35 Love Marriage Quotes To Make Your D-Day Special

When we find true love, we cannot wait to spend the rest of our life with that person. Marriage is a commitment we make that promises our unconditional love, care and support to our life partner forever! Now if you are getting married to the love of your life, spare some time from the madness of planning and organizing the big day, and tell your partner how you feel. It takes a minute, or even lesser, to send a message, a note, a text or a make phone call to say something that exudes love and shows how blessed you feel to be marrying your soul-mate. Clueless? Here’s a list of some beautiful love marriage quotes to give you the push. Take inspiration and let your partner feel the love you have within!

1. Love Marriage Quotes - Soul Mates

You believe in the concept of soul-mates only when you find yours! Living with the other half of your soul is bound to bring joy and bliss like never before, and a lot of mad love marriage quotes.

2. Love Marriage Quotes - My Best Friend

Being best of friends with your life partner is not a choice but a necessity for a strong foundation to a lifetime relationship.

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3. Love Marriage Quotes - A Leap Of Faith

It is a big leap isn’t it? But when you have love in your heart, you get the faith that makes it easy to take this leap.

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4. Love Marriage Quotes - It's Not Going To Be Easy

Marriages require efforts; constantly and everyday. And where there is love, you want to make these efforts; even in love marriage quotes.

5. Love Marriage Quotes - True Friends

A man and a woman need to find their best friends within their partners, it makes the marriage stronger and more beautiful.

6. Love Marriage Quotes - For Love

Love does not come to the over cautious! Be ready to take the risks and trust God for the rest.

7. Love Marriage Quotes - Love Is The Reason

Well, if you could measure marriage, then of all the love marriage quotes, this one is probably the best measurement from every angle!

8. Love Marriage Quotes - A Choice

Happiness in marriage comes to those who seek it and also work towards it.

9. Love Marriage Quotes - Together

So simply put yet so deep and beautiful. You need nothing when you have the wealth of love and togetherness.

10. Love Marriage Quotes - A Kiss

Slightly poetic but delightfully beautiful. Everything becomes beautiful and makes more sense when you are fuelled by love.

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11. Love Marriage Quotes - The One I Want

Life throws some ups and downs; highs and lows… whatever it may be, you need someone to hold your hand through it all.

12. Love Marriage Quotes - My Whole Heart

This one’s the best of all love marriage quotes. It’s just straight out of the heart! If you are not the mushy kinds then this is direct and perfect for you, and believe me it’s so romantic!

13. Love Marriage Quotes - The Ultimate Happiness

Have you ever tried doing that? Well, now is the time… shower love on your special someone each day and every moment; maybe use a couple of these love marriage quotes too.

14. Love Marriage Quotes - A Partnership

Happiness is doubled when shared and especially when shared with your true love.

15. Love Marriage Quotes - The Fire

Now now, there are many ways to keep the fire lit and the warmth is equal by all… Go on and light up the fire!

16. Love Marriage Quotes - You Marry Three Versions

So are you ready to get married to all three?

17. Love Marriage Quotes - One Day You'll Know

Life becomes so much easier and beautiful when you find the perfect partner for life. They become the reason for your happiness, the reason you read love marriage quotes.

18. Love Marriage Quotes - Nouns And Verbs

Marriage is an empty box that needs to be filled up with love, support, care and all things that make it full of life!

19. Love Marriage Quotes - A Lifetime Contract

Marriage requires constant work and tireless dedication forever.

20. Love Marriage Quotes - A Long Marriage

It takes two to tango, are you ready to dance to the music of life and follow your partner’s rhythm, while also showing your own moves?

21. Love Marriage Quotes - The Little Things

Some love marriage quotes ring so true! It’s the small and sometimes the tiniest of things that are the most significant part of making marriages complete.

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22. Love Marriage Quotes - A Castle

Now that’s taking your fairy tale a notch up! Believe you are the queen and the king of your own kingdom.

23. Love Marriage Quotes - I Do

The longest sentence and also the biggest commitment that promises a lifetime of love and togetherness.

24. Love Marriage Quotes - In All The World

A simple play of words, a few love marriage quotes, and that’s all you need to express your heartfelt emotions.

25. Love Marriage Quotes - The Best Thing

It’s said don’t hold to things in life, and that’s right, hold on to people you love and who make life beautiful.

26. Love Marriage Quotes - Forever

Do you need to say or hear anything more? Enough said!

27. Love Marriage Quotes - A Good Marriage

There really isn’t any better or pure relationship. Marriage is such a beautiful relationship that’s surely second to none.

28. Love Marriage Quotes - Good Company

This proverb speaks for love marriage quotes too. After all, life is the longest and most adventurous journey we take and all we need is the right partner to complement the journey.

29. Love Marriage Quotes - Looking At The Same Thing

That’s what marriage is all about, looking ahead in the same direction; having one goal and one destination

30. Love Marriage Quotes - The One Special Person

On a lighter note, but oh-so-true!

31. Love Marriage Quotes - Friendship

How much more proof do you need? Movies, books, authors, poets, love marriage quotes… everyone says it and you could even ask those who have lived it. Friendship is the most essential aspect of a beautiful marriage.

32. Love Marriage Quotes - A Beautiful Dream

A marriage is not for finding love but it’s love in marriage that helps you discover better and bigger things in life.

33. Love Marriage Quotes - Falling In Love With The Same Person

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

34. Love Marriage Quotes - Until I Die

Wow! Now that’s a commitment that speaks of love and passion and everything one needs in love marriage quotes.

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Love Marriage Quotes - Taking Your Hand

Not just life, but you yourself become a better person when you have the right person by your side.

Hmmm… so that’s what some famous people have to say about love and marriage, what’s your take? Are you ready to take the leap of faith? And while you do, don’t forget to share the love!