriend’ with some nice analogies to draw her attention to the fact she is dating a guy who has always, and will always love her no matter what she thinks of him.

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100. Love SMS For Girlfriend - I'm Glad You're With Me

There are always some amazing qualities in your girlfriend that would have drawn your attention towards her in the first place. If that is the case, then make it a point to express your feelings. If your beloved has some other qualities than the ones mentioned above, you can have them written instead.

No matter how long you have been dating her, it is never too late to express your love towards her, in a way like you fell in love with her just yesterday. Have anything to express about your love life? Do share.