10 Love Meaning Quotes That’ll Make You Ponder

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What is love? Is it an emotion, a feeling, a thing, a person? Defining something as beautiful as love is probably the most difficult task, yet everyone finds their own definition when they find true love. Sometimes a single word is enough to reflect the meaning and sometimes a whole sonnet may fall short! So I’m not answering this rhetorical question, but here’s a list of 10 love meaning quotes that make you rethink about the true meaning and value of love.

1.Love Meaning Quotes - H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Love and happiness go hand in hand, when it comes to relationships and love meaning quotes, but you are truly in love when the happiness of your partner becomes more important to you than your own happiness. It’s not about sacrificing all the time, but truly being happy in their happiness.

2.Love Meaning Quotes - Loretta Young

Most people try to find love in every corner, but love isn’t something you can find. When it’s meant to be, love will come and find you when you least expect it.

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3.Love Meaning Quotes - Ann Landers

Love always starts with being friends. Slowly you start appreciating each other and accept one another for what you both are. True love finds perfection amongst the flaws and is always there, no matter what. Love meaning quotes about that mushy feeling, those few lines of the truest bond.

4.Love Meaning Quotes - Mama Zara

When you are in love, you begin to appreciate life and most importantly you begin to appreciate yourself and love yourself for who you are. You see the beauty the world offers – inside and out!

5.Love Meaning Quotes - James Baldwin

Each one of us wears a mask that hides our true self. It’s only when we are in love do we have the confidence to remove that mask and be exactly who we really are. Then we get that limericks on fools in love meaning quotes that spill over with the feels, are more than just words.

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6.Love Meaning Quotes - Lao Tzu

Love brings along a world of positive feelings and emotions; things we never even imagine we are capable of.

7.Love Meaning Quotes - Sophocles

All of us have baggage and pains and sorrows that we burden ourselves with, but it’s only true love that takes it all away and helps us live free and happy.

8.Love Meaning Quotes - Dorothy Parker

Most people hold on to love a bit too tight! If the love is meant to be, it will stay… whether you hold on to it or not.

9.Love Meaning Quotes - Nicholas Sparks

Even though words are important, love is not just words! Saying ‘I love you’ is not as important as showing it through your actions.

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10.Love Meaning Quotes - Dr. Seuss

This one’s my personal favourite. Love is weird and so are we. It’s all about being weird together.

The above quotes more or less define love in the words of some known and famous people. What’s your definition of love? Can you put it in words or are you still trying to figure out the meaning? Anyway, love is a four letter word that probably cannot be contained even within four paragraphs.

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