Love Letter To Girlfriend: 18 Of The Most Iconic Love Letters In History

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I’m sure very few of us understand the need to follow Aristotle’s theory while writing but follow it we do. Don’t believe me? Take a look at these love letters to girlfriend and compare them to the way you would write one to your better half. You’ll be surprised.

1. Napoleon Bonaparte To Josephine du Beauharnais

Great words from the great king! He says, nothing makes him happier than to be with Josephine. Not even his many victories. He remembers her care and affection and her love that keeps on burning as a glowing flame in his heart and wonders, how his love for her has grown through separation? He thought he loved her months ago but now realizes he loves her a thousand times more. As every day passes by, he adores her even more and more.

2. Richard Burton To Elizabeth Taylor

The most tumultuous Hollywood romance ever! They married twice and divorced each other twice but thrice a charm it wasn’t to be. They met on the sets of Cleopatra in 1963 and were captivated by each other. It is said that their first on screen kiss lasted so long that the director had to ask them if he should say ‘cut’. They just carried on kissing though. They married in 1964 and stayed together for 10 years. Divorced in 1974, they met again in 1975 to discuss financial matters but ended up weeping in each other’s arms. However, they divorced for a second and final time in the summer of 76.

Apart from this famous love letter that Burton wrote to Taylor, he also once said that when two dynamic personalities such as themselves keep coming together, things are bound to get heated and blow up. Before passing away, it is believed that Burton said to his friend ‘she still fascinates, you know!’

Explaining why they couldn’t make it work, Elizabeth once said, ‘may be, we loved each other too much’. She was also reported as saying, ‘had Richard lived, I’m sure we would have married again.’ However, her most famous words were not as Cleopatra but as her own self. She said that they had this unbelievable chemistry. They were so passionate about each other that they wanted more. ‘They just couldn’t get enough of each other.’

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3. Elizabeth Barrett To Robert Browning


This is one out of a series of 574 letters exchanged between the couple. The first of which was a love letter to girlfriend Elizabeth by Robert Browning addressing her as “Dear Miss Barrett”. However, the above mentioned letter is written by Elizabeth Barrett to Robert Browning.

Elizabeth was one of the most prominent English Poets of the Victorian era and was very popular in both Britain and the United States. She was admired for her individual and courageous views. Here, she writes,

To me, it is unfathomable that any man has been to a woman what you are to me. The vacancy should always be filled proportionately. Only I can know how it was before you, the long wait in the wilderness without an almost orgasmic pleasure, the chance for joy which lacked before this ‘silver flooding’ from within you. I stand in wonder as if in a dream, disbelieving, not your existence but my own fortune. Has anyone ever been thrust to the highest point of satisfaction from none at all and if so, would it be possible without the head spinning and the heart turning faint in orgasmic ecstasy, like I do? You say you love me more, how can I ever prove what my heart is to you? How will you ever see it as I feel it?

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4. Beethoven To His “Immortal Beloved”

The one and the only, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Ladies and Gentlemen! They say he composed his 5th and most famous symphony when he was almost deaf. The same holds true for his letter to his ‘immortal beloved’ is no less wonderful than the symphony itself.

5. Winston Churchill To Clementine Churchill

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom! And that too during the Second World War. I wonder how he had the time to write such a lovely note to his lovely wife. Well done, Sir!

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6. Oscar Wilde To Lord Alfred Douglas


The most famous playwright of the 1890’s! Oscar Wilde wrote this playful, yet emotionally charged letter to Bosie, his friend and lover who was an English Poet. Now, we all know that the English and the Irish don’t get along but as they say, “love transcends all”.

7. Johnny Cash To June Carter Cash

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Johnny ‘J.R’ Cash was one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. He was an inspiration to many and his songs were #1 on the charts. However, there was only #1 person who inspired him. She was the woman behind him. June Carter Cash.

8. Abigail Adams To John Adams

Written to President John Adams, a founding father and a leader of the American Revolution by the first second lady (second first lady) of the United States.

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9. Frederick Wentworth To Anne Elliot (From Persuasion – Jane Austin)


I must go, uncertain of my fate; but I shall return hither, or follow your party, as soon as possible. A word, a look, will be enough to decide whether I enter your father’s house this evening or never.

Written by Jane Austin, the character of Captain Frederick Wentworth speaks these words to Anne Elliot in the book Persuasion. Beautifully written lines that steal your heart! Let’s examine them, shall we?

The line, you pierce my soul sets the tone for the letter. It then portrays love to be both a sickness and a cure, conjuring up an image of unrequited love for which the medicine is love, requited. The foreword creates an uncertainty of the captain’s fate. Uncertainties about his own life and theirs together. Perhaps, Austen’s best work!

