17 Quotes That Say That Love Is Indeed A Waste Of Time

Even though we’d like to believe that the world is made for lovers, there are still some among us who think otherwise. For some, love is a complete waste of time – time which can be put to better use. For such people, the world does not revolve around the ‘special someone.’ It is more about their friends, families, careers and may be even FOOD! So this post in particular is dedicated to all those folks out there who believe that there are much better things to do in the world than falling in love etc. And if you’re looking for awesome ‘love is waste of time quotes’ that are in sync with your philosophy then we’re here to help you with exactly that!

1. Love Is Waste Of Time Quotes - We Could Have Done So Much

‘Love is waste of time quotes’ make so much sense. Sooner or later, you will find someone to settle with. Everybody finds their soul mate, so isn’t it better to first love yourself and do the things you love than investing your time and energy into searching for that person?

2. Love Is Waste Of Time Quotes - Time Is Money

Sure thing! Sometimes, a clear mind is always best to get ahead in life. Love WILL wait, your ‘me-time’ won’t.

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3. Love Is Waste Of Time Quotes - Oh The Stress

The stress, headache and having to be accountable to the other all the time is something that breaks most relationships.

4. Love Is Waste Of Time Quotes - Do What You Love

These ‘love is waste of time quotes’ are like super direct Gandhian philosophy quotes. Before you fall in love with someone else and try to be their idea of perfect, first become the perfect person that you are capable of being.

5. Love Is Waste Of Time Quotes - Spend It On You

Exactly! Most people on their death beds often regret the time wasted on the wrong things. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you. Love yourself and make sure you do the best for you.

6. Love Is Waste Of Time Quotes - Never Twice

Once bitten, twice shy is the thing to keep in mind here. Remember that life is made of the time you cherish and thus wasting it on someone twice would be a crime.

7. Love Is Waste Of Time Quotes - The Mess

Being in love means being answerable and accountable to someone all the time. Wouldn’t it be better to spend the time in doing something that would actually do you some good?

8. Love Is Waste Of Time Quotes - Who's Gonna Save Me Now?

The early years of your life should be spent on doing something that will be fruitful for your life ahead. When you’re successful and happy being you, only then can you hope to have a happy love life. Say what you may, but this ‘love is waste of time quote’ right here says it all.

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9. Love Is Waste Of Time Quotes - Mediocre Thigs

Being in love should be something that makes you feel positive and good all day long, every single day. If it’s not that then you need to move on.

10. Love Is Waste Of Time Quotes - Chasing Unicorns

Basically, it means you’re chasing something which you won’t get. Love someone who loves you for who you are with no expectations. Otherwise don’t.

11. Love Is Waste Of Time Quotes - Chaos

If you think this one sounds more like it’s from the  break up section, than the ‘love is waste of time quotes’, it’s not. Most people see love as something that drives them crazy with happiness. But there are others who see it as something which drives them crazy, quite literally.

12. Love Is Waste Of Time Quotes - The Posse

Then there are those who seek happiness in the company of their friends as they feel falling in love might steer them away from them.

13. Love Is Waste Of Time Quotes - Trying To Impress Fools

Most of us turn into something we’re not to be someone they want us to be. Well, I say be you. Someone will come along in due time to love you for you are. Till then, enjoy being the awesome person you are.

14. Love Is Waste Of Time Quotes - Make It Happen

When we fall in love and don’t get the same in return, we spend our days moping around thinking about the life you could have had if they loved you back. Wouldn’t it be better to run, travel, eat, dance and just chill for your own happiness, while you can?

15. Love Is Waste Of Time Quotes - Find Yourself Before You Find Others

This is probably the most important point, out of our ‘love is waste of time quotes’, one that most people should think about. People anyway rarely find their ‘one true love’ early on in life. It is mostly after several failed relationships that you realize that you’ve found the one. So soul-searching always trumps love-searching.

16. Love Is Waste Of Time Quotes - So True

As you know, once you get married, you get bogged down by the ‘family life’ and ‘professional commitments.’ So focus on gaining life experiences while you can, travel the world, make new friends, try out new cuisines and do pretty much everything you can think of.

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17. Love Is Waste Of Time Quotes - Those Wasted Moments

You hear 12-year-olds whining over break-ups and 40-year-olds regretting not doing awesome stuff while they could.

So you see, life doesn’t necessarily have to revolve around love and romance. And even if it does, it can also mean loving yourself and romancing your life. Make the most of what you have, search for your true self, develop your personality. It will all be worth it when you do finally find someone to love.