10. Nathaniel Hawthorne To Sophia Peabody

Is it possible that I loved before? Before I had your care and affection? When everything that can be lost is lost, I think your love is the only thing that will have the endurance. However, I do get scared sometimes because I believe myself unworthy of your love. Therefore, if I am worthy of it, you will always love me and if there is anything pure and good in me, only my undying love for you will prove it.

Now, this really has me thinking. Will I ever be loved or will I ever be able to love so passionately? We all hope so. Don’t we? I’m sure the very same thoughts are flooding your mind right now.

11. John Keats To Fanny Brawne

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An English poet of no less repute than Lord Byron himself, John Keats writes,I need you so much, my Love, because I cease to exist in your absence. It is as if my love for you has made me almost completely selfish! I am now so self-centered that I am forgetful of everything else. When I see you again life stops there for me; I see no further than you, . My vision, my world starts with you and ends with you. You have absorbed me and so, I have no sensation but that of dissolution. Indeed I would suffer deeply if I have no hope of seeing you anytime soon: I should be fearful of separation from you! Love is my religion; I would gladly ‘be martyr’d’ for my religion! My Love! You are my religion and I could die for you. You are the sole principle of my religion…Love. You have seized me, my Love, with a power I can’t seem to resist.

I actually can’t believe I got the meaning of that but having understood it; I’m one emotional ball of mush.

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12. Gerald Ford To Betty Ford

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Written by President Gerald Ford and his Children to wife and mother, Elizabeth Ann Ford after she was diagnosed with breast cancer! It was a promise to stay by her side come what may. The Betty Ford Centre in Rancho Mirage at the Eisenhower Medical Centre was founded by her to help treat cancer and drug addiction.

13. Henry VIII To Anne Boleyn

Henry VIII was the king of England in the 15th century. He ruled till his last breath. He also continued the tradition of the English monarchs claim over the kingdom of France. However, he was a known romantic and had six wives. He wrote this beautiful letter to his second wife Anne Boleyn. It is also rumoured that the king went into a great depression due to uncertainty about the affection Anne Boleyn had for him.

‘I have put myself into great agony’ is probably testimony to the rumour. However, we must give it to the man. He knew how to pen down his emotions perfectly. Let’s add some spice to this 15th century love letter and make it a modern one.

14. Jimi Hendrix To An Unknown Woman

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James Marshall Hendrix or Jimi Hendrix as we know him wrote this emotional love letter to an unknown ‘little girl’. Somewhat like Beethoven’s unknown ‘immortal beloved’.

We knew he was one hell of a guitarist but we didn’t know that he could write so well too. Now, that’s a message which holds true to everyone. Happiness is in you. Unlock yourself and blossom like the fragrant flower that you are. We all know the answer. Just spread your wings and let go. You’ll see that the “pursuit of happyness” is not really a pursuit after all.

15. Juliette Drouet To Victor Hugo

Now, we all know Victor Hugo. We’ve all read ‘The hunchback of Notre-dame’ and ‘Les Miserables’. We’ve probably read some of his short stories and a few poems in school. We all know that he was a romantic and great writer. However, who is Juliette Drouet? For those of you who are wondering just like I am, news-flash. She was famous. As famous as Hugo himself! She was a beautiful French actress who fell in love with Victor Hugo. She abandoned her career for him. She travelled with him and helped him out as a secretary would. She loved him only like a lover could.

16. From Marlon Brando To An Airline Stewardess

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Straight from the Lion’s mouth! Straight from ‘The Godfather’ himself! And we’re guessing, if Marlon Brando felt this way about a lady, she must have been incredibly beautiful, not conventionally though. In a graceful and tender and feminine sense! However, can you imagine the stewardess’ reaction? I’m sure she framed the letter. Actually, I’m guessing she fainted with a rush of blood to the head. After all, it really was from Marlon Brando.

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17. Apology From Michael Jordan To His Ex-Girlfriend Laquette


Ignore the grammatical errors. Ignore the fact that he was writing this love letter for girlfriend during his advanced chemistry class. Just see him for who he was. A young boy in love with a young girl! Agreed, it was Michael Jordan. But before he became the great Michael Jordan, before he was a part of the ‘dream team’, he was just a boy and she was just a girl and they were very much in love.

18. Charlie Parker To Girlfriend Chan Woods

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Charles Parker Jr., the American Jazz saxophonist famously known as ‘bird’ wrote this emotional love letter to girlfriend and future wife Chan Woods. ‘Wind up the world the other way. And at the start of the turning of the earth, lie my feelings for thou.’ Amazing! Way to state ones feelings. Turn the world around and at the turning of the earth, you’ll see my feelings for you. I love you to the earth and back. I know that it’s ‘I love you to the moon and back’ but earth and back doesn’t sound half as bad, does it?

